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Back from the Dead - MacGyver Episode Summary 3.3

Back from the dead Jimmy Kendall (Joe Santos) and wounded friend MacGyverSynopsis: The mobster learns that Jimmy Kendall is back from the dead after seeing his picture on the paper. Jimmy, a key witness to the government trial against the mob must change his identity a second time and go back into hiding. It is MacGyver’s job to convince him of the new plan. Tired of hiding and running away, Jimmy puts matters into his own hands especially after finding out that the mob kidnapped his daughter and grandson.

Episode Summary: Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar) drops by MacGyver’s place to inform him that Jimmy Kendall (Joe Santos), a witness they have been protecting and helped fake ones death, has his picture appear in a paper. Jimmy disclosed information about Papa Chuck and his associates. Troubled that the mob would uncover the truth, MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) rushes to the Shoreline stadium where Jimmy, now known as Lou Rizzo, has his baseball team practicing.Right after Papa Chuck’s funeral, the mobsters meet at the docks to discuss business. The head mobster, Paul Weber, assigns Ralph to head operations of the freight service. This is his reward for exterminating Jimmy to avenge Papa Chuck’s demise. Later, Ralph’s assistant having seen the picture in the paper reveals that Jimmy ‘The Eraser’ Kendall is not dead. Ralph vows to ensure the death of Jimmy before the family finds out.  Continue reading...

Much to the bewilderment of the team, the pitcher Dave strikes out baseball star Henry ‘Hank’ Aaron who dropped in to help with batting practice. Moments later, MacGyver surprises Jimmy with his visit. He shows him the paper and discusses Pete’s plan of creating a new identity for him. Jimmy finally concedes to the plan, but mobsters Ralph and Sal confront the two. They escape via improvised zip line.

Back in MacGyver’s houseboat, Jimmy calls Dave and learns that Ralph has kidnapped his daughter and grandson. He contacts Ralph without Mac’s knowledge and agrees to meet at Papa Chuck’s old cannery place. He asks permission to see a priest for confession; only the cleric Father Kowalski is not really a priest. Inside the confessional, Kowalski hands over a gun. MacGyver quickly discovers the truth and talks Jimmy out of it. Finally, he informs him of his family’s abduction. He flees regardless of Mac’s incessant plea not to deal with Ralph alone. MacGyver rushes back to his houseboat in search for clues to where he might have gone.

Susan, the daughter, convinces Ralph that his father is dead and that all has been a mistake. She assures him that Jimmy was an insurance salesman who died years ago. Ralph informs her that her father is in fact a hit man. She pleads for their freedom to no avail.

Outside the cannery, MacGyver sneaks up on the roof while Jimmy confronts Sal. With a gun behind his back, Jimmy manages to order Sal to lure Ralph outside. However, Ralph quickly realizes the situation and holds the family hostage. Meanwhile, MacGyver is up on the roof devising a rescue. He walks to a crane hovering over, traps Sal with a net and attacks Ralph. The family escapes as Mac struggles with Ralph. He falls into the river and gets shot. The mobsters watch his body sink and goes after the family who is trapped inside the cannery. Now that Susan is certain that his father is back from the dead, Jimmy apologizes for the whole lie and the trouble he has caused.

Jimmy instructs his family to escape through the window. He makes some noise as his daughter and grandson break a window and escape. He confronts the mobsters and gets shot at the shoulder. As Ralph prepares for his final assault, the soaked, wounded and bleeding MacGyver sneaks up on them throws a spear at the boiler causing it to blow off scalding steam directly at the mob. Finally, Jimmy got his wish. He has reclaimed his true identity and is officially back from the dead.

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I did not care much about this episode. Although, this is probably the first time I've seen MacGyver shot.