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Ghost Ship - MacGyver Episode Summary 3.4

Bigfoot breaks into the ghost shipSynopsis: MacGyver goes on a wilderness mapping expedition for the Department of Interior. His mission is help determine whether the area is a national preserve by installing electronic boundary markers that will map out the wilderness. However, his task was put on hold when he comes across a ghost ship and encounters what appears to be Big Foot.

Episode Summary: The Phoenix Foundation sends MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) to the Tonga weather station on a save the wilderness mapping expedition. He is one of five people sent on the mission to place highly sensitive electronic boundary markers at ten-mile intervals. This is a Department of Interior’s initiative to acquire topographical reference points that will map the wilderness and identify it as a national preserve. Seeing the other men’s progress Joanna (Michele Goodger), the woman in charge of the project, questions MacGyver’s ability to fulfill the assignment.  Continue reading...

In the wilderness, MacGyver stumbles upon a Totem pole and an ancient skeleton believed to have been placed there to look over the land. He places his first marker and goes on to the next when he comes across a ghost ship. Curious with his discovery, he finds an old dinghy with a huge scratch mark and makes his way on to the ship. Inside he discovers blood stained items and a handprint twice the size of his own. Walking up a stairwell leading to the control room, he finds hair stuck on a rivet. As he examines the room, a bigfoot-like entity attacks him. He escapes down to the ghost ship’s storage area only to find a girl. MacGyver holds her back just before the creature enters the room. They make their way out the back door and jump overboard. The girl tries to flee for the second time, but MacGyver manages to get her trust.

Back at the station, Pete (Dana Elcar) starts to worry from Mac’s lack of progress. MacGyver tries to communicate with the girl. Night came and still the girl has not said a word. After trying several languages, he finally finds out that she is Russian. Mac struggles with his speaking skills only to learn that she speaks English. Her name is Karin Graff (Katey Wright) from Baltic. In the hopes of finding her father in Alaska, she and her cousin Alexander made their way to the US as stowaways. The vessel only became a ghost ship when the entity boarded it and started attacking the passengers. Alexander was one of the casualties.

Later that night, three Native American men join Karin and MacGyver’s campsite. They realize that the three know about the creature. The elderly man informs them that the unknown entity is Bigfoot. He recounts a childhood memory of the creature attacks. Suddenly, they hear howling and see glowing light. Morning came and the three are gone. MacGyver assures Karin that they were not Bigfoot’s latest victims.

Pete convinces Joanna that MacGyver is committed to the assignment. He starts to become extremely troubled with Mac’s progress or the lack thereof. Deeper in the forest, hopes are high upon hearing voices of other people. This was cut short when Karin realizes that the people are the crew she thought were killed. Mac figures that the men are stealing the oil from the pipeline and that the glow they saw the other night came from their welding equipment. He leaves the girl to look for help. Not long after he left, he hears Karin screaming. One of the men captures the girl and decides to have her killed to eliminate witnesses. MacGyver quickly follows them and strikes the man with a fish rod tied around a tree. The other men run after the two not knowing that they are on their way back to the pipeline. Mac places all the markers inside the pipe. Pete immediately senses trouble and flies to the pipeline. On their way to the top, the entity assaults MacGyver. In their struggle, Mac discovers that the creature is just a man dressed as Bigfoot and overpowers him. Pete arrives just before the other crewman aims his shotgun at MacGyver.

Karin asks Mac to come with her to Juneau where her father lives, but he refuses as he has yet to fulfill the mission he was set to accomplish. Joanna and Pete tease him for falling for the act, but were left wondering after hearing the howling.

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I liked the scene showed in the picture. In particular the events before this scene, where BigFoot startles MacGyver. It seems like Richard Dean Anderson was genuinely flustered. The look in his face is something that can hardly be replicated.