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Fire and Ice - MacGyver Episode Summary 3.5

Mr. Blane shows off the fire and ice collectionSynopsis: MacGyver teams up with Nikki Carpenter to catch the diamond thief who murdered his friend Danny, who turns out to be Nikki’s brother. The thief having diplomatic rights makes their pursuit more difficult. The only way they could nail the guy is to catch him red-handed. To do so, MacGyver and Nikki with the help of Pete Thornton, lure him into a trap.

Episode Summary: Danny Barrett (Terry David Mulligan) an insurance investigator invites MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) to lunch with a plan to urge him to help catch a diamond thief. They meet at the scene of a robbery where Danny begins to explain that the suspect is a diplomat, which makes him harder to arrest. He believes that the stolen items are being stored at the consulate. MacGyver warns him that he is getting himself into trouble, but Danny insists on handling this himself just so he could get a huge bonus from his client. Moreover, he already hacked into the diplomat’s computer and found proof to his involvement in the heist. All he wants Mac to do is to help him access the computer, since he got shut out after his first attempt. While they were arguing a black pickup truck runs over Danny.  Continue reading...

Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar) and MacGyver visit the funeral parlor to pay their respects to the late Danny Barrett. Knowing that his death was no accident despite the police classifying it as a hit and run, Mac turns to Pete for help. They begin with identifying the Ganubian cultural attaché as Amir Sumal. He is known to be a brutal and dangerous man in both politics and his personal life.

At a party Amir is throwing at the consulate for wealthy art patrons, the same woman Pete and MacGyver came across at the funeral parlor arrives in a red Ferrari. She pretends to know a guest and steals his invitation. MacGyver on the other hand sneaks into the consulate by jumping up the fence. Pete learned that Sumal’s office is located on the second floor of the residence. Using a hose and a rake claw screwed into its nozzle, MacGyver climbs up the balcony and makes his way into the office. Inside the party, the woman disguises herself as one of the waitresses and makes her way to Sumal’s office. However, MacGyver has beaten her to the computer. He hides as the lady tries to hack into the system. Moments later Mac grabs her, but she attacks him and points a gun at him. Upon hearing somebody at the door, they pretend to be lovers looking for some privacy. However, the guard did not fall for the act and calls for backup. With the guard distracted, the lady assaults the man and knocks him cold. MacGyver manages to retrieve the information and the two escape the same way he got inside. Quickly the woman grabs a station wagon from a valet while MacGyver leaves with her Ferrari. He finds the woman in Danny’s office mistaking her as another insurance investigator. Mac had successfully sent the file to Danny’s computer only it is encrypted. The woman informs MacGyver that she has a decoder disk in her car and orders him to retrieve it since he has her keys. Soon he will find out that the lady had reported the vehicle as stolen. She gloats and leaves with the station wagon.

Having cleared the issue, Mac is back in his houseboat. Learning Mac’s identity from the police, the lady sneaks into his house to apologize. He learns that she is in fact Danny’s sister, Nikki Carpenter (Elyssa Davalos) who grew up with his father in Georgetown. Though not a cop, she has some training similar to it when she worked in a senate’s sub-committee. With that she intends to find the person who killed his brother. Danny also informed her of the case he was working on. Mac and her agree to work together and solve the case.

Pete informs them that the information they got is not enough proof to have Amir Sumal arrested for the heist. The only way to do so is to catch him red-handed. They devise a plan to steal the diamonds Amir had stolen and lure him to steal it back. Nikki informs them that Amir is passionate about women, playing squash and diamonds and could use these to their advantage. Mac’s plan is to steal Sumal’s key from the racquet club locker and make a duplicate. However, in order to accomplish all of these they would need a diamond for bait.

Nikki Carpenter arrives at the restaurant where Amir is dining and bribes the Maitre d’ to pretend that the table he is at is Nikki’s regular table forcing Amir to move. As part of the plan, she invites him to share the table with her and introduces herself as Nicole de Mellier. Immediately, Amir recognizes the name. It being associated with the legendary de Mellier diamonds, the famous twelve sisters. She informs him that their family is selling the diamonds to keep up with her brother’s spending. In their conversation, he learns that Nikki and her brother are like fire and ice. They share different interests and one of them is squash. Amir being a squash enthusiast himself tries to change her feelings toward the sport by inviting her to a game. Nikki notifies him of a prior appointment and graciously refuses, but Amir insists and offers to escort her to the appointment so they could have lunch together at his racquet club.

At the diamond exchange, Pete had set up a Blane Diamond’s office. Nikki introduces Amir to Mr. Blane and his brother Claude, who are actually Pete and MacGyver. As planned, she hands over the ninth of the twelve sisters. Amir obviously is already lured. Mr. Blane stores the diamond in the vault as they watch. He even shows them the other diamonds in his protection. Later, Claude invites himself to the racquet club.

Having failed to get a mold of Amir’s key from his locker, MacGyver orders Nikki to retrieve it while he plays squash with the diplomat. Left with no choice, she sneaks into the men’s locker room and successfully creates a mold of a key using the bar soap he borrowed from a man in the shower.

Back in Mac’s houseboat, he creates a duplicate from the mold. The next step is for MacGyver to sneak into the consulate while Nikki attends the ambassador’s reception. Hiding inside the trunk of the Rolls Royce, he manages to enter the premises without being seen. While Amir shows Nikki his art collection, she notes of the man at the front gate. The one she thought Amir had instructed to follow her to ensure her safety. Knowing that he did not order such a thing, Sumal immediately calls security while Nikki steals one of the smaller Degas paintings. At another section of the consulate, MacGyver through a dumbwaiter manages to go up the floor where the diamonds are. He enters the room using the duplicate key and guesses the right combination to the vault by bringing out fingerprints through graphite pencil shavings. He successfully steals the diamonds, but was late coming back to the trunk. Sumal had already escorted Nikki to the car. She distracts him with her femininity and Mac successfully makes his way to the trunk of her Rolls Royce. Back in the consulate, they learn from the snooping man Charles Keech, a private investigator, that Nicole is truly a high-class thief. The private investigator’s allegations are confirmed when they find out that one of the Degas’ has gone missing.  Amir finds the two in Mac’s houseboat and uncovers the missing Degas. Aside from this he discovers that the two are planning to rob the Blane diamonds. They manage to convince Sumal that he could not accomplish the heist by himself and that he needs their help. Learning that the diamonds will be gone early in the morning, they all rush to the diamond exchange.

Nikki pretends to be in need of medical attention so the guard rushes to her aid. She shoots the guard and opens the door for the others. The three break into the Blane Diamonds office. Using an electronic decoder, Mac opens the door to the room where the vault is housed. He then welds a passageway to the vault and starts stealing the diamonds. However, Sumal steals the jewels for himself, leaks the gas tank and traps them inside. Mac easily turns off the tank by replacing the broken knob with another one. Amir makes his way to the consulate not knowing that all has been an act. MacGyver, Nikki and Charles make their way to the consulate. Having returned, Amir is surprised to learn that Mr. Blane is actually Peter Thornton. He accuses him in front of the ambassador of theft. Pete asks the ambassador to give the order to search the attaché case. Unfortunately, Amir has diplomatic immunity and could not be searched. Just in time, the three arrive and using the remote control Mac opens the rigged brief case. Caught red-handed, the ambassador orders the arrest of Sumal.

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