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To Catch A Thief – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 3.27

Claire McLeod and Stevie Hall make fun of Tess' alpacasSynopsis: Tess and Claire McLeod catch a stranger illegally grazing cattle on Drovers Run, but soon learn that it is Claire’s good friend from the rodeo, Stevie Hall. With her arrival coinciding with the robbery that has been going around the neighboring farms, and Tess’ growing dislike for her, Tess suspects that Stevie is the thief. Annoyed with Tess’ suspicious mind, Stevie sets out to catch the real thief.

Episode Summary: Tess (Bridie Carter) and Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) catch a stranger illegally grazing cattle on Drovers Run only to learn that it is Claire’s good friend from the rodeo, Stevie Hall (Simmone Jade Mackinnon). Seeing how close her sister is with her best mate, Tess feels threatened. Later, Jodi Fountain (Rachael Carpani) discovers that some hay is missing from the top paddock, and immediately suspects an unknown woman she saw mustering cattle at the stock route. She tells Claire and Tess about her finding, but knowing that the woman is Stevie, Claire quickly dismisses her as the thief. However, Tess is not too quick on foregoing her sister’s friend as a suspect especially after learning from Meg that as kids Stevie had dared Claire to move everybody’s car to another paddock leaving a lot of hung over B & S Ball attendees confused and about to call the police. Both Tess and Jodi could not believe that an uptight, no non-sense Claire could pull a stunt like that. That is not the only thing that Jodi could not believe. Learning from Toby that Nick had assigned him and a couple of guys a special secret job for the CFS, she tries to understand why Nick had not let her be part of that special mission.  Continue reading...

Tess’ growing dislike for Stevie worsens when she starts to make fun of her precious alpacas. To make matters even worse, Claire offers Stevie the lead station hand position without even consulting her. Tess makes it known to her sister that she disagrees with her decision, and even suspects the new lead station hand as the thief. Claire is taken aback by her sister’s unusual distrust, but supposes that it was only brought about by Tess’ anxiety for tomorrow’s scheduled open biopsy. Nick also notices Tess’ rather unfriendly behavior, and was bold enough to point it to her. Admittedly, she confesses that she is being childish.

Having accepted the job, Stevie with her dog Diesel moves in on Becky’s old quarters. She wastes no time to make the place her own as she hauls in her sack and almost a dozen pairs of boots, but those are not the only things she brought with her. She pulls out from her sack a pouch, and quickly hides it under the linoleum floor. Jodi returns to the Shearer’s quarters to find a pair of boots outside Becky’s old quarters. Stevie who immediately assumes the lead station hand position without further ado lays down the ground rules. Jodi is not pleased with her new boss, and Tess seems to be happy that she is not the only one opposed to Claire’s new hire. Unfortunately, Stevie proves that she is the right person for the job when she ropes and successfully catches a Mickey bull without breaking a sweat. Her display of skill only reinforced the fact that Claire made the right decision.

At her welcome party, Stevie was surprised to learn that Alex and Claire are together. Equally surprised, but for a completely other reason is Jodi. She learns from Nick that he had not sent Toby Frye on a special CFS job. Moreover, she now suspects Toby as the thief. This after Terry updated everybody that Harry Ryan had also been robbed. Stevie sensing that Tess suspects her of stealing boldly confronts her in the hopes of straightening things out with them, but their talk only confirmed what she already knew – Tess’ dislike of her. Claire notices her sister’s growing aversion to Stevie, but because she is unaware of the cause she just keeps silent. Truth is, Tess’ jealousy is the root cause of her resentment, and hearing more stories about the good times Claire and Stevie had only increased her unease. She escapes the enjoyment that is only causing her more unhappiness. Unaware of what her lumpectomy would bring, Tess prepares for the worst, and decides to write a letter to her niece, Charlotte. Thinking that she would not be around to see her grow up, she writes down all the things she would have taught her if she were alive.

Unlike Tess, Stevie does not pay much attention to what other people have to say about her, but she does notice how everybody appeared to be walking on eggshells around Tess. She learns from Claire of her condition, and only then did she understand. Although, the news did not stop her from being frank with Tess who was quick to accuse her of stealing after learning that Stevie whose Ute broke down decided to borrow Nick’s bike without his permission. Tired of being thought of a thief, Stevie takes it upon herself to catch the real thief.

While the two sisters are in the hospital for Tess’ open biopsy, Stevie and Jodi are busy in their attempt to catch a thief. Stevie’s plan is to fill up a petrol drum with water that way whoever was helping themselves to other people’s fuel would fill their vehicle with water rather than petrol, which would leave them stranded with a broken truck. Thinking that Toby is the culprit, Jodi becomes anxious with the capture. In an attempt to help her friend elude his imminent capture, Jodi tries to warn Toby only he is nowhere to be found. Later, Stevie and Jodi return to their bait to find that it worked. Someone had filled his truck with water instead of fuel. Convinced that Toby is the thief, Jodi tries to make excuses for her fellow CFS trainee’s actions only to find out that it is Race Hayley who has been stealing. Caught red-handed the old farmer is left with no choice, but to disclose his embarrassing financial status, and though not convincingly declares of paying for the things he filched.

The lumpectomy is finally over, but with the anesthesia still in effect, Tess dreams of waking up to Nick calling for her. In her dream, she wakes and opens her bedroom door to find him at the other side asking her to stay. She answers that she will always stay, and they kiss. With that she wakes, and finds herself still in the hospital with her sister sitting beside her. She is relieved to learn that the biopsy is done and over with. Claire and Tess return from the hospital, and Jodi wastes no time to inform Claire of their discovery. With the real thief caught, Tess owes Stevie an apology. Claire tells her sister that it is not necessary, since Stevie is not the type of person to hold a grudge. However, Tess’ rather dismal behavior caused by her unfounded jealousy and feeling of uselessness gets the better of her. Luckily, Claire is a little more considerate than usual given her sister’s condition that she shrugs off Tess’ foul disposition.

Having caught the real thief, everybody’s name except for the culprit is cleared, and that includes Toby. Jodi finds him sneaking in Drovers Run’s garage to borrow a chain. Knowing full well that he is not on a special CFS job, and unwilling to lend the chain until she learns the truth, Toby is left with no other choice, but to tell her what he and the other guys are really up to. Jodi finds out that Toby and the guys, for fun, took the CFS truck for a drive but one of the tires blew forcing them to leave it for the night. By the time they got to it the next day, the fire truck had sunk into the mud, and has become stuck. Toby asks Jodi not to tell Nick about their escapades, and she agrees, but not without asking something in exchange. Thanks to Toby’s misfortune, Jodi avoids hours of scrubbing grime.

As promised, Stevie returns Nick’s bike, being Claire’s good friend, and a straight-talker she manages to talk him into selling her the brumby he is training and to give her a lift back to Drovers Run. She arrives at the Shearer’s quarters and finds Tess inside her room. Tess swallows her pride and gives Stevie the apology she rightfully deserves. Tess’ visit though awkward did give them some common ground – shoes. Although she surely appreciates Tess’ attempt at making things right, Stevie appears a little bit anxious to have the other McLeod sister out of her quarters. The sole cause of her unease is the gems that she placed in a pouch and hid under the floor. Quickly she checks the precious stones and is relieved to find that none were stolen.

Meanwhile, Claire finds Tess’ letter to Charlotte, and after reading it becomes furious at her sister for thinking that she would not be around to see her niece grow up. Tess explains that she is not giving up, and comes clear about her jealousy with the close sister-like relationship that Claire and Stevie has. Claire agrees that she and Stevie are very much alike, but assures Tess, even with their differing tastes and her odd love for alpacas and real coffee, would not swap her sister for anything else. Tess finally realizes that she truly belongs.

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