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Desperate Measures – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.3

Desperate Measures McLeod's Daughters Episode SummarySynopsis: A herd of brumbies made their way out of the national park. Becky Howard approaches the gorgeous, wild horses, but is thrown off her horse after someone fired a shotgun. Claire McLeod is head over heels in love with Peter Johnson, but Tess McLeod could not help but become annoyed at the man who appears to have made himself comfortable at Drovers Run.

Episode Summary: Becky Howard spots a herd of wild horses, and is enticed by their beauty. Slowly she steers her horse toward them when an unidentified man fires his shotgun at the brumbies therefore scaring them including Becky’s horse. Becky is thrown off her horse, and becomes unconscious. Later, she regains consciousness, but her horse is nowhere in sight. Continue reading...

Nick Ryan arrives at Drovers Run to inform Tess McLeod of the brumbies. Tess could not help but look hesitant at his suggestion that she and Alex Ryan work together to catch the wild horses before they create serious damage. Liz Ryan had made Jodi Fountain her special project, and personally picks her up at Drovers Run much to Meg Fountain’s dismay. Liz, set on securing Jodi the Miss Gungellan crown, brings her to Killarney to give the young woman a lesson in etiquette.

Claire McLeod and Peter Johnson are acting like lovebirds. Ever since they got together, the two could not be set apart, and Peter seemed to have rubbed on Claire. This after Claire suggests that the brumbies need to be killed given that they are a menace, and a threat to the breeding program. This comes as a surprise to Tess knowing that Claire had once risked her life for a wild horse.

Becky Howard is still out on a paddock, and has barely any strength to go on when she hears a chopper overhead. Alex Ryan and Brick Buchanon had set off on a search for the brumbies, and had spotted them not far from Becky. The herd comes hastening directly towards Becky who uses all the strength left in her to run to safety. Becky hides behind a tree as the herd passes, but this left her out of Alex’ and Brick’s view. The chopper continues to follow the wild horses, and finds that Tess McLeod had gone after the brumbies in an attempt to usher them back to the national park. Finding her stunt pretty foolish, Alex sets his chopper down to scold his ex-girlfriend.

Becky Howard’s horse arrives at Drovers Run with the rider nowhere in sight. Immediately, the women of Drovers Run know that something is up. The men of Killarney waste no time to aid in the search, and oddly, it was her brother Seany who is the least bit concerned about her. Soon after, Meg Fountain finds her sitting under a tree, dehydrated but unharmed much to Brick’s relief. Unfortunately, it is Alex Ryan who literally sweeps her off her feet, and flies her to Gungellan to get her checked.

Peter Johnson had started to make himself comfortable at Drovers Run, and this irks Tess McLeod. She decides to confront Claire about this who became equally annoyed at her, pointing out that she did not say a peep when Alex spent numerous nights at their house. Becky’s arrival disrupts their argument. The young woman having gone through a thorough check-up was found slightly banged-up from the fall, but free from serious harm. Alone in her quarters, Becky could not help but feel watched. She opens the door only to find her brother about to knock. Seany, though at first could not care less about her sister, had decided to pay her a visit.

Morning came, but the feud between the McLeod sisters continues. Tess McLeod becomes frustrated at Claire for dismissing her idea of foregoing the slaughter of the wild horses. With no one else to turn to, Tess runs to the one person who would give her the time of day to hear her unconventional ideas – Nick Ryan. Tess makes an argument that he would eventually need workhorses, and could save money if he decides to take-in the brumbies. Nick argues that wild horses take a lot of time to tame, and train, but Tess claims to have found a trainer just outside of Adelaide who is willing to train the wild horses. Regrettably, Nick still does not find the idea of turning brumbies into workhorses appealing.

Jodi Fountain continues her classes with Liz Ryan who now teaches her to waltz. Jodi, being the tallest at the boarding school, only learned to lead, and is having trouble remembering the steps meant for women. Liz calls in her son, Nick, to teach Jodi to waltz.

Later, Nick has a change of heart. He tries to convince Alex of Tess’ idea, and gets into a heated argument with his brother. Seany is amused at the brother’s confrontation, but becomes disappointed when none of them gave the other a punch. The young man with a lot to prove picks a fight with Alex. Clearly unmatched against the tall, muscular, Alex, Seany falls into a wheelbarrow following a weak shove from Alex. Seany leaves with nothing but a bruised ego that left Brick thoroughly amused. Soon after, Seany decides to run away taking Alex’ bike with him.

Tess McLeod decides to take matters into her own hands. Lucky for her, Nick Ryan truly had a change of heart, and decided to join in her quest. It did not take them long to catch a couple of brumbies. Nick is pleased to have delighted Tess, but his brother arrives ready to once again steal her heart. Having spent numerous days in Drovers Run, Peter Johnson finally leaves. Claire McLeod has gotten used to spending time with Peter, and proposes that she spend a weekend at his place to which the man quickly agrees to, but then remembers that he would be at Brisbane that weekend. Claire understands, and pays no mind to the forestalled weekend with Peter.

Meg Fountain drops off Becky Howard at the gate. Becky, having agreed to return to the hospital for a follow-up check-up, decides to just hitch a ride with the mailman to town. Cathy Cronin sees her sitting by the gate, and offers to give her a lift. The young woman politely declines, but Cathy beseeches Becky expressing her desire to have a word with her. Becky, guilty of inadvertently turning the Cronin’s lives upside down, hops in her car. Seany, a few yards away, calls out to her, but he could not be heard. Brick Buchanon, worried at Seany’s flight, after some thought decides to go after the young man.

Having to talk with her violator’s wife made for an awkward ride to town. Cathy Cronin begins to rant about having to move out of Gungellan following the discovery of her husband’s indiscretions. Cathy then begins to talk about her 25-year marriage with Brian, and at the same time her driving had picked up some speed. Becky notices the bike that is following them, and is slightly relieved. Unfortunately, the bike runs out of gas, and is now nowhere in sight. Becky begs Cathy to slow her driving, but the unstable woman just continues to rant at her misfortune, upset with the young woman for making her an outcast. Becky then notices the shotgun on the backseat of the car, and realizes that it was her who fired the shotgun she thought was aimed at the brumbies. Becky takes a look behind the car to see if the bike had caught up with them, but it has not. Brick Buchanon sees Seany walking the bike, but before he could scold the young man, Seany informs him that Becky is in trouble.

Becky Howard tries to appease Cathy Cronin who reveals that she knew all along that her husband had been violating women. She is filled with guilt for not saying anything, but Becky informs her that she too is guilty of the same thing. Becky had kept quiet for fear that Brian would take her life. The young woman continues to talk, distracting the woman who had slightly slowed down her driving. Becky pulls up the emergency break, and gets a hold of the shotgun. Brick Buchanon and Seany Howard arrive soon after. Though aware that Seany originally planned to run away, taking the bike with him, Alex was quick to ignore that detail to go with the story of him running after her sister to rescue her from Mrs. Cronin.

Back at Drovers Run, Claire McLeod is head over heels in love with Peter Johnson, and could not stop thinking about him. She finds her boyfriend to be perfect, and confesses to Tess that she had never felt this way before. Claire had seriously fallen in love with Peter Johnson enough to say that he is the one man for her. Becky had found an admirer of her own, unaware that it was Brick Buchanon who left the flowers at her quarters.

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