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Turbulence – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 3.30

Tess McLeod and Stevie Hall's plane stallsSynopsis: The sudden appearance of a private investigator sends Stevie Hall packing, and ready to leave Drovers Run. At the same time, Charlotte becomes terribly ill due to a spider bite. Stevie puts her troubles aside to help save the baby’s life. With the hospital hours away, she decides to steal a plane in order to get the sick child at the hospital before it is too late. With trouble already following her, this latest stunt might send her directly to jail.

Episode Summary: Although Tess McLeod (Bridie Carter) had finally gone over her utter dislike for Stevie Hall (Simmone Jade Mackinnon) enough to reinstate her as the lead station hand; she still finds the new addition a little odd. The sudden appearance of a private investigator looking for her adds more to her apprehension. Despite her ambivalent feelings for the new hire, Tess still had the good sense of covering for her. Stevie assures Tess that there is nothing to worry about, and that the curious visit from a private investigator probably has something to do with the rodeo accident she witnessed, and nothing more. Tess remains unconvinced, and there is good reason for her doubt. In fact, Stevie had already started packing her things, and if not for Jodi none of them would have known about her taking off. Stevie goes back to the main house to retrieve her precious stones and to make a phone call. Unlucky for her, Jodi had already told the other women about her plan leaving Tess to confront the troubled station hand wanting to know the trouble she brought at Drovers Run. However, Stevie is adamant with keeping her business to herself, which leaves Tess with no other choice but to fire her.  Continue reading...

Claire McLeod is already buried and at peace, but Alex Ryan (Aaron Jeffrey) still has not moved on, and seems to be clinging to the last horse that his beloved mate trained. Nick Ryan (Myles Pollard) worries about his brother, but more so at his lack of interest with Wilgul’s cash flow problem. Left alone to tend to their property’s financial problems, Nick is left with no choice, but to seek help from the last person he would ask - his father Harry Ryan. Things are just not going Nick’s way. Harry though pleased to have his son asking him for help is willing to lend him a hand only he too is cash strapped, but only because he had just bought his lover, Sandra Kinsela, a brand new airplane for a birthday present. Nick returns to Wilgul to find Alex reluctant to accept Neil Thompson’s payment only because he is unwilling to let go of the last horse that Claire trained. Knowing that it was Nick who called Neil, Alex angrily confronts his brother for going over his head. It was only then was Nick able to finally make Alex realize the serious financial trouble they are in.

Meanwhile at Drovers Run, Meg Fountain informs Tess about Charlotte’s high fever. Apparently, a red-back spider had bitten the poor baby. Fortunately, Stevie has not yet left, and upon learning of the baby’s condition volunteers to drive the child to the hospital while Meg, thanks to Stevie’s guidance, calls the hospital to ensure that anti-venom is ready when they arrive. Tess and Stevie rush BOM to the hospital unaware that trouble has followed them, all thanks to Sandra who without a second thought pointed the private investigator to where she is hiding. Seeing the speeding car and a train approaching, the private investigator thinks that his chance of catching the runaway has come. Unlucky for him, with or without anyone chasing her, Stevie is determined to get Charlotte to the hospital as soon as possible such that not even an oncoming train would stop her from doing so. The P.I. watches in disbelief as the car zooms passed the tracks, and he is left to sulk on the other side, once again missing the opportunity of catching the elusive woman.

With Stevie miles away from his reach, the Private Eye decides to return to Drovers Run. Jodi finds him suspiciously lurking about the property about to rummage through Stevie’s sack when her dog, Diesel catches him. The two rival dogs, Roy and Diesel, find common ground as they stand guard to keep the terrified man cornered. The man nervously takes out from his coat pocket a form of identification only in his fright from getting mulled over by two seemingly vicious dogs he trips on a piece of wood and hits his head on the car.

Meanwhile, Tess inexperienced with dealing with a sick baby depends a lot on Stevie who seems to be knowledgeable with handling an ailing child. With BOM’s condition worsening, and still hours away from the hospital, Stevie decides to change course, and drives to the airport instead. Because Charlotte’s life is at stake, and having to go through the paperwork of officially flying a sick child to the hospital, Stevie takes one of the planes without giving any notice. Although against the new plan, Tess is left with no other choice but to submit to it. Sandra’s deviousness has finally been repaid, since the airplane that they stole belongs to her.

Stevie just keeps digging herself a deeper hole. Already on the run from an investigator, stealing and flying an airplane without a license does not seem to help her case. Moreover, her brilliant idea turns sour when she realizes that they are lost. Furthermore, there is no way of communicating to an airport terminal controller since the headphones are nowhere to be found, and the air speed indicator is not working. Good thing Tess has brought the cell phone with her, and it miraculously has a signal. As per Stevie’s instruction, she calls Nick for help with the navigation. The two Ryan brothers come to their rescue, but the women need a lot more help since one of the engines just failed. The plane starts to stall. Thankfully, the two brothers remain calm, and continue to provide guidance. With Nick’s clear instructions, the women and BOM seems like they are going to make it alive. Finally, the plane lands safely in Nanjemup where an ambulance is already waiting. BOM is then rushed to the hospital just in time eluding mortal danger.

Nick and Alex arrive to check on Charlotte. Both are relieved to learn that the baby is past the worst. Stevie who had put herself in danger to save the child deserves all gratitude, but no good deed goes unpunished. The police arrive to arrest her for stealing Sandra’s plane. Having learned that if not for Stevie the child might have not survived Alex owes Stevie for fuming at her recklessness. He helps get her out of serious charges by taking responsibility for Stevie’s actions stating that he was the one who instructed her to take Sandra’s plane in order to save Charlotte’s life. Sandra decides not to press charges. Unfortunately, stealing an airplane is only one of the many aviation laws Stevie violated such that the police still arrest her for the other charges. Again, Alex bails her out, and assures her that the worst is over given that the remaining charges are only misdemeanors. Stevie might soon be cleared of her charges, but she sure is not free from Sandra who has put her under obligation as payment for her not pressing charges.

Back at Drovers Run, the private investigator regains his consciousness, and finds Jodi and Terry hovering above him with the two dogs still standing guard. Having verified his identity, the two invite him inside the house to get to the bottom of things. Stevie arrives to find him at the kitchen waiting for her. She tries to escape, but Jodi and Terry stop and assure her that the man has no intention of harming her. Apparently, it was her sister who hired him. Not hearing from Stevie for months, her sister had become worried sick, and only wants to know that she is alive and well. To fulfill her sister’s request, Stevie sums up the courage to call home.

With the recent events behind them, normalcy is regained. Charlotte returns to Drovers Run completely out of danger, while Alex deals with Wilgul’s financial problems. He reckons that the answer to their finances lies in the rodeo even though he might end up with broken bones or worse. But because he is still grieving for the loss of his beloved mate Claire, Alex believes that there is nothing else to lose. Stevie seems to share the same feelings as she finally makes her secret known. She shows Tess a picture of her daughter, Rosie. The ordeal of nearly losing Charlotte brought back painful memories of almost losing her child. Only fifteen at the time, Stevie was a kid with a baby. To provide a better life for her daughter, she decided to leave her baby with her sister until she becomes settled and fit to be a mother only her child has come to believe that Stevie’s sister is her mother. To help Stevie with her goal, Tess puts aside their differences and offers her a place in Drovers Run.

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