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The Drover’s Connection – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.1

The Drovers Connection McLeod's Daughters Episode SummarySynopsis: Tess’ hemp crop has finally grown, and already it is causing trouble. Claire McLeod is infatuated with Peter Johnson, but is left confused when the man runs hot and cold on her. Jodi Fountain smells trouble when Becky Howard receives a surprise visit from her brother.

Episode Summary: Tess McLeod becomes annoyed with Alex Ryan for teasing her about the industrial hemp crops she has been growing, and planning to sell for profit. Though once worried about her sister’s new venture, the love-struck Claire McLeod currently could not care less. Meanwhile, Jodi Fountain continues her mission to teach Becky Howard how to read when Becky receives a surprise visit from her younger brother, Sean.   Continue reading...

Lucky for Becky, Claire is too distracted with Peter Johnson coming over for a visit to be concerned about Sean staying at Drover’s Run. Peter Johnson arrives, and he is in a terrible mood. Seeing Claire training Brave J, he wastes no time criticizing the manner by which she is handling the horse. Claire though caught by surprise with the man’s attitude continues to try and impress Peter who gives her very little acknowledgment for her good work.

Unlike his brother, Nick Ryan goes out of his way to show Tess his support. He starts by helping her determine that the crops she has been growing are legal. Alex Ryan tries to be supportive of his girlfriend, and drops by her farm and notices that kangaroos appear to be damaging her crops. Soon they learn that not only kangaroos are ruining her crops, but also kids who mistook the industrial hemp she has been growing for marijuana.

Sean Howard returns to Gungellan, and already he is in trouble with the police. Becky Howard convinced of her brother’s innocence tries her best to defend his brother. Jodi Fountain who earlier saw Sean in an altercation with another young man tries to make Becky see that her brother is not as innocent as she thinks him to be. Becky is already aware of her brother’s shortcomings, but she truly believes that she could turn him around. Sean running to her for refuge is a sign that she has regained his trust.

Sensing that Peter Johnson is not satisfied with her work on Brave J, Claire McLeod begins to worry. Learning that the horse has contracted some infection only heightens her anxiety. Claire wastes no time to get medication from Greg who unfortunately is too busy to check on the horse. Not wanting to waste any time, and let the infection to spread, Claire rushes over to the farm where the vet is. Just her luck, Peter is also there. Claire, however, receives a pleasant but rather confusing news from Greg. According to him, Peter has been singing praises about her work on Brave J.

Despite the hurdles with the hemp farm, Tess McLeod is still convinced that it will become a success. She truly believes that her putting up a sign explaining that the crops are hemp and not dope would keep away anyone who would mistake it as one. Jodi Fountain, however, is not convinced that this would do the trick. Overhearing Sean arguing with the kid whom Tess and the Ryan brothers caught stealing hemp, Jodi is certain that Becky’s younger brother will do the same. Moreover, she believes that Tess’ hemp farm is the reason for Sean’s visit on Drover’s Run. Jodi suggests that she and Tess camp out at the paddock where they planted the hemp to catch Sean in the act.

Meanwhile, Claire McLeod concerned about Brave J decides to spend the night at the stables to keep an eye on the horse when Peter Johnson arrives. Claire confronts him about his sour attitude toward her, and Peter comes clean. The man confesses that he has been distracted with her after the kiss they shared weeks before. Him being critical of Claire was his attempt of avoiding falling in love with her. Unfortunately, he could not help but fall for Claire, and the two once again kiss. Moreover, Peter offers to keep her company as she stays, and watches over Brave J.

Still camped out at the hemp farm, a rustling sound wakes up both Jodi and Tess. The women shine a light on the culprit, and learn that it is as suspected Becky Howard’s brother. Unfortunately, that is not the only revelation they had that night. The women find dope mixed with the industrial hemp Tess has been growing. So it appears that Sean has been growing dope in Tess’ hemp farm unaware that it would not survive given that nothing grows with hemp. Despite this fact, Tess and Jodi are left with the tedious task of finding all the dope that Sean has planted so they could dispose of them. The women finish extracting the illegal crops, but Jodi is left with the sensitive task of informing her Becky of her brother’s crime. Regrettably, Sean beat her to it, and had concocted a story that would make him innocent of the crime Jodi is about to accuse him. According to Becky, Sean had learned that the kid Tess and the Ryans caught had planted dope in her farm. Not wanting Tess McLeod to get in trouble, he took it upon himself to pull out the crops unaware that the two women have been staking out to catch the culprit. Jodi knows this to be a lie, but says nothing to avoid hurting her friend’s feelings. However, a conversation with her brother exposed him to for who he truly is – a liar and a criminal.

Claire McLeod wakes up at the stable only to find Greg there instead of Peter Johnson. Peter once again confuses Claire having left her without saying a word. In the dark with the events that transpired at Drover’s Run, Claire is caught unaware with the police’s visit. Sergeant Da Costa having come from the city is a much stricter offer than Constable Cook. He arrives at Drover’s Run looking for Sean Howard just as Tess and Jodi are burning the dope he planted in the hemp farm. Tess tries her best to distract the sergeant, but the unmistakable smell of dope did not help her. Caught in the act destroying the illegal crops, Tess and Jodi are in hot water, but the two remain silent as to who planted it there. Becky comes forward admitting to the crime she did not commit. Fully aware of her innocence, Jodi and Tess tell the truth that it is Sean whom they caught the other night, and whom Jodi heard talking to a kid in town about it. Becky becomes upset with Jodi for getting Sean in trouble with the police unaware that her brother is already in trouble with the shady men he was in business with.

Tess’ hemp farm turns out to be a mistake from the very start with the seeds being rained out, the kangaroos damaging it, and kids mixing dope with her crops. They, however, would never have guessed that Becky would destroy all the hemp. The young woman intended to destroy the root cause of the problem without any regard to the money and hard work that Tess put in growing her farm. In a way, Meg Fountain is doing the exact same thing with Terry. After learning of how alcohol has turned Terry into a killer, Meg has made it a point to abstain from drinking to show her support. Moreover, she has been recently giving him special treatment. Terry Dodge finally confronts Meg of her strange behavior, and learns that the woman has found the need to do those things to reassure him that his past does not bother her. Terry informs Meg that she need not go great lengths to show her support, and that he’d rather treat him like everyone else.

Meanwhile, after having a good laugh at learning the fate of Tess’ crops, Alex Ryan tries his best to show his support. Unfortunately, his guilt comes too late. Clearly, Tess is upset with him, and is more pleased with Nick who has helped her with the crops. Alex confides with Claire who unfortunately was left confused by Peter Johnson.

Tess confronts Becky, and discovers that she has been hiding her brother. She calls the police. Alex, however, believes that jail would not do him good. The sergeant arrives, and Alex informs him that he could straighten up the kid and offers that Sean work in Killarney. The sergeant knowing that Alex does community service to help troubled kids agrees, and leaves Sean under Alex’ care. Tess is truly impressed, and Alex is once again on her good side. In addition, Becky is grateful and apologetic to Tess for ruining her crops. She vows to repay her with the little money she earns. Tess forgives her, and though knowing that Becky may not fully repay her is no longer too concerned with her loss.

Meanwhile, Peter Johnson running hot and cold on her continues to bother Claire McLeod. She asks her sister for advice, and learns that the man must be afraid of commitment. Tess McLeod comes to a realization that she too is running hot and cold on Alex Ryan, and worries that she herself is afraid of commitment. Becky too finally realizes that she has found a true friend in Jodi, and she apologizes in her own way for getting upset at her when all Jodi did was protect her.

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