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Lover Come Back – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.20

Loverboy the savage bullOverview: Claire and Tess McLeod sell the savage bull Loverboy to Nick Ryan. All is well until the bull keeps on returning to Drover’s Run. Also, Tess and Alex are having a lover’s quarrel, and Tess uses her theory on the three levels of why to understand her boyfriend’s behavior. Meanwhile, Jodi Fountain is wrapped in a fantasy with her lover in Italy, and neglects her duties as a farm hand. This annoys Becky Howard so much as to create a rift between her and the Fountain’s. Matters worsen when Meg Fountain puts Claire McLeod in a tight spot after asking her to choose between them and Becky.

Synopsis: Claire McLeod decides to sell Loverboy, a behemoth of a bull, to Nick Ryan and use the money to start building a yard for quarter horse training. On their way to Wilgul, Tess McLeod could not stop talking about her boyfriend’s brute behavior after learning that Alex expects her to do his laundry and fix him a meal, both of which she refuses to do. Alex, on the other hand, is annoyed at how Tess is acting now that they are couple. The two could not be more different from each other with Tess just wanting to spend time talking, and Alex wanting to go outdoors and have some fun. His brother gives him some advice, but knowing that he isn’t in a relationship, and wouldn’t know any better dismisses it. His jaw drops when he learns that Nick had a woman spend a night at Wilgul. Finally, after a bumpy ride with the most savage animal in the planet, Claire and Tess arrive at Wilgul. Tess who is overanalyzing Alex’s behavior is caught up in the three levels of why, and acts awkwardly around her boyfriend. In trying to avoid him, she ends up finding out that Nick is seeing a woman named Angela.  Continue reading...

Though Alberto is back in Italy, Jodi Fountain’s love affair with the Italian boy continues through postcards with sweet correspondence. Becky Howard could not help but be annoyed at her friend’s constant chatter about Alberto, but moreover at Jodi’s lack of effort to help with the chores. Fed up with her friend’s romantic fantasies about the handsome Italian, Becky who had been around the block, and disillusioned by her experiences bluntly tells Jodi that Alberto wouldn’t be seriously interested at an inexperienced farm girl, and that she should start sleeping around to learn that her fantasies are nothing but fantasies. Knowing that she is dealing with an immature, young woman, who surely would run to her mother for some comfort. Becky waits for an outraged confrontation with Meg Fountain, and as she expected the enraged mother comes after her with a snide remark on her morality, and strict instruction to stay away from Jodi.

Claire McLeod is oblivious to the drama at Drover’s Run. She knows better to stay away from the Fountain’s hair especially when she has other things to worry about; one of them is Loverboy. The bull that took great pains to transport found its way back at Drover’s Run. With Claire busy with the quarter horse training, Tess is left to bring the savage bull back to Wilgul. She brings Loverboy back without any problems. All is well until Alex follows her on her way home. Distracted, Tess loses control of the truck when she passes a blind curve causing her to run off-course, and hitting her head on the wheel. A worried Alex comes to her rescue, and becomes relieved at finding her girlfriend just a little shook up, but nonetheless unharmed. His knight in a shining armor moment is cut short when Alex decides to take advantage of Tess’ vulnerability following the accident. Enraged at Alex’ lack of real concern, and overflowing libido, Tess storms off. Alex clueless at the inappropriateness of his actions talks to Nick about what happened. His brother who would have done the same thing except for the part when Alex tries to kiss Tess at her moment of distress could not believe how his brother handled the situation. Claire, on the other hand, after hearing Tess’ story does not see anything wrong with Alex’s actions.

Tess in disbelief at Claire having no problems at all with Alex’s behavior foregoes trying to make her sister see the mistake in his actions. Seeing that mail has arrived, she rushes to attend to the delivery only to witness first-hand Jodi’s annoying princess-like attitude. Craig Woodland replaces Bob as the mailman, and he hands Jodi a letter from Alberto. The young woman, once again, puts aside her responsibility as a station hand to spend time reading her lover’s letter half of which she couldn’t even understand. Tensions rise come supper when all five women gather around the dinner table. Claire, not wanting to come between the feuding women, decides to stay out of it all leaving Tess to handle it alone. She takes this opportunity to test her theory of the three levels of why. The outcome of her experiment is just an even more upset Jodi who storms off with her equally upset mother. She turns to Becky who tells her the irritations of having to listen to Jodi speak of nothing else but Alberto. She tries one more time her theory only to get the same result. Tess could not understand why people refuse her help. She runs to Claire who hears nothing that doesn’t have anything to do with farming. Claire is more interested with the seeds that her sister had recently purchased, and becomes worried after learning that Tess had decided to grow hemp.

The next day, Tess goes about the task of milking Madonna when lo and behold Loverboy has once again found its way back at Drover’s Run. Tess brings Loverboy back to Wilgul where she tries to bill Nick for the trouble of transporting the bull. The arrival of Alex Ryan interrupts their negotiation only to continue their cold behavior around each other. Meanwhile, back at Drover’s Run, Becky and Meg continue their feud with the older woman continuing to spoil her daughter, and condoning Jodi’s laziness. Meg suggests Claire to fire Becky who knowing where her boss’ loyalties lie is sure that she is getting the boot unaware that Claire pays no mind to Meg’s suggestion. Though Claire tells her that she has no intention of firing her, Becky could not stop worrying about having to leave Drover’s Run. Seeing how the feud between the Fountain’s and Becky has blown out of proportion, Claire has very good reason to try avoiding running into any of the feuding women. Meg confirms Claire’s anxiety when she asks her to choose between the two parties sure that their boss will choose them over Becky. Meg is caught by surprise when Claire tells her how much of a help Becky has been, and how Jodi has not been pulling her weight. This upsets Meg causing her to have dinner at the cottage with her daughter instead of joining the other women. Spending the whole evening listening to her daughter talk of nothing else but Alberto, Meg begins to see how much of a pain Jodi really is. With the feuding women deciding to have dinner at their respective houses, Claire and Tess are left to themselves. Claire takes the opportunity to inquire about her sister’s quarrel with Alex, but Tess surprisingly does not want to talk about it, and would rather deal with how to handle the feuding women. A loud thunder followed by heavy rain interrupts their conversation especially with Tess hoping that the rain would not wash off her newly planted seeds. She learns the following morning that all their hard work the previous day was all for naught for the rain that Claire had warned her about had washed away the seeds.

Alex Ryan stumped at what else to do with Tess McLeod seeks advice from his brother. After much coercing, Nick tells him what he thinks would win back Tess’ heart. What Alex doesn’t know is that Nick had truly spoken from the heart. Meanwhile at Drover’s Run, it appears that all but Meg sees that Jodi has been acting irresponsibly with her foregoing her chores. After Loverboy escapes once again, Claire hatches up a plan to solve the feud between the Fountain’s and Becky by forcing them to work together. She and Tess are going to transport the bull back to Wilgul, and help the Ryan’s rebuild the shed it left in shambles, while the three women tend to the grain silo. Just when Becky is close to proving her point with Jodi trying to evade work once again on the account of the dust from the grain ruining her hair, which she just washed in preparation for Miss Gungellan, an old tin crown she finds in the heap of grain makes it clear that the Fountain’s have earned their place at Drover’s Run. The tin crown she learned was a gift from Jack to Jodi, one he made especially for her when she was only seven. It appears that Jack had treated Jodi as if she is his own daughter. At that moment, Becky knew that she had lost, and she goes back to her quarters to pack her things. Little did she know that it is the same tin crown that would make Meg see reason.

Fed up with her daughter, Meg snaps at Jodi who is so wrapped in her own world that the prospect of them having to leave Drover’s Run does not even worry her. Meg finally has a serious talk with Jodi telling her that what she has with Alberto is nothing but a fantasy, and that real relationships take much work. Moreover, she teaches her daughter that friendships are more important than fantasies, and are worth mending. It appears that Claire’s plan had worked not only for the Fountain’s and Becky, but also for Tess and Alex. Tess who sets out to prove herself climbs a scaffolding to install sheets of aluminum wall on the shed. All is well until she looks down, and her vertigo kicks in. Alex concerned for his girlfriend rushes to help her crawl down to safety, and this time doesn’t make the mistake of trying to kiss her. Well, he really has no intention of kissing her given that the woman had just threw up as a result of her dizziness. With the shed fixed, and the lovers back together, the McLeod’s return to Drover’s Run only to find Loverboy back in their farm, but this time they know the reason for his return – a heifer. The sisters return Loverboy to Wilgul, but this time to ensure that he stays put, they bring with them the heifer that was the cause of it all. Not only do they solve the problem, they even make a little money after convincing Nick on paying for the heifer as well. Seeing that Alex and Tess are back together, Nick asks Tess a question, which takes her by surprise. He asks whether Alex is really the one. Tess answers that she doesn’t want to fall truly in love, and when Nick uses her own theory on her and asks why she reacts the same way as everyone else did. She avoids having to answer the question.

Jodi Fountain though immature, and selfish still has the sense to listen to her mother. Their talk made her realize that her fantasy has caused a rift between her and her best friend that when another postcard came from Alberto her reaction has subdued. Moreover, she admits to her mistakes and apologizes to Becky. Becky, on the other hand, learning that Meg was the one who straightened out Jodi thanks her in her own way. Claire McLeod arrives with news about Blaise’s pregnancy telling them that no one is to leave until the mare gives birth. Unaware that the feuding women had already made up, Meg and Becky agreeing to her order surprises Claire who probably is also surprised that her little scheme actually worked.

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