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Friends Like These – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.21

Friends Like TheseOverview: Simon and Briony, two of Tess McLeod’s closest friends drop by Drover’s Run in a surprise visit. The purpose of their visit is to take her away, and bring her back to the city in order for her to fulfill her dream of owning a café. Tess who has grown fond of Drover’s Run becomes confused at having to choose between following her dream, and wanting to stay at her newfound home with her sister.

Synopsis: After spending months living and working in Drover’s Run, Tess McLeod has become accustomed to life in the farm. Tess has come far from the city girl who once fell of her horse, and left the gate unhooked causing the cattle to run free. She, however, would be reminded of who she once was when two of her closest friends Simon and Briony drop by for a visit unannounced. They’ve come to bring her home to fulfill her dream of owning a café. Claire McLeod is the least pleased with the sudden arrival of her sister’s guests. Her disposition turns for the worse upon learning that the two had come to take away Tess knowing that it had always been her sister’s dream to own a café.   Continue reading...

The surprise visit from Simon and Briony seems to be causing a stir not only on the women of Drover’s Run, but for Alex Ryan as well who got stood up with Tess forgetting about their date. Tess becomes uncomfortable not only for her impending plan of leaving Drover’s Run, but also for having her former boyfriend Simon around. In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, Tess holds a barbecue party with the neighbors to make-up for standing up Alex without having to spend any more time away from her friends. In reality, Tess is confused. Unknown to her and the people around her, she is no longer the city girl who knew nothing about farming. She has become more mature, and has grown fond of tending the farm with her sister. Unfortunately, in her conversations with the women of Drover’s Run not one had asked her to stay not because they want her to leave, but rather they do not want to be a hindrance to her dream.

Having met the neighbors, Simon and Briony realize that they are in a world far from what they are used to especially when the only topic of conversation at the party was about bulls. Briony decides to pump up the party for herself by taking a pill after learning that the closest bar is two hours away, and the nightlife is still not what a city girl would expect. Jodi curious as to what the woman who now seems to be enjoying herself has taken filches a pill from Briony’s bag.

With the neighbors gone, Simon and Tess are left alone in the shed. Seeing that Tess has not completely made-up her mind about leaving Drover’s Run, Simon ties to convince her that she does not belong in the farm. Moreover, that she belongs with him, and not Alex. Already confused, and enticed by the sweet words of her former boyfriend, Tess McLeod makes out with Simon just when Alex Ryan arrives. Furious at what he was seeing, Alex prepares to deliver a blow to the man set on stealing his girlfriend. Tess stops him before he creates any damage, and he restrains himself, but not without making a point that the two should stay away from each other until he and Tess had their talk.

Meanwhile, Briony and Jodi both under a pill have a party of their own. Unaware of the events that transpired in the shed, Briony with her muddled head only made matters worse. Seeing how different she is now from her friends, Tess really feels that she should stay. However, having a talk with her sister, and sensing that Drover’s Run will survive with or without her made her feel that it maybe time to go. All packed and ready to leave, Tess continues to have second thoughts about leaving. Up early in the morning to milk her cow, she notices that the gate had been left open, and all the cattle they had painstakingly mustered for two days are gone. Briony lies outside in a lounge chair asleep completely unaware of what she had done not to mention what her pill had done to Jodi. The furious screaming of Meg Fountain who was convinced that the woman had encouraged her daughter to take the drug unaware that Jodi had helped herself to Briony’s stash wakes the hung-over woman. Meg and Jodi later both learn that the pill that had caused Jodi’s heart to rise, and caused her to throw-up was only due to aspirin that the young woman had mistaken for drugs.

Tess who months before wouldn’t have known the consequences of leaving the gate open now shares the same anger and concern as Claire McLeod at finding that someone had carelessly left it unhooked. Becky urges Claire to ask her sister to stay, but Claire who in all honestly doesn’t want Tess to leave could not bring herself to do so afraid that doing so will curtail her sister’s dream. A steer that had fallen down a ridge incurring fatal injuries not only made clumsy city girl Briony realize the consequences of her carelessness, but also proved that Tess now really belongs at Drover’s Run. Tess takes responsibility for the fallen steer, and takes a rifle to its head in order to end its misery. Seeing how her sister did the dreadful task of having to shoot an animal, Claire McLeod realizes that Tess will do anything that is asked of her even the most terrible task, because it is her job. It appears that Tess’ dream might now have changed, and that running Drover’s Run now seems more important to her than owning a café. Given this realization, Claire McLeod tells Tess that she is needed there, and she asks her to stay, which is the only thing that she wanted to hear.

Tess has finally made her decision. She has found her new home, and that is Drover’s Run. Simon makes his final plea to convince his friend to come with him to the city, but Tess had made up her mind. Simon and Briony after causing a whirlwind finally end their stay, and they leave Drover’s Run for the city without Tess.

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