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A Dry Spell – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.6

Jodi Fountain Miss GungellanSynopsis: Meg Fountain makes a life-changing decision, and agrees to leave Drovers Run with her husband and daughter. Jodi Fountain plans to leave her mark by winning the Miss Gungellan pageant. All get dressed for the ball when Kevin’s mistake sends the women out having to clean his mess.

Episode Summary: Kevin Fountain is just one of those who are not born to settle down. Meg Fountain is fully aware of this, and has come to accept it. Moreover, she makes a decision that astonished both her husband and daughter. Meg agrees to leave Drovers Run for Whitsundays to give her family a chance for a fresh start. She has her eyes set on the future that she forgot about the one man who cares for her the most, Terry Dodge. Terry finds her and Kevin acting much like husband and wife, and knew at that moment that his relationship with Meg is over.  Continue reading...

While one relationship ends, another starts. Brick Buchanon asks Becky Howard to the Miss Gungellan ball. The young woman is overjoyed that for the first time in her life, she will be attending the ball, and not tending to it. However, realizing that she has no dress to wear puts a damper on her delight.

The excitement of leaving Drovers Run for Whitsundays quickly died down for Meg as reality sets in. Meg informs Claire McLeod of her decision, and the young woman accepts it despite the sadness of losing the housekeeper who was very much a mother to her. Becky Howard, however, is not too welcoming of the idea of losing her best friend. Meanwhile, Tess McLeod tries to dissuade Meg from leaving, but the woman has made up her mind. Meg does not want to make the same mistake she did before. This is her chance to reunite her family once and for all. If there’s anyone who is taking the Fountain’s decision to leave Drovers Run the hardest, it is Terry Dodge. Terry is saddened at Jodi’s leaving, but learning that Meg is going with her is too much for the man to bear. Mixed with anger and grief, the man confronts Kevin, and warns him of what he might do if he, once again, breaks his daughter’s heart.

Without a proper dress for the ball, Becky Howard has made up her mind, and decides to forego the Miss Gungellan ball. Lucky for her, Tess McLeod knows very well the reason for her decision. She finds her the perfect dress to wear, and shoes to match. All prepare for the ball including Claire McLeod. Thanks to Kevin, the hours of dolling up are put to waste when they learn that he had put Urea in the troughs. With the forecast of rain, the feed could prove deadly to their stock. Much to Tess’ dismay, the women of Drovers Run put on their work boots, and work to rid the troughs of Urea. The women return, and a pleasant surprise greeted Claire. Peter Johnson took time off work to bring Claire McLeod to the ball.

Becky Howard is all dressed for the ball waiting for her date to arrive. Brick Buchanon rushes to pick-up Becky when he finds an ailing calf by the fences. The calf has eaten Urea mixed with water in a pail that Kevin had left on the field. The young man in his tuxedo could not bear leaving the calf to die. He brings it back to Killarney, and feeds it vinegar to neutralize the poison. Hours later, the calf is back on its feet. After hours of waiting, an upset Becky drives to town on her own.

Meg Fountain finally arrives to see her daughter win the Miss Gungellan ball. Jessica Carter, Jodi’s toughest competitor presents first with a scripted speech about her charity. Jodi Fountain comes up to the stage last, and brings her wit and charm as she talks about the charity of her choice. The Ryan brothers arrive stag. Alex, as Claire pointed out, always ends up with Miss Gungellan. He, however, seems pleasantly surprised to find her in a dress looking extremely glamorous in the arms of Peter Johnson. An infuriated Becky Howard arrives at the ball to catch the last part of Jodi’s speech, and also to hear the winner of Miss Gungellan. Jodi Fountain wins Miss Gungellan, and all are ecstatic. As Liz Ryan crowns her, Jodi is struck by her conscience. Terry Dodge’s words lit a fire in her, and she for once makes a very mature decision. Jodi Fountain turns down the Miss Gungellan crown. Knowing that she will be miles away, Jodi realizes the unfairness of accepting the crown and the title despite the impossibility of having to fulfill her duties as Miss Gungellan. She chooses her family over the crown.

The pageant is over, but the party has just begun. Alex, as predicted, ends up with Jessica Carter, the winner of Miss Gungellan by default. Tess becomes the target of the young males at the ball. Peter Johnson and Claire McLeod leave the ball early to have Drovers Run all for themselves. This after Peter runs into a man he knew from Brisbane. Brick Buchanon is still nowhere in sight. Still infuriated at having been stood up, Becky Howard returns to her old ways, and makes out with the first man who came her way. Outside the hall, Becky and Craig passionately kiss. The sight of Brick arriving only fueled Becky’s desire to hurt the man by intensely making out with Craig. Becky realizes her mistake after seeing her date all covered with mud. Though still furious, Becky is overcome with guilt, and decides to return home leaving one of her shoes in the mud.

Morning came, reality sets in, and it starts with Meg. After living a fantasy for weeks, Meg realizes that her husband has not change. Kevin Fountain, after so many years, is still the charming irresponsible man she once fell in love with. The bout with the Urea reminded her of how she always ends up having to clean her husband’s mess. Learning that the business plan her husband has been talking about is nothing but a plan, another dream that would fall short, Meg Fountain decides to stay at Drovers Run.

Brick Buchanon confronts Becky Howard whose shame drives her to treat Brick badly when it is the young man who should be upset with her. Her stint with Craig Woodland, and her reputation as the town slut gave Craig the license to go around town speaking of things that Becky would no longer do. Brick knows her better, and is convinced that none of the rumors are true. He came to her return the shoe the young woman left in the mud, and to mend the wrong that happened the night before. Unfortunately, Becky’s shame has turned to pride, and the young woman distances herself away from the good-hearted young man.

Meg Fountain informs the McLeod’s of her decision to stay. The idea of Jodi Fountain going away with her father has not even crossed her mind until Tess brought it up. Not wanting to make the same mistake she did before, Meg has a talk with her daughter in an attempt to dissuade her from leaving with her dad, but this time she gives her a choice. Though her daughter choosing to leave with her dad breaks her heart, Meg accepts it. Learning that only her daughter will come with him on his next adventure, Kevin Fountain begins to have second thoughts especially after seeing that the young woman has not grasped the idea that their adventure will not be a holiday. In the wee hours of the night, Meg finds him packing his bags ready to sneak out on his family once again. Jodi finds her father and mother arguing, and immediately suspects her mother as the cause of his decision to leave. Soon after she realizes that the decision is solely on her father, the man planned to walk out on her without even leaving a note. Kevin Fountain leaves his family behind, and proves himself to be the loser everyone thought him to be.

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