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Hello Stranger – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.5

Meg Fountain reunites with her estranged husbandSynopsis: Meg Fountain’s husband returns to Drovers Run after eighteen years of absence. A rift between mother and daughter emerges when Jodi Fountain learns that her father did not walk out on them. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan uses his power to prevent Nick Ryan from making a sale.

Episode Summary: After eighteen years, Meg Fountain receives an unexpected visit from her husband, Kevin. His daughter, Jodi, all grown up finally meets her father who walked out on them when she was only a year old. However, she learns that the story of her father’s leaving is a lie. It was her mother who decided not to come with her father. Learning that her mother had lied to her, her whole life, a rift emerges between mother and daughter. Meg Fountain found it impractical to sail around the world broke, and with a year old baby. She let her husband go thinking that he would soon realize that what he had left is much more important than his dream. After years of waiting for her husband’s return, Meg sadly realized that the man’s dream is more important than his family. Afraid of having her daughter wait for a father who has no intention of returning to his family, Meg decided to make out a despicable image of her husband, one who had walked out on his family. Continue reading...

Nick Ryan needs to sell his stock, but is having trouble to find a truck to transport his sheep. Knowing the falling-out between brothers after learning that Nick had tricked his family into supporting his farm, Claire McLeod tries to mediate after finding out that Alex has space in his truck. Later, they learn that Harry Ryan, in an act of revenge, has used his authority to prevent his son from renting a truck. Moreover, Harry tries to pit brother against brother. Even Alex finds his father’s actions despicable, but he does nothing about it. Lucky for Nick, he has Claire on his side. Claire McLeod rents a truck for Nick.

Jodi Fountain had always complained about being stuck at Drovers Run for she had dreamed of traveling the world. Learning that her mother had deprived her of that opportunity only fueled her anger towards her. She confides in Becky Howard who is her complete opposite. The young woman has found a home at Drovers Run, and is much content staying there. Tess McLeod can relate to Jodi for she herself was taken away from her father. As a young girl, Tess had waited for her father to come and visit her, and even though her father never did, she still held that dream in her heart.

Seeing her daughter spend time with his father worries Meg. She worries that the more Jodi speaks with her father, the larger the rift between them will grow. Meg confides in Terry who supports her completely. Kevin Fountain is slightly irked at learning that his wife has taken a lover especially since Meg is the reason for his return.

Jodi’s animosity towards Meg continues to grow that Tess finds the need to step in, and pulls the young woman aside. Tess acknowledges Meg’s mistakes, but she tries to let Jodi see that her father is also at fault. The man did leave, and did not return nor made an attempt to contact her after so many years. Knowing the story of how Tess’ mother had hidden Jack’s birthday cards from her, Jodi believes that her father must have done the same thing. She rushes to her house looking for her father’s letters for her, but there were none. Kevin, the good talker he is, makes an excuse of not wanting to be in the way, in case Meg had already remarried. He did, however, make it a point to compliment his wife for their daughter’s good upbringing, and had asked his daughter not to blame her mother for his mistakes.

Harry Ryan arrives at Wilgul in an attempt to have his son beg for his help, and is surprised to hear Nick turn him down. He learns that Nick has found a way to rent a truck through Claire McLeod, and once again uses his power to pull some strings to prevent his son from transporting his sheep. Nick and the McLeod’s get news from the driver that he is disallowed from renting the truck to neither Nick nor Claire leaving Nick no way to make the sale. With Nick in dire need of cash, Claire is struck with an idea. Given that there is no way to transport the sheep to town, she suggests that they bring the town to Wilgul.

Kevin Fountain confronts Terry Dodge. Luckily, Meg and Jodi arrive before their altercation begins. Claire had called for their help to put up fences on Wilgul for tomorrow’s on-farm sale. Kevin wins the first round with Terry being unable to help with the cause given that he works for Harry. An old story of Kevin catching Meg when she fell off a camel seems to have stirred something in his wife. Jodi pushes for more good stories of her mother and father, and Kevin begins to tell the story of the first time they met. Kevin seems to have rekindled Meg’s love for him.

Alex Ryan discovers what his father has done, and confronts him about it. Harry argues that he did it all to preserve Killarney, which he stresses that will be Alex’ property in the future. Nonetheless, Alex drops by at Drovers Run to apologize for Claire’s misfortune although it is not his doing. Moreover, he offers to lend a hand at Wilgul’s on-farm sale.

Kevin Fountain continues to be on the good side of both his wife and daughter after making it known that he will be staying to dance with his daughter at the Miss Gungellan Ball. He once again makes himself a hero when the auctioneer fails to arrive at Wilgul, and he steps in, and does a marvelous job. Moreover, he refuses any payment for his services for it was a job that he was more than happy to do. Nick Ryan made more than enough to pay for his loan, but Harry Ryan will stop at nothing to crush his son’s dreams. He arrives at Wilgul with a bill for Nick’s use of Killarney’s men. Nick though tight in cash uses the little extra money he made to pay his father.

The on-farm sale was a success much of it was because of Kevin’s terrific auctioneer skills. Meg Ryan cannot help but fall for her husband again though she sees right through him with his every hint of staying. Meg never had closure when her husband left, and his return gave them the opportunity to discuss what went wrong. Meg felt that Kevin took her heart away, while Kevin admits to have left his heart behind when he left. With their feelings out in the open, the two rekindles their relationship, and spends the night together.

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