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To Have and To Hold – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.9

Brick and Becky holding handsSynopsis: Peter Johnson returns to Drovers Run, and Claire McLeod falls for him once again. Claire’s friends disapprove of her decision to continue the affair, but Claire is unwilling to break it off. Tess is intentionally kept out of the loop about Claire and Peter’s relationship, and also about their café’s financial situation. Meanwhile, Brick pours out his feelings to Becky in a letter.

Episode Summary: Peter Johnson arrives at Drovers Run unaware that Claire McLeod had discovered his secret. Claire confronts him about his marriage, and confirms that Peter is indeed married. Claire ends her relationship with Peter despite his claims of having left his wife. She patches her relationship with Becky after learning that the young woman was telling the truth, and finds out from her that it was Harry Ryan who discovered that Peter is married. She also makes amends with the Ryan brothers, and informs them of her decision to end her affair with Peter. The only person kept out of the loop is Tess McLeod. Claire had decided not to tell her, knowing that her sister will forego her dream to come to her rescue. Little did she know that the café is far from what Tess dreamed it would be for the supposed booming Café Bardot is actually failing. Continue reading...

Later that night, Peter Johnson returns to Drovers Run to try and patch things up with Claire McLeod. He declares his love for Claire, and she falls for him once again. The women of Drovers Run are shocked to learn that Claire had taken Peter back, but does nothing to dissuade her for it is not their place to meddle. Alex Ryan, unaware that Claire had resumed her affair with the married man, attacks Peter only to find out that Peter and Claire are back together. Instead of realizing her bad decision even after learning that Peter also has kids, Claire sees her friends’ reaction as unwelcome, and warns Peter of receiving more cold shoulders from them.

As Claire had foreseen, Peter receives the first of the anticipated cold shoulder from Jodi who brings up his wife and kids during dinner. This, however, does not dissuade Claire from continuing her affair, and is more than willing to fend off her friends for Peter. Tess gives Claire a call at the most inopportune time, and finds that her call is unwelcome. Disappointed at being brushed off, Tess decides to immerse herself into city life, and spend the evening partying. Meanwhile, Claire and Peter continue with the foreplay, and receive another call, but this time it’s not from Tess. Peter’s wife had called to inform him that she is driving all the way from Queensland to Gungellan to discuss matters with him. Claire pretends not to be alarmed by this news.

After a visit to Wilgul, and hearing Alex’ disapproval of her affair, Claire finds the need to ask Meg’s opinion. Meg is surprised that the stubborn, strong-willed, young woman she saw grow up is asking for her advice. After some urging, Meg finally gives her a piece of her mind. She tells Claire that her relationship with Peter is never going to work, and that the road she has taken is a long and painful one.

As Tess is suffering the consequences of partying all night, she receives an unexpected visitor. Nick Ryan is a friendly face, Tess desperately needs to see. Briony immediately senses something between the two, which makes Simon uncomfortable. Tess invites Nick to a night of partying with her friends, and the country boy gets a dose of city life. After a night out in the town, Tess tells Nick to spend the night at the apartment that she and her friends share. Nick tells her that he did not come to the city for his doctor’s appointment, but he had made the trip just to see her. Unfortunately, Tess had already fallen asleep, and did not hear what he had said.

Despite hearing what her friends had to say, Claire still does not break off her affair with Peter, but is having second thoughts. She follows Peter to Gungellan where he is to meet his wife. Claire arrives in Gungellan, and sees Peter with his family. She finally realizes that it is not simply a marriage she is breaking, but it is a family that she is wrecking.

Brick is annoyed at Becky for not reading her letter unaware that the young woman cannot read. Becky asks Jodi to read it to her, but stops her after hearing the first sentence where Brick tells her of being hurt by her betrayal. Later, Becky tells him that the reason she has not read his letter is because she cannot read. Brick reads the letter to her, and Becky learns how much the young man cares for her. Brick is willing to be her friend even if she feels nothing for him. Luckily, Becky likes him the same way he likes her. The two finally goes on a real date. Brick and Becky spend the night lying on the ground looking at the stars.

After days of keeping it a secret from her, Tess finally learns that Café Bardot is on the verge of financial ruin. Tess’ solution is to change the menu to differentiate them from the rest. Café Bardot will now be serving good, hearty, belly-filling food; one that men prefer to eat. It is an insight she learned after spending time in the country. Simon is on-board with the idea, but Briony is not convinced. However, it is a change they have to test for their current situation shows no signs of turning for the better.

Peter returns to Drovers Run, and learns that Claire had followed him to town. Claire wanted to know if she could stand being the reason for breaking up a family. She makes a painful decision, and ends the affair with Peter. Claire confesses to still being in love with him, but seeing her daughters made her realize that Peter needs to be with his family for his daughters who loved him first. Claire sacrifices her love so that his daughters will not lose their father.

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