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Bridle Waltz – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.8

Tess McLeod leaves Drovers RunSynopsis: Peter Johnson’s declaration of wanting to spend the rest of his life with Claire McLeod made their marriage inevitable. Having confirmed that Peter is indeed married, Becky Howard’s dilemma of breaking the news to Claire grows. Meanwhile, Tess McLeod accepts the offer of being one of the partners at her friends’ café in the city.

Episode Summary: Peter Johnson asks the women of Drovers Run some help to put together a romantic dinner for Claire McLeod. The Fountains speculate that he will be proposing to Claire that night, which troubles Tess McLeod. During the candlelit dinner, Peter offers Claire a gift concealed in a small box. Claire opens the box, and finds a ruby necklace inside instead of a ring. He, however, does tell her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her to which Claire confesses to feel the same way about him. Claire becomes slightly concerned when Peter informs her that there are a few things he has to take care off before the two of them can settle down, but the man assures her that there is nothing to worry about. Continue reading...

Anxious about whether the man proposed the women of Drovers Run waste not time to ask Claire as soon as Peter left. Although there was no ring, his statement the previous night made it sound that he will be proposing to her the moment he returns. Learning about the news, Becky becomes even more curious about Peter Johnson. After finding out from Craig Woodland the town where Peter lives, Becky begins her investigation by calling the P. Johnson’s of Roma, Queensland. Soon she learns that Harry Ryan was telling the truth. Peter Johnson is married.

Liz Ryan, missing her boys, drops by Wilgul with the pretense of bringing them food. Liz has come to apologize for keeping the secret that burdened her sons, and to beg them to come home. She does the bidding of Harry Ryan who is too proud to acknowledge his mistake. Aside from his pride, Harry is also a coward. The first one to learn about Peter Johnson’s secret, he passes the responsibility of being the messenger of bad news to Becky Howard. Confirming the rumor, Becky asks Jodi for advice on how to break the news of an affair. Seeing the world to revolve around her, Jodi suspects that Becky has heard of rumors about Craig. Convinced that Craig is cheating on her, Jodi confronts the baffled young man, but learns that he has been going to night school, and not having an affair.

With the prospect of Claire marrying Peter becoming more and more of a reality, Tess finds herself a third wheel, which is why she had accepted to return to the city to help her friends manage their booming café. It is the dream that she always wanted. This news bothers Meg Fountain who promised to keep quiet about it until Tess has everything finalized. Meg is not the only one saddened with the news of Tess leaving, Nick is too. He wonders why the woman feels that she has to move all the way out in the city to avoid being the third wheel. Leaving Madonna at Wilgul, Tess bids farewell to Nick.

As time passes, the harder it becomes for Becky to tell Claire the devastating news about Peter. Asking to speak with her, Claire mistakes the request as a dialogue to ask for a raise, which she gladly gives the young station hand for recognizing Becky’s hard work. Moreover, Claire appears to be preparing herself and Drovers for her inevitable marriage to Peter, and begins tidying up the main house at the possibility of Peter’s family coming for a visit. Unable to keep the burdening secret any longer, Becky bravely breaks the news to Claire who as expected takes it badly.

One of Harry’s calves falls in a mineshaft in Wilgul. Knowing that it is their father’s, Alex finds no desire to rescue the cattle, but Nick sees no reason to let an innocent calf die because of the dispute they have with their father. As a favor to Nick for taking in Madonna, Tess brings the calf to Killarney. Learning that his sons had rescued the calf, Harry drops by Wilgul to personally thank his sons. His modesty, however, is short-lived for he informs Alex and Ryan about the news of Peter being married to which he has someone else to do the dirty job of telling Claire the unfortunate news. Once again, Harry has lost the respect of his sons. He does to them what he did to Becky.

Finding worn, old socks under the bed, Meg is reminded of how she terribly misses Terry. She washes and darns them, and goes over to Killarney as a form of peace offering with the hope of her and Terry getting back together. Regrettably, Meg is embarrassed to learn that the pair of socks belongs to her ex-husband.

Tess, unaware of the news Claire had heard about Peter, continues the road to leaving Drovers. She goes over to her father’s grave to say goodbye, and also to thank her father for giving her the chance to fall in love with Drovers Run, and more importantly for reuniting her with Claire. Clearly, Tess is not ready to leave Drovers, but the turn of events have pushed her aside and away.

Alex and Ryan are put in a situation where they see themselves to have a moral obligation to inform their friend the news that would surely devastate her. Moreover, having grown distrustful of their father, the brothers are unsure whether Harry is telling the truth. At any case, the outcome remains the same. Claire McLeod will never forgive them. True enough, Claire rushes to Wilgul upset, and leaves even more furious upon learning that they knew, but not one of them had the guts to tell her. With the phone number she got from Becky, Claire calls and quickly confirms that Peter Johnson is indeed married.

Still unaware of Claire’s predicament, Tess informs her that she is moving back to the city to fulfill the dream she always wanted – being an owner of a café. Having heard this, Claire loses the opportunity to tell her sister about Peter. Claire does not want to be in the way of her sister’s dreams just as Tess does not to be in the way of her and Peter Johnson. With Tess’ bags all packed and ready to go, Claire had very little time to digest her sister’s leaving. Realizing that she has not given Claire anything, Tess leaves her a crystal that will protect Claire from harm. The sisters tearfully bid farewell to each other. In her old, beat up Volkswagen, Tess waves goodbye to the women of Drovers Run. Nick Ryan on his motorcycle sees her driving away, and goes after her. He calls out to her, but she does not hear him. Tess McLeod turns the corner, and is gone.

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