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Into the Woods – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 1.9

Tess Silverman wanders into the woodsSynopsis: A feral pig that ravaged a couple of lambs attacks Claire McLeod’s beloved dog, Roy. Claire decides to hunt the wild boar that badly wounded her cattle dog. Upon learning that Roy had run away to look for the hog that attacked him, Tess an unskilled shooter brings with her a shotgun and makes her way into the woods where she comes face-to-face with the legendary killer pig, Hannibal.

Episode Summary: Tess Silverman (Bridie Carter) makes her way back to the house on her horse. At the same time, Meg Fountain (Sonia Todd) prepares to kill one of her chickens with an axe. Hungry, Tess looks for food in the fridge and finds a plate of cooked chicken. She breaks off one of the legs and prepares to eat it just when she hears the whack of Meg’s deadly axe. Disconcerted and unable to take a bite, she changes her mind and returns the plate of chicken in the fridge. By dinner, Tess looks queasy as Meg serves them the freshly killed chicken, and Claire’s detailed gruesome report about their lambs ravaged by a wild animal added more to her unease. Incapable of eating the served food, Tess explains that she had never in her life eaten something she saw alive. Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) attempts to put some sense on her, but Roy’s whimpering interrupted their conversation. A feral pig that ravaged some of the lambs badly wounded the beloved dog. Meg explains that Roy might already be infected and must be shot. Claire quickly rejects her advice and tells her to care for the dog the best she can.  Continue reading...

Claire McLeod decides to take action and resolves to hunt the pig that attacked her precious dog. Becky offers to help in her quest, while Tess and Jodi hold the fort, both of whom had never shot a pig. The reason for her sister’s sudden urge to pursue the wild boar escapes Tess, but the alarm it caused is enough to lead her to move Madonna to safety. Tess makes her way to the dairy cow when she spots an unfamiliar truck parked on their property. She makes her way to the Shearer’s bathroom upon hearing a man singing in the shower. Determined to learn who it might be, she knocks on the door that was left ajar. Unlucky for her, the door swings open and is now face-to-face with the naked stranger who did not appreciate the sudden interruption. With no answers, Tess hurriedly leaves after the man rudely sends her away by removing his towel to reveal his nakedness. Troubled with the intruder in their midst, she enlists Meg’s help to get to the bottom of things. As they make their way to the Shearer’s quarters, Tess recounts her encounter with the trespasser. Upon seeing the lucky charm that was left hanging on the clothesline, Meg immediately knows who the stranger was. It is the Russian pig shooter, Vladimir. He was the only hunter Jack McLeod welcomed in his farm, but thanks to Tess he is nowhere to be found. Later, she resolves to apologize to Meg for driving away Vladimir, but her apology turns sour when Tess reveals her disgust for hunters. Offended with Tess’ utter dislike for people like Vladimir, Meg turns on her by shrewdly informing her of that night’s dinner – a chook she knew.

Jodi senses her mother’s sudden ill temper, and infers that her disapproval of Terry might be the cause. She seeks counsel from Tess. How quickly she forgot the result of her last advice. Although, Tess might actually provide good advice this time having gone through the same experience with her mom. All Jodi wanted to know is how to cope having her mother’s lover stay the night at the cottage. Tess’ quick and simple answer to which is for her to spend the night somewhere else. With this, Jodi shows a bit of maturity as she gives her blessing on Meg and Terry’s relationship, adding that she does not want to be the cause of her mother’s unhappiness.

At another part of the bush, Claire and Becky ready their shotguns at the sight of fresh pig footprints. Led by Claire, they follow the tracks only to find Alex ready to shoot at her. The men of Killarney, Alex, Nick and Brick had taken on the same pursuit as Claire’s. Following Alex’s suggestion, they decide to change partners such that Claire joins Alex and Nick, while Becky is partnered with Brick. Night came, and the hunt is still unsuccessful. Unlucky for Claire, she is stuck in the middle of yet another Ryan brother competition. This after Alex blames missing the wild boar on Nick’s bad driving. He dares his brother to take a shot at hitting the pig, and the younger one accepts. However, he too is unsuccessful. Truth be told, Claire might have had better chances of killing the feral hog herself. She reminds the boys of having already proved that she is a better-shot ages ago. Alex just laughs explaining that he had let her win. Tired with spending the whole day hunting, they have come to a decision to camp out, and keep watch just like old times. Brick and Becky does the same. Tense for having to spend some time alone with his crush, Brick ends up worrying a lot. First, he reckons that their splitting into groups was a bad idea due to the possibility of the two groups accidentally shooting each other. Then he frets about Becky catching a flu given how cold it gets at night. Later, the young woman gives her another reason to fuss when she opens up a bottle of beer. The young man explains that drinking, while hunting is a recipe for danger. Becky helps Brick to loosen up, and manages to convince the young man to have a drink. Soon she learns that she might have come across the first man to show real concern for her. This she discovered when Brick refuses to bunk with her in the tent despite the dreadful cold night’s air, just because he does not trust himself.

At Drovers Run, Jodi stays true to her word, and even helps her mother doll up for her big night with Terry Dodge. With Becky out camping, she invades her quarters to give Meg and Terry some alone time. Terry arrives and their night of festive merriment, which involves cocktails, a Limbo stick, and a whistle, begins. After hearing loud rustling and squealing just outside the Shearer’s quarters, Jodi is left with no choice, but to return home and endure the rowdy bordering on ridiculous partying of the two old lovers. Unfortunately, she suddenly feels an urge to piss. Not wanting to ruin her mother’s night, she decides to sleep it off. Hours later when the raucous partying is finally over, Jodi sneaks to the bathroom only to bump into the half-naked Terry who just happened to step out of the toilet. Jodi apologizes to her mother for having spoiled her evening, but tries to make up to her by urging her to let Terry spend the night even with her around. Meg fools her daughter by pretending to dismiss her suggestion when in reality she and Terry have full intention of continuing their late night tryst.

Roy though already looking better, but still badly wounded runs away. Tess learning how valuable the dog is to her sister takes it upon herself to go into the woods and look for him. Earlier that day, she discovered that Roy was a gift to Claire from Jack just before he died. Tess takes the shotgun that Claire left her and makes her way into the woods. Not too far away, she hears a rustling from behind the bushes. Though aware of the danger up ahead, and knowing full well that wandering off is a bad idea, she decides to go anyway to rescue her sister’s precious dog. Lost deep in the woods, Tess drops on the ground at the sound of a gun being fired. She has never been happier to see Vladimir, but the man does not feel the same. Having been terribly wounded by the wild hog, his already ill temper worsens. Stuck with each other, Vladimir tells Tess of him shooting Hannibal, but only wounding it. As an act of revenge, the animal attacked its predator. According to him, Hannibal is a hunter just like him. It is both their mission to kill each other in order to survive. He orders her to return home, and to not look for her dog, since Roy is in the same predicament as he is. Believing Vladimir’s assertion that Hannibal will be looking for him and not her, making her safe from an attack, Tess hurriedly makes her way back home. En route to safety, she comes across Roy. Tess carries the wounded and exhausted dog, and continues her trek back to the house.

Miles away and unaware at the danger that her sister has put herself into, Claire McLeod happily chats with Nick Ryan. She tells of the story of her and Jack going after the legendary Hannibal that she attests of charging at them causing her to piss her pants. Alex looks annoyed with how she cozies up with his brother. With Claire already fast asleep; Alex intentionally confuses his brother when he informs him of her breeding plan. He later clarifies that she plans of breeding horses starting with her prized mare, Blaze. Though their chat seems innocent on the surface, it truly has some underlying sense of jealousy and provocation, which was marked by Alex’s deliberate deception of making Nick think that he had already slept with Claire. However, Alex’s intention is only to annoy his brother that he quickly clarifies the subject. Meanwhile, tension rises between Brick and Becky when the young man refuses to sleep in the tent. The young woman takes offense thinking that Brick is only worried about word getting out of him spending the night with the town whore. She could not be more wrong with her assumption as she learns that he actually respects her, and only intends on treating her the way women should be rightfully regarded. Realizing what a true gentleman Brick is; Becky finds herself wanting to learn more about her male friend. She successfully does so starting with finding out that his real name is Brett, and that his nickname was only brought about by his inability to swim. Throw him in the water and he sinks like a brick, hence the name.

Unaware of the conversation that transpired, Claire wakes to find the two brothers uncharacteristically silent. However, the squealing of the wild pig prevents her from inquiring about the situation. Quickly, they hop on their truck and follow the sound of feral boars. They spot a family of pigs. Alex and Nick successfully shoot them down only none of them is Hannibal. It could not be, because the legendary wild pig is miles away charging at Tess. She fires her shotgun, and learns from Vladimir who is right behind her that the feral hog is finally dead. True enough, the tusk bearing black boar lies dead on the ground. Wait until Alex and Nick finds about this feat. The two having killed a couple of pigs are going on and on about it. Annoyed with the boys’ bravado, Claire puts an end to it by asserting that none of them got to kill Hannibal. She radios Becky informing her of the kill, and that the three of them are already on their way home. She suggests of Brick and her doing the same. However, Brick is finally in the tent asleep after Becky switched places with him. This was the only way she could get him out of the cold. Attesting that Brett had been up all night, Becky asks permission of staying just until he wakes. Claire agrees, but Alex doubts about the young woman’s claim that Brett was up all night keeping watch. Becky mistakenly calling Brick by his real name initiates his suspicion. While the three make their way back to Drovers Run, Tess is toasting a drink with Vladimir, the person who actually killed Hannibal since she only managed to hit a tree. With the man’s leg still bleeding and in debt for saving her life, Tess invites the hunter to the house, but he refuses. And so, she returns home without Vladimir. The sun was already up when she finally reached the house. She is met by Claire’s scolding. Funny how she and Alex react the same way out of concern. After declaring of having killed Hannibal, Tess discovers that Vladimir is a hunter who died a hundred years ago. He comes every year to hunt the ghost pig, Hannibal. Claire’s intent on finding out what truly happened leads Tess to bring her to the site of the shooting, and finds blood at the spot where her sister said Hannibal laid dead. With or without the blood, Claire does believe her sister’s story, but her main concern is Tess almost getting herself killed – her being an unskilled shooter. With that, Claire decides to teach her sister how to shoot properly joking that trees will be a lot safer that way. Tess did not endanger herself in vain despite the deadly encounter with the rogue killer ghost pig, since the ordeal did end with lessons learned and the understanding that killing animals, and even eating them is the essence of farming.

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