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Governed as It Were by Chance – Orphan Black Episode Summary 2.4

Helena and Sarah Manning in shower
Orphan Black Episode 4 Season 2 Synopsis: Sarah Manning escapes Daniel Rosen and reunites with Kira with the help of Cal Morison.  She has come to believe that Mrs. S is the key to uncovering the truth about Project LEDA, and has decided to leave Kira to Cal while she searches for Mrs. S.  Alison Hendrix resurfaces from her heavy inebriation and she finds herself in rehab, while Helena remembers glimpses of the violation done to her and escapes from the Proletheans.

Governed as It Were by Chance Episode Summary: Cal Morrison was driving the truck that hit the car Daniel Rosen forced Sarah Manning to drive.  The incident was no accident for Cal had intentionally hit the car in an attempt to rescue Sarah from her kidnapper.  Cal declares calling the cops to report the events that transpired in his farm that led to the death of his friend, Police Officer Tom Bowman.  Sarah refuses to involve the police and panics when she sees a police car approaching them.  She readies the gun Daniel Rosen had used to murder Officer Bowman, and is relieved when the police car zips past them.  Cal is in disbelief after observing Sarah’s reaction and planned action had the police confronted them.  Nonetheless, he helps Sarah hide the wrecked car that holds Daniel.Continue reading...

Mired in Sarah’s troubles, Cal demands to know the truth, but the mother of his child refuses to divulge it to him.  He brings her to a deserted farm where he hid Kira, and reunites mother and daughter.  He shows them the camper he had prepared for their escape, and Sarah goes with him without protest.  Cal continues to extract information from Sarah and receives one that vaguely revealed the antagonists.  Shortly after the revelation, Sarah receives a text message from Rachel Duncan on Daniel’s phone asking for an update.  She replies to Rachel with news of returning to the institute with Sarah Manning.  She later contacts Cosima Niehaus to update her of her troubles, and shares with her the photo of Project LEDA.  Cosima relates the name with the Greek mythology where Zeus turns himself into a swan in order to seduce the mortal queen, Leda.  Their encounter bore fruit twins, the immortal demigod Pollux, the son of Zeus, and the mortal Castor, the son of her husband, King Tyndareus of Sparta.  Cosima figures that the choice of the name sounds military and the presence of a soldier in the picture adds validation to her assumption.  Sarah begins to believe that Mrs. S is the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding Project LEDA, and persuades Cal of her return home despite their fugitive status.  She speaks to Kira of leaving her to Cal while she searches for Mrs. S.  Cal, at last, manages to extract a bit of information about the people after Sarah.  He has come to learn that she is on the run from Dyad.

Benjamin Kertland enters his car only to find Siobhan in the backseat waiting for him.  The man’s concern for her seems genuine especially since he has no knowledge of her hand at the demise of the Birdwatchers.  Siobhan, however, already knew that Benjamin is innocent of the betrayal done to her.  She has come to him to ask for new papers that would allow her entry to London for she is in search of someone.  Benjamin, however, correctly guesses the person she wants to contact, and informs her that Carlton is in town.  Siobhan arrives at a bar, finds Carlton, and rekindles the passion they have for each other.  Later, she learns that the man had come after hearing of Brenda’s betrayal.  Mrs. S wants information from Carlton, but all he can provide is Kassov, the ferryman.  Mrs. S tells him of her knowledge of the true nature of the orphan he had asked her to put in the black in the hope that Carlton would divulge more information, but the man swears to know nothing else.

Detective Art Bell continues his surveillance of the Proletheans unaware of their cognizance of his lurking.  Henrik Johanssen assures his wife, Bonnie, of their safety, since the woman has become on edge after the arrival of Helena.  Helena wakes without a recollection of what had been done to her other than remembering being surrounded by people.  Gracie later arrives with a fresh replacement of linen and pillow, and attacks Helena in her sleep.  The vicious clone struggles and protests, but Gracie continues to suffocate her with the pillow.  Soon, Helena’s resistance dies down and she lays motionless on her bed.  Gracie makes her way to the door triumphant at eradicating the clone only to learn that it was all an act.  Helena attacks her from behind and makes her escape.  She stumbles into a lab and begins to remember bits and pieces of what had transpired in it.  She remembers lying on a table where an instrument is inserted in her sexual organ.  The memory of her violation fills her with rage, but she escapes instead of attacking her violators.  She comes across Det. Bell, who remains at the periphery of the ranch, startling the detective who encounters her for the first time.  News of her escape ring after Bonnie finds her daughter lying unconscious on the floor.  Prolethean men with their shotguns hasten to catch the escaped clone, but Det. Bell stalls them and forces the men to leave their shotguns.

Alison Hendrix wakes and finds herself retching in an unfamiliar bathroom with one arm in a sling.  She confronts the woman who delivered her luggage for unlawfully detaining her at the Dyad Institute only to learn that she is in rehab.  The arrival of Felix Dawkins relieves her, believing that he has come to take her home.  Alison is surprised to learn that rehab requires consent from the patient, and that her stay at the New Path Wellness Center was her idea.  Alison becomes aware that her memory lapse is the consequence of her heavy inebriation.  Felix talks her into the benefits of staying in rehab, and she agrees to participate in the program.  She returns to her room and finds the last person she wants to see, her husband, Donnie.  She is upset with him for putting her in rehab, and becomes even more upset after learning that Donnie had enlisted the services of a lawyer who had advised that he take full custody of the children should Alison prematurely leave the program.

Sarah Manning sneaks inside the house of Mrs. S only to find Felix already there; she gets an update regarding her fellow clones.  Together they scour through Mrs. S’ documents hoping to find information about her old network.  Felix comes across a picture of Carlton Redding, the man who brought Sarah to Mrs. S.  The man spent fifteen years in prison for smuggling humans when he, in reality, was helping them to go in hiding.  Sarah comes across an old newspaper clipping in Mrs. S’ files that reported the death of six scientists in a lab explosion.  The scientists were working on a project spearheaded by Professors Susan and Ethan Duncan, the adoptive parents of Rachel Duncan.  Sarah recognized the pictures of the professors as those on the Project LEDA photograph she received from her surrogate mother, Amelia.  The discovery reveals that Mrs. S knew of their identities the entire time.  Sarah receives a text message from Rachel informing Daniel of the arrival of her flight in the morning.  She decides to visit the woman’s apartment at the Cameron Arms before returning to Cal and Kira.  Fee volunteers to go with Sarah, but she asks him to bring the news clippings they uncovered to Cosima instead.  They leave the house of Mrs. S unaware that someone else has been hiding in there and listening in to their conversation.  Sarah arrives at the Cameron Arms and calls the concierge on the phone with instructions of preparing the suite to her requirements in order to determine the location and allow her entry to Rachel’s suite.  Sarah sneaks inside Rachel’s urbane suite at Cameron Arms and soon receives a phone call from Felix.  Cosima is with him and she updates her with information she unearthed about the deceased professors.  She learned that they are British geneticists with a molecular biology degree from Cambridge receiving acclaim for the paper they wrote on recombinant DNA and several others until the year 1976 when they disappeared given their highly confidential work on Project LEDA.  Their names only resurfaced after the fatal lab explosion.  Cosima confirms that they were the adoptive parents of Rachel.  Moreover, she learns that it was the professors who had asked Amelia to carry her for them.  In other words, they were supposed to be Sarah’s adoptive parents.  She adds that Rachel was raised self-aware of her nature.  The knowledge of being the only self-aware clone must have given her a profound sense of narcissism.  She supposes that Rachel was raised without any emotional attachments as part of their plan to groom her into the perfect, corporate leader of the Dyad Group, conjecture Sarah rejects after seeing the home video she has of Rachel and her affectionate adoptive parents.

Sarah surveys the apartment and finds men’s clothing in Rachel’s closet, and soon becomes aware of its owner after a bloody, Daniel Rosen, arrives at the apartment.  Daniel calls Dr. Leekie on the phone and informs him that their secret is safe.  He vows to find Sarah and extract from her what she knows.  Sarah makes her way out of the apartment, but Daniel is one-step ahead of her.  He confronts her with his gun aimed at her, but Sarah is aware of her value to the Dyad preventing Daniel from shooting her.  Sarah makes her way to the door without restraint from Daniel when he suddenly knocks her out unconscious.  Cal and Kira wait at the camper for Sarah and resigns to the fact that she will not be coming back that night.  Cal appeases the child only to learn that Kira is not worried about her mother, because she believes that a guardian angel is watching over her.  They are unaware that Daniel has tied her to the shower with plans of torturing her for information.  Though conscious of Daniel’s plan, Sarah continues to antagonize him with her actions and declaration of her knowledge of his status of monitor to Rachel Duncan and his allegiance with Dr. Leekie.  Daniel remains unperturbed causing Sarah to lose courage and to resort to begging, but Daniel is now acting of his own accord spiteful for the pain she caused him.  Daniel cuts through Sarah’s ear causing her to scream in pain when music suddenly plays; he leaves to check what had caused it. Sarah soon hears struggling in the living room and sees Daniel choking on his own blood with a bloody Helena standing over him.  Helena approaches her slowly and shushes her frightened twin sister whom she followed from Mrs. S’ house.  Sarah’s terror comes from the existence of Helena despite the knowledge of having shot her dead.  Helena, however, has not come to harm Sarah.  In fact, she has come to save her and to seek her help.  She informs Sarah of her marriage and her belief that the Proletheans had taken something inside of her.  Helena is right for Henrik Johanssen shows his wife and Mark Rollins the beginning of the mitotic cell division of Helena’s fertilized egg.

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