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Mingling Its Own Nature With It – Orphan Black Episode Summary 2.3

Henrik Johanssen marries Helena
Orphan Black Episode 3 Season 2 Synopsis: Sarah Manning finds an empty cabin where she, Kira, and Felix Dawkins can stay the night.  Felix soon learns that the owner of the cabin is one of Sarah’s marks who also happens to be Kira’s father, because he finds himself an interloper, Fee decides to return to the city to help another friend in need, Alison Hendrix.  Alison’s recent discovery of her husband, Donnie, as her monitor, has brought her in a downward spiral towards alcoholism.  Meanwhile, Cosima Niehaus has learned the death of the first clone to suffer the same illness she has.

Mingling Its Own Nature with It Episode Summary: Daniel Rosen watches as the Proletheans burn to the ground the deceased Birdwatchers and their hideout.  Meanwhile, Sarah Manning and Felix Dawkins find a way to procure food for Kira.  It proved to be a challenge after Sarah threw away Felix’ visa card to prevent anyone from uncovering his or her whereabouts.  Kira pockets a snack in her coat distracting the polite owner of the convenience store from the real theft of goods by Felix. Continue reading...

Sarah finds an empty cabin in the woods and breaks inside that they may stay there for a while.  Unfortunately, a police officer has found the truck they abandoned on the road near the woods.  Although the plates have been removed, the police officer found the VIN to identify its owner.  Later that night, the owner of the cabin enters his house only to find intruders.  He prepares to attack Felix when Sarah calls the cabin owner by his name.  Cal, the owner of the cabin is the man from whom Sarah stole ten grand and a car, and he is livid at the sight of her.  He orders them to leave, but reconsiders when Kira appears and shrewdly identifies him as her father.  The question shocked everyone for no one knew the truth but Sarah.  Cal is indeed Kira’s father, and he hesitantly offers them a place to stay for the night.  He remains distrustful of Sarah.

Sarah apologizes to her daughter for her dishonesty and her decision to leave her to Mrs. S, while she struggles to find a better life for her and Kira.  She has come to realize that Kira does need to learn the identity of her father.  Cal is an engineer that designed the micro-optics for the mini drone pollinators for areas where bee populations have crashed.  He was a partner at a company that manufactured the pollinators until his partners forced him out after they sold the technology to the military, a decision he vehemently opposed for the technology is to going to be used to kill people.  Felix sees Cal as a moralist with money, which made him a perfect mark for Sarah.  Fee is livid with Sarah for her deception after realizing that his best friend had intended to bring them to the cabin of Kira’s father despite the pretense of finding a stranger’s empty cabin.  Felix finds himself the third wheel, one that does not belong with the reunited family.  He decides to leave and to help the other friend in need, Alison Hendrix.

Sarah and Kira stay with Cal at his cabin where Sarah confesses to have taken all his bank codes and passwords, and was planning to steal everything he had from the sale of his company, but decided against it.  She confesses that she is no longer the hustler she used to be, but admits that she continues to be in trouble probably in much more trouble than before. Tom, a friend of Cal’s, the local police officer who found the abandoned truck drops by his cabin to inform him of the shoplifting and the abandoned truck, and to ask him if he had seen any strangers as of late.  The owner of the convenience store identified the culprits as a new waver man and a woman with her young daughter.  The sight of a candy wrapper makes Tom suspicious of Cal, but their friendship made the police officer continue to trust him.  Sarah prepares to leave after the guilt of having put Cal in a position that forced him to lie to a police officer.  Cal convinces her to stay, and the two rekindles the passion they have for each other.  Unbeknownst to Sarah, Daniel has arrived in town, and has assumed the identity of a Detective Peter White looking for a little girl in a supposed custody case.  The convenience store owner relays the incident the previous day after identifying the picture the detective showed him of Kira.  Tom pulls over the supposed Det. White after learning that the man has been asking questions around town, and informs him that the police would already have the people he is looking for in custody if they are still in town.  Det. White informs the police officer of his intention to leave town, but goes to Cal’s cabin instead.  He finds Kira feeding the chicken, grabs her, and points a gun at Sarah as she comes to her rescue.  Daniel sees Cal and aims the gun at him, but Sarah manages to push Daniel’s hand away keeping him from being shot and giving Kira time to run towards Cal.  Tom arrives in his police car, but Daniel shoots him several times and kills him.  Cal manages to hide and to get a shotgun from his cabin, but Daniel uses Sarah as a human shield and forces her to drive away with him.  Daniel finds the picture of the two scientists from Project LEDA in Sarah’s person, but the young woman refuses to tell him where he got it.  He calls his superior to report having Sarah in his custody, but not Kira, and he reports the photo he found in Sarah’s possession.  Sarah threatens Daniel harm if he lays a hand on her daughter, but her threats have no effect on him.  They, however, meet an accident as a truck hits them on the side where Daniel sits.

Detective Angela DeAngelis arrives at suspended Detective Art Bell’s apartment to inform him of the disappearance of Sarah Manning’s Shakira-haired look alike.  The news of Det. DeAngelis pursuing the case infuriates Det. Bell that he threatens to inform her superior, but his threat is weaker than the detective’s resolve to bring justice to their deceased colleague, Detective Beth Childs.  She is unaware that the look alike is Helena, and that the Proletheans had taken her, but Det. Bell is fully aware.  He makes his way to the ranch of the Proletheans, and begins surreptitiously taking pictures of the cult members.  He sees Henrik Johanssen speaking with his daughter, Gracie, unaware of their conversation.  Henrik speaks to his daughter about her aversion to Helena, and sees her dislike of the clone as the result of fear.  He believes that Gracie is having doubts about her faith, but the young woman disagrees of her father’s assessment of her disapproval.  Henrik insists that Helena does have a soul, and that she is going to be part of their family.  The following day, Helena wakes to find herself in a white wedding dress surrounded by Proletheans in wedding attire.  Henrik speaks to his congregation about God’s love toward Helena despite her being created by men who created things in the name of science instead of God.  Henrik’s wife binds her husband and Helena in matrimony, and Henrik prays to God to reclaim Helena from eternal damnation.  He declares the Proletheans as God’s instruments in the war for creation.  The Proletheans applaud the newlyweds and Henrik carries Helena to the barn soon after.

Delphine Cormier shows a video diary from Jennifer Fitzsimmons, another clone suffering from the same illness that Cosima Niehaus has.  According to Delphine, Jennifer is the first to show symptoms, six months before Katja Obinger.  The young woman had recently died from the disease Cosima is trying to cure.  She watches hours and hours of the video and sees Jennifer’s disease eat away the vibrant, young swim coach despite treatments from the Dyad Institute.  Cosima and Delphine perform an autopsy on the corpse of Jennifer Fitzsimmons.  Cosima supposes that the disease might be autoimmune, and Delphine observes that the cancer cells are more pronounced and more mature on the uterine wall indicating that the cancer originated in the uterus.  Moreover, it may be the cause of the deceased clone’s infertility.  A call from a distressed Alison interrupts the autopsy.  Alison informs her that another monitor has approached her and she speculates that the institute has uncovered her knowledge of the identity of her monitor; she warns her about trusting Delphine.  Cosima advises Alison to continue with the pretense of ignorance with Donnie, and wishes her luck on her play.

Alison is in need of support for her preoccupation affects her performance at the dress rehearsal, and the appearance of Det. DeAngelis pretending to be a ditsy suburban housewife adds to her anxiety.  She makes her way to the theater where Angie once again pretends to bump into her, but soon learns that Angie is a police officer and not a monitor.  The detective tries to extract information from Alison about the other clones, but gets nothing from Alison other than an order to stay away from her.  Alison takes medication with copious amounts of alcohol in order to suppress her anxiety making her heavily intoxicated and unfocused.  She tries to stay on her feet, but the alcohol has overcome her enough that she falls off the stage.

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