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Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est – Orphan Black Episode Summary 2.5

Sarah Manning stands in front of Helena's sniper rifle
Orphan Black Episode 5 Season 2 Synopsis:  Rachel Duncan reacts to the murder of Daniel Rosen with a blackmail that puts Felix Dawkins in danger of incarceration and prevents Cosima Niehaus from receiving treatment for her fatal illness.  Helena conveys vital yet vague information to Detective Art Bell, but leaves enough clues for Sarah and Art to uncover their meaning.

Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est Episode Summary: Rachel Duncan arrives at her apartment demanding to see the corpse of her loyal monitor, Daniel Rosen.  They recognize Helena’s handiwork in the slaying, but Dr. Aldous Leekie notes the security camera footage that shows the twins leaving the apartment together.  He attributes the vicious murder to Rachel’s heavy-handed tactics and urges the shift to a gentler way of handling the clones.  Rachel, however, assures him that the nefarious murder of her monitor does not dissuade her from pursuing equally wicked schemes against the clones.Continue reading...

Rachel answers the slaying of her monitor with the shutting down of the stem cell line research meant to treat the unknown illness that clones including Cosima Niehaus suffer.  It is a tactic meant to force Sarah Manning to agree to Dyad’s wishes.  Meanwhile, Cosima continues to look into the synthetic DNA of the clones and learns from her friend, Scott, that geneticists placed provisional patents on everything given the absence of laws on genetics.  It is Scott’s belief that science as radical as synthetic DNA in the 1970s would have a military patent.  Despite Cosima’s reliance on Scott’s knowledge, the young scientist is discouraged at the Dyad Institute’s refusal to employ him.  His disappointment is not of great concern to Delphine Cormier for she fortuitously received tissue test results from a stem cell line that are a match to Cosima.  The test results were meant for Dr. Leekie, but were accidentally sent to Dr. Cormier.  They become suspicious of Dr. Leekie for keeping from them the cultures.  With Dr. Cormier’s suggestion, they sneak into Dr. Leekie’s office to find the cultures compatible with Cosima, and find themselves caught red-handed.  Dr. Cormier takes a defensive stance and accuses Dr. Leekie of withholding a stem cell line from them, an accusation the Dyad director denies.  Dr. Leekie explains that Rachel has obstructed further testing of the pluripotent stem cell line from baby teeth that he had discussed with Cosima and Dr. Cormier in an attempt to coerce Sarah’s cooperation.  Furthermore, he imparts the story of the lab fire that cost the lives of several scientists and destroyed reams of data including the original genome.  In other words, the project is entirely an orphan with all record of several synthetic sequences that make the existence of the clones viable gone.  He asks Cosima to relay to him any information Sarah may have uncovered, but Cosima is adamant in her ignorance of such information.  Dr. Leekie remains suspicious, but expresses his willingness to disobey Rachel’s order and resumes Cosima’s treatment.

With Daniel dead, Rachel is in need of a new monitor, and she sets her eyes on Paul Dierden.  The knowledge that Rachel has a monitor despite her self-awareness and privilege surprises Paul.  She explains that she merely enjoys a unique vantage compared to the other clones, but reports to Dr. Leekie about her health and wellbeing are still required.  Paul agrees to become Rachel’s monitor where he is to report to Dr. Leekie about her health, while remaining loyal to her.  She explains that Dr. Leekie had become her guardian after being orphaned, but despite this, Rachel’s position outranks Dr. Leekie’s Dyad directorship.  She finds that Dr. Leekie has the propensity to become attached to his subjects and therefore compromising his decisions.  She watches the home video from her childhood delighting in the good memories while disliking the fact that Sarah has been studying her background.  Rachel begins investigating Cal Morrison and learns from Paul that the anti-corporate lover of Sarah made his money from micro-optics.  More importantly, there is a high probability that he is the father of Sarah’s child, Kira.  Aware of Paul’s attachment to Sarah, Rachel taunts him of the fact that Sarah has reunited with the father of her child.  She also tests his loyalty by giving him a task that involves the Daniel’s gun that was used in the murder of a police officer.

Much to Felix Dawkin’s dismay, Sarah brings Helena to his apartment and asks him to chaperone her while she works on straightening her own troubles beginning with the abandonment of Kira to the child’s father.  In fact, Kira has expressed her disappointment with the lack of affection towards her mother in the last Skype conversation they had.  Moreover, she has begun to refer to Cal as daddy.  Later, Cal’s RV parked in the woods catches the attention of a police officer who has become suspicious of its presence.  Precocious Kira shrewdly senses the trouble it will cause them should the police officer snoop inside the RV and happen to find the gun of which Cal is in possession.  Kira makes an appearance thus appeasing the police officer of his suspicion and intentionally mentions the burning dinner on the stove thus prompting the police officer to forego his investigation.

Felix brings Helena to the apartment of Detective Art Bell and receives treatment fit for a vicious criminal, which she is, but in spite of this Helena is to stay there for her own protection.  Detective Bell begins inquiring about the deceased Prolethean, Maggie Chen, whom Helena was working with before.  Witnessing her escape from Johanssen’s followers while wearing a wedding dress makes him wonder about the events that transpired in the Prolethean’s ranch, but Helena is uncooperative.  Detective Bell follows Felix’s advice and lures Helena with food.  The strategy worked and Helena becomes forthcoming about the information she holds.  She speaks of her childhood at a convent in Ukraine where she at an early age committed murderous acts.  She also speaks of Swan Man, information she came to know from Maggie Chen’s locker.

The Proletheans learn of Gracie Johanssen’s guilt at Helena’s escape causing her mother to punish her severely by sewing her mouth shut and imprisoning her.  Henrik Johanssen takes pity on his daughter, and gives her a chance for reconciliation if she decides to tell them the events that led to Helena’s escape.  Regrettably, Gracie refuses to agree to her parents’ demands causing them to leave her imprisoned.  Mark Rollins takes pity on Gracie and apologizes for his inability to help her out of her situation. Unlike her parents, Mark does not think less of her for what she did, and he expresses his love for her with a soft kiss on the cheek giving Gracie delight in spite of her unfortunate situation.  He, however, recommends that she confess her transgression.  Gracie accepts Mark’s advice and confesses of the attempted murder of Helena, an individual she believed to be an animal.  Her penance is to bring Helena back to the ranch and failure to do so will result in her carrying Helena’s child.

Paul arrives with a few corrupt police officers at Felix’s apartment, while he is in a compromising position with his date, Colin.  He pulls out the gun Daniel used to shoot a police officer and forces Felix to hold it thereby getting the poor man’s fingerprints all over the gun.  Sarah returns to Felix’s apartment only to find it surrounded by police cars.  She receives a call from Paul through Felix’s cellphone extorting her agreement to Rachel’s demand with a threat of a murder charge on Felix should she reject it.  Sarah reaches out to Detective Bell conveying the extortion and the legitimate threat of charging Felix for the murder of Officer Tom Bowman.  In the few minutes that he was on the phone, Helena managed to free herself from the handcuffs with the sardine can opener.  Sarah arrives too late for Helena had escaped and had left Art handcuffed to a column.  Helena did leave them coordinates through a paper fortuneteller helping Sarah and Art find Maggie Chen’s storage locker and allowing them to find a current picture of Swan Man, the adoptive father of Rachel Duncan thought to be deceased.  Sarah believes she can use this information to trade for Felix, who waits in terrifying anticipation of his possible incarceration.  The discovery of Helena’s missing sniper rifle from Maggie Chen’s locker and a beheaded Barbie doll of Rachel Duncan sidetracks their rescue of Felix.  Helena stations herself at an abandoned building across Rachel’s apartment and watches her seduce Paul.  Paul does everything Rachel commands and they have sexual intercourse on a chair, while Helena watches them waiting, biding her time before pulling the trigger.  Sarah and Art find her motorcycle in front of an abandoned building and easily find Helena in position for the kill.  Sarah dissuades her from taking down Rachel due to the hold they have over Felix, but Helena tries to convince Sarah of her good intentions by having her witness Paul’s infidelity.  Sarah could not care less about Paul, but Helena is adamant in killing both Paul and Rachel, causing Sarah to stand in the line of fire to prevent her twin from pulling the trigger.  Sarah appeals to Helena giving her the feeling of importance given her need for Helena’s help in searching for Swan Man, but Helena senses that Sarah only wants to use her.  Sarah, in tears, appeals to Helena’s sisterly love, and successfully manages to dissuade her from killing Rachel and Paul.  With the murder of Rachel Duncan averted and Dr. Leekie’s willingness to work with them, the clones agree to share some information with the Dyad director.  Sarah meets him at a bar and shows him a current picture of Professor Ethan Duncan therefore annulling the belief of his death from the lab fire and suggesting that knowledge of the original genome is not all lost.  Sarah is willing to share his whereabouts, but only after all charges against Felix are dropped.  Dr. Leekie offers to counterman Rachel’s orders that would cause her to drop the charges against Felix and to allow Cosima’s treatment.  Sarah is unaware that Cosima is suffering from the same illness that afflicted Katja Obinger, and her ignorance of it seems to have given Dr. Leekie advantage he might be able to use in the future.  Nonetheless, Sarah feels that she has the advantage and she threatens Dr. Leekie of death at the hands of Helena should he send an envoy to follow her in her search for Professor Duncan.  Paul arrives soon after Sarah leaves to speak to Dr. Leekie of Rachel’s concern given her knowledge of his meeting with Sarah.  Dr. Leekie explains that the information Sarah will uncover could hurt them all, and instructs Paul to come to him first instead of Rachel.  Sarah and Helena begin their search of Swan Man and immediately make their way to Cold River.

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