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Representative Brody - Homeland Episode Summary 1.10

Synopsis: Carrie Mathison interrogates Al-Zahrani and manages to get the diplomat to set a meeting with Tom Walker.  Vice President Walden personally asks Nicholas Brody to run for Congress, an offer Brody accepts, but Jessica rejects.  Brody expresses his utmost desire to enter politics and takes the necessary steps to fulfill it.

Episode Summary: The C.I.A. begins their extensive investigation of Al-Zahrani and found that the mild-mannered Saudi diplomat is deeply in debt due to unwise investments.  Moreover, they learned that the devout Muslim with three wives and ten children is in reality a homosexual.  The agency managed to record his tryst with an African American man in a bathhouse off Dupont Circle.  Given these two damaging information, Saul Berenson believes that they can persuade Al-Zahrani to divulge the whereabouts of Tom Walker and to reveal the terrorist plot.Continue reading...

Nicholas Brody notices black SUVs hurriedly park in front of his house and finds Secret Service men in his front door.  He prepares himself for an encounter only to learn that the men were merely ensuring the safety of Vice President Walden who has come to ask him to take the place of besmirched Representative Richard Johnson.  Brody accepts the offer, but makes it known to the vice president that his decision will need the approval of his wife.  Jessica arrives home and learns of the news.  She is against Brody running for office knowing very well of how unstable their lives have become and Brody entering political life will only make it worse.  Jessica worries that their dirty laundry will be aired out for all of America to see.

Carrie Mathison meets with William Pritchard, a high-ranking employee of the private equity bank that is carrying Mansour Al-Zahrani’s debt, to ask permission in behalf of the agency to borrow his bank.  Soon, a representative of the State Department meets with C.I.A. Deputy Director David Estes, Saul, and Carrie to remind them that Al-Zahrani has diplomatic immunity, which makes their plan a foreign relations issue.  Estes supports Saul’s plan despite the State Department’s vehement disapproval for he believes that Al-Zahrani will cooperate for fear for his life when news of his homosexuality gets out.  Estes assigns Carrie as the lead interrogator.  He thinks that presenting Al-Zahrani with a female interrogator might surprise the diplomat.

Carrie receives an unexpected call from Brody asking her to meet him that night, but the woman is busy preparing for Al-Zahrani’s interrogation.  They agree to forego their rendezvous the following evening.  The next day, Brody goes looking for Mike Faber to make amends and to tell him that the Vice President of the United States had recently asked him to run for Congress.  Moreover, he informs him of Jessica’s disapproval of his desire to enter politics.  After forgiving Mike for the affair he had with his wife and expressing his gratitude for taking care of his family when he was gone, Brody reveals his ulterior motive and asks the man to persuade Jessica to agree to his desire to run for office.  Brody managed to inveigle Mike to do his bidding.  Mike shows up at his house to convince Jessica to allow Brody to run for office.  Jessica is disgusted with Brody sending her former lover in his behalf and Mike agreeing to it.

Al-Zahrani arrives at the bank thinking that he is meeting with loan officers to discuss restructuring his debt, but soon learns that this is not so.  Al-Zahrani knows his rights as a diplomat and threatens them with a call to his embassy, but the agents are unnerved.  Carrie presents him photographs of his forbidden tryst in the bathhouse and the man foregoes calling his superior.  However, the man still refuses to talk.  Carrie then moves on to the curious fact that Al-Zahrani is able to meet his financial obligations despite spending beyond his means.  She then asks the man about his frequent trips to Geneva where in the past weekend he had breakfast at the Beau-Rivage Hotel with Faraz Sabbaq, a trusted courier for Abu Nazir, who handed him an envelope he later brought to the Clariden Leu Bank.  Al-Zahrani denies knowing Abu Nazir despite the evidence to the contrary.  The man still refuses to cooperate, but Carrie threatens to expose his illicit affair.  Much to their surprise, Al-Zahrani could not care less about being exposed as a homosexual claiming that his family already knows.  The diplomat even dares them to reveal his supposed secret to the media to which he will gladly admit to everything.  Al-Zahrani sensing that the agency does not have anything on him ends the meeting, but Carrie turns on his children.  Despite denying having a favorite, Carrie identifies Janine as his most favored one for the young woman is the most successful of them all.  She makes it known to him that the agency will deport his beloved daughter and will make sure that the young woman will have no other choice but to return to Saudi Arabia curtailing her dreams of a happy and successful life elsewhere.  Al-Zahrani begins to talk.  He admits working for Abu Nazir as his informant and admits meeting with Tom Walker at the Mount Olivet mosque.  He reveals that Tom Walker is working for Abu Nazir, but denies the plot of Walker assassinating the president from the roof of the house near Ronald Reagan Airport.  Although Al-Zahrani is not aware of Walker’s mission and whereabouts, he does have a way to set a meeting with Walker.  Their meetings take place by the fountain of Farragut Square at noon the day after calling for it.  Saul instructs Al-Zahrani to set a meeting and for him to meet with Tom Walker at Farragut Square.  By divulging this information, Al-Zahrani became an unlikely informant of the C.I.A. who assures him that no one else will know of his cooperation with the agency.  He can continue to live his life as he normally would as long as he remains silent about his collaboration with the agency.

It had been a successful day for Carrie and the evening with Brody is promising.  She has been looking forward to an intimate evening with Brody only to learn that the man has come only to ascertain that their affair will remain a secret.  Brody could not afford a scandalous affair ruining his impending political career and wanted Carrie to keep it a secret.  Carrie learns that Brody’s political ambition comes first and he will not let an affair ruin it.  Brody bids her goodbye officially ending their relationship.

Al-Zahrani does as he is told.  He put his child's drawing of a red heart on the window of his living room.  He now makes his way to Farragut Square to meet with Tom Walker.  Virgil follows him to Farragut Square where Carrie and fifteen other agents await.  Al-Zahrani arrives at Farragut Square, but still no sign of Walker.  Soon after Al-Zahrani reached the fountain, Carrie catches sight of a man carrying a briefcase resembling Walker.  Carrie reminds her team that their goal is to capture Walker and not kill him.  The man makes a conscious effort of hiding his face from view making it difficult for any of the agents to confirm his identity.  The man now approaches Al-Zahrani, but the agents including Carrie still has not verified his identity.  Carrie becomes suspicious of the man especially after noticing that he is left-handed when Walker is right-handed.  Carrie senses that something is amiss and instructs her team to pull back and get the square evacuated.  She, on the other hand, makes her way towards Al-Zahrani.  As soon as the man resembling Walker reaches Al-Zahrani, Walker detonates the bomb using his cellphone and watches the briefcase explode.  Carrie’s warning was too late as she and numerous people at the park are thrown back from the explosion.  Walker continues to watch from a window overlooking Farragut Square as chaos ensues.  David with the vice president watch in horror as civilians and their agents become victims of a terrorist attack.  Carrie’s worst nightmare has come true once again and this time she is one of the victims.

Brody arrives home to find his horrified wife watching the news of the explosion.  He, on the other hand, could not care less.  Brody dismisses the tragedy at Farragut Square as a terrorist attack.  Moreover, he is more concerned in getting Jessica’s approval for him to run for office.  Although Jessica was appalled with Brody sending Mike to do his bidding, she did put it into consideration and even spoke with their children about it.  Despite knowing the consequences of Brody becoming a public figure, Jessica and her children agree to allow Brody to run for Congress.  The following day, Vice President Walden presents Sergeant Nicholas Brody as a candidate for the recently vacated congressional seat.

After watching over Carrie, as she lay unconscious on her hospital bed, Saul delivers the good news of her suffering only a concussion as soon as she wakes.  He also briefs her about the bomber.  The man was a homeless man named Samuel Everett whom Walker met at the shelter.  Saul believes that Walker must have paid him to meet Al-Zahrani unaware that he is carrying a bomb that will take many lives including his.  Carrie wonders how Walker knew that Al-Zahrani had been turned and Saul supports her suspicion that Abu Nazir has infiltrated the U.S. government.  News of Brody running for Congress with the backing of Vice President Walden interrupts their conversation.  Brody’s bid for Congress could not come in a most opportune time.  The recent event of a terrorist attack right in Washington D.C. will have people voting for a decorated war hero whose ordeal in the hands of terrorists including his rescue was well publicized and hailed.

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