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Crossfire - Homeland Episode Summary 1.9

Nicholas Brody prays with Abu Nazir
Synopsis:  Carrie Mathison is convinced that the imam has information on Tom Walker.  She appeals to the imam, but the man is adamant in withholding information until the F.B.I. claims responsibility for the shootings.  Three men take Nicholas Brody by force from the grocery store.  He soon finds himself speaking to Abu Nazir who questions his commitment to their cause.

Episode Summary: Carrie Mathison returns to the crime scene where innocent Muslims were caught in a cross fire between the F.B.I. and Tom Walker.  Her desire is to have the SWAT team commander run her through the events of that night.  Carrie has become doubtful of what truly happened after hearing contradictory statements from the F.B.I. and the imam.  Special Agent Hall meets with Carrie to invalidate the claims that Walker is not associated with the mosque.  He shows her how Walker knew his way around the mosque.  Carrie then meets with the Imam hoping to get some information about Walker, but the imam refuses to cooperate unless the F.B.I. takes responsibility for the death of the two Muslims.Continue reading...

Carrie is convinced that the imam has information on Walker.  She takes a shot at convincing Agent Hall to agree to the imam’s request of having the Bureau accept guilt in the shootings.  Hall insists that his men were merely doing their jobs, and that they responded in a way any soldier caught in a cross fire would.  Unbeknownst to Hall, Carrie is recording their conversation.  Moreover, she shared the recording to Deputy Director David Estes in the hope that he will use it to force the F.B.I. to admit their mistake.  She is willing to sacrifice the F.B.I. manhunt for information the imam may or may not have.  David, however, is in disagreement with her strategy.  Saul Berenson agrees with David, but recommends a different approach.

Carrie pays a visit to the home of the imam to appeal to him one last time.  Convinced that the imam is clean, she tries to reason to him that any information he knows about Walker can help prevent another terrorist attack.  Although the imam hopes against another attack, he remains adamant with his demand.  He is unwilling to share information unless the F.B.I. claims responsibility for the shootings.  Carrie leaves her business card in case the imam changes his mind.  Soon she receives a call from Zahira, the imam’s wife.  She speaks in confidence and requests anonymity for the information she is about to give her.  According to Zahira, Walker has frequented their mosque, and in his visits, he always meets with a man who does not come to the mosque to pray.  Zahira does not know the identity of the man Walker is in contact with, but was able to relay to Carrie that the man drove a car with Saudi Arabian diplomatic license plates.

Arabs attack Nicholas Brody at the garage of a supermarket.  He is drugged and placed inside the trunk of a car.  He lies on a hospital bed, and dreams of a time three years earlier in Northeastern Iraq when Abu Nazir took him out of his prison hole and into his home.  Nazir makes Brody his son’s personal English teacher.  This is where Brody first met Issa, Nazir’s son.  Brody tries to get Issa warm up to him through soccer, but fails.  He, however, gets the boys trust when Brody takes responsibility for knocking over glasses Issa accidentally hit with a soccer ball.  In fact, Issa has become more like his son, and has treated him with affection.  Brody finally wakes up his wounds cleaned and treated.  He also notices a computer monitor, and soon Abu Nazir appears on the screen calling for him.  News of Brody’s fury at having learned that Walker is alive after being made to believe that he had killed him reached Nazir.  Nazir has come to speak to Brody to appease him, and successfully does so with highlighting the fact that he did not let Brody kill his friend.  Nazir reels Brody in with his mention of Issa whom Brody loved.  Moreover, Nazir gained Brody’s confidence with his display of trust.  He entrusted to him his son for he is convinced of Brody’s integrity after seeing his willingness to sacrifice his life instead of divulging information to the enemy.  At that point, Nazir no longer saw Brody as an enemy.  Sensing that Brody is slipping from his grasp, Nazir reminds him of their cause.  Brody recalls the memory of the attack in Nazir’s neighborhood that hit Issa’s school killing numerous children including Issa.  Brody found the boy’s lifeless body amongst the rubble.  Moreover, it was he and Nazir who prepared his body for burial.  Having recalled the attack, Nazir and his associate, the Saudi diplomat, then shows him the Vice President of the United States claiming responsibility for the drone strike, but not for the death of the children.  The vice president believes that news of the children’s death was only terrorist propaganda.  Now, the man responsible for Issa’s death is planning to become the next president and is going to use Brody to help him reach his goal.  Nazir and the diplomat have come to know of the vice president’s plan to run alongside him.  Brody’s decision to accept the vice president’s call will be a sign of Brody’s commitment to Nazir’s cause.

Carrie and Saul arrive in front of the Saudi diplomat’s house only seconds after Brody drives away.  Their goal is to keep watch of the diplomat, Mr. Zahrani, to see if he can lead them to Walker.  If this approach fails, Saul’s plan is to figure out a way to interrogate Mr. Zahrani despite his diplomatic immunity.  Brody returns home with bruises to support his story of being mugged at the grocery parking lot.  He receives a compassionate reception from his wife who also tells him that the vice president’s office left him a message.

Walker having escaped the F.B.I. goes to the woods for target practice where a hunter sees him.  The man is drawn to Walker’s exquisite rifle.  He soon realizes that the man is the terrorist that the F.B.I. is bent on catching.  The hunter takes his leave, but is unable to mask his fear at having recognized the terrorist.  He returns to his car and confirms his supposition with a quick look at the newspaper.  Walker shoots the hunter before the man could even start his car.

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