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Three’s A Crowd – McLeod’s Daughters Episode Summary 2.7

Alex Ryan punches Harry RyanSynopsis: Claire McLeod and Peter Johnson’s relationship is deepening, and Tess is not loving being the third wheel. She spends more time at Wilgul in an attempt to avoid the lovebirds, and learns that Nick Ryan is willing to put his life in danger to save his ailing farm. Concerned for his safety, Tess reaches out to Alex, and divulges the secret his parents have been hiding for years. Meanwhile, Harry Ryan does a background check on Peter Johnson, and finds information that would devastate Claire McLeod.

Episode Summary: Harry and Alex Ryan is convinced that Peter Johnson made a mistake awarding the training contract to Claire McLeod instead of them as evidenced by the amount of money Australian Bloodlines have to invest in building the stables for the horses when the Ryan’s could have easily covered the cost had they been given the contract. Harry’s concern goes beyond losing the contract, but the growing relationship between Claire and Peter. He anticipates that sooner or later, Peter Johnson will take over Drovers Run. Peter and Claire’s relationship has indeed deepened with him spending the night at Drovers again. Harry Ryan takes the opportunity to get Sergeant Frank Da Costa’s help in running a background check on Peter Johnson. This after the sergeant pays a visit to Killarney to personally hassle Terry Dodge about his unpaid fines. Continue reading...

Tess is beginning to feel uncomfortable around Claire and Peter who seem to be spending more and more time with each other. She personally brings a horse to Wilgul to escape the awkwardness of being the third wheel. Nick Ryan is planning to ride the horse instead of his bike to tend to his farm, a plan that worries Tess knowing his condition.

Jodi Fountain suffers the after effects of his father’s leaving. Furious at giving up the Miss Gungellan crown she had worked hard to achieve, and once again feeling her father’s rejection, Jodi decides to throw away everything her father gave her. Out with the old Jodi who spends most of her days dreaming of seeing the world, and in with the new who uses work to distract her from emotional distress. She turns to Becky to join her pursuit for diversion, but the station hand appears to be beside herself, still lost in thought with the incident at the Gungellan Ball. Having stood up Craig Woodland in her failed plan of leaving Drovers Run with her father, Jodi worries having severed any chance with the young man unaware that he had already put his sights on Becky after making out with her at the ball. This comes as a surprise to Jodi knowing that her friend had Brick as her date. In the end, Craig ends up the loser having lost any chance of going out with either woman.

There seems to be a role reversal at Drovers with Jodi’s willingness to do the farm chores despite the blazing hot sun, while Becky would rather stay inside, and Claire sleeping in to spend more time with Peter, while Tess is up and about managing the farm. Claire’s inattentiveness with other things except Peter peeves Tess. She feels disconnected to her sister as Claire makes more and more decisions about the farm with her boyfriend without consulting her.

With no one else to turn to, Tess seeks Alex’ help to put some sense into Nick, and prevent him from putting his life at risk for his farm. Alex still angry at learning that his brother has gone behind his back, and played him for a fool, refuses to offer help unless his brother personally asks for it. He believes that Nick’s underhanded plan of buying Wilgul is a way to get back at him for the rodeo accident. Fully aware of what truly happened, Tess divulges that Harry could have prevented the accident that had always been in Alex’ conscience. He knew that his underage sons were at the rodeo, but did not do anything about it to teach them a lesson. This fact Tess learned from Liz Ryan. Furious at learning the truth that his father had let him get the brunt of the blame for his brother’s unfortunate fate, Alex dangerously drives back to Killarney, and in his fury punches his father. For years, Alex carried the guilt of almost causing her brother’s death when both his parents knew that his father could have put a stop to it. Despite her pleas, Liz Ryan loses yet another son for she too is guilty having chosen her husband over her son. To Harry’s surprise, his wife too is no longer on his side as Liz leaves Killarney. Alex Ryan arrives at Wilgul looking to see if his brother would have him. Although surprised with his decision, Nick wastes no time to take his brother in requiring little explanation from him. Alex, nonetheless, tells his brother the secret their parents have been keeping from them. Nick is more than ever determined to turn Wilgul into a full functioning, profitable farm to avoid having to return to Killarney. With Alex by his side, he just got a step closer to fulfilling his dream.

Claire McLeod seems to be ready to take her relationship with Peter to the next level as she browses over wedding dresses in a magazine. Meg Fountain sees her, and is reminded of her wedding. Though she does not wish to have Kevin back in her life, she has come to accept all his faults, something she wishes her daughter would learn. Becky Howard sees her looking for her husband’s penknife Jodi had thrown away, and discreetly asks for advice learning that Meg desires getting back with Terry. Unfortunately, Meg believes that there is nothing that can be done to win back a man’s heart. All one can do is wait for their forgiveness. Becky loses hope at mending fences with Brick. She returns the dress and the sandals she borrowed from Tess, and becomes upset when Tess insists on her keeping it for the upcoming dates she’ll be having with Brick. Unable to reveal of the blunder she made, Tess is taken aback by Becky’s sudden burst of anger, but finds no time to speak to the young woman seeing the speeding car of Liz Ryan.

Fully aware of what she has done, it is no surprise to her to find Liz rushing over to Drovers. Although she understands the reasoning behind divulging the secret she hoped Tess would keep to herself, Liz is nonetheless furious at her for wrecking her family apart, and wonders whether she too will spoil the relationship Claire has with Peter. As if putting a finger on to a wound, Liz reminds her what had always been in her mind. Tess does not belong in Drovers Run. Liz Ryan returns to Killarney, and finds her downcast husband worried that he had lost her.

In her time of need, she looks for her sister’s shoulder to cry on, but once again Peter is in the way. The man returns with news of two more clients signing up for Claire’s services. Moreover, he had installed a new sign that officially names Claire McLeod as an official horse trainer for Australian Bloodlines. Claire could not be any happier. Growing more distant from her sister, Tess rings her city friends to check up on their café.

Jodi Fountain brings to Wilgul one of its helpless, lost sheep. She finds good advice about family from an unlikely confidant, Nick Ryan. Jodi is surprised to learn that despite Nick’s resentment towards his devious father, the young man does not ignore the similarities he has with him. In his quest to be a successful businessman, he does not forget to acknowledge that some of his traits and skills came from his father. Having heard this, Jodi returns to the patch where she had thrown her father’s penknife in the hopes of finding it. Luckily, her mother had already found it, and finally gets the opportunity to give her daughter advice. She tells her daughter that one does not have to hate someone if one does not like some of the things they do. Relieved to have inherited her father’s humor, and sense of adventure, Jodi is back to her old self. Her truck overheats on her way to town to buy conditioner for her hair, forgetting to bring along a jug of water with her. Luckily, Craig comes to her rescue, and opens the line to them getting back together.

Harry Ryan receives a call learning that Peter Johnson is married. The Ryan’s have yet another hurtful secret they can choose to divulge. Harry drops by Drovers Run to tell Claire the news, but Peter is in the way. He, however, drops a hint that Peter surely picked up, and was quick to divert the conversation. Though not the best father to his children, Harry truly wants the best for Claire, but the young woman makes it clear that she is already on her way to fulfilling her dream. Becky is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Harry divulges the secret that Peter Johnson has a wife and two kids in Queensland to the young woman instead. He gives Becky the moral dilemma of choosing to break the disheartening news that would surely devastate Claire McLeod.

Being kept in the dark with the legalities of the contract Drovers Run has with Australian Bloodlines, Tess becomes concerned upon hearing that Australian Bloodlines is investing a lot of money to their property. Unable to stand the two lovebirds, Tess pays a visit to the Fountains, and as luck would have it Craig surprises Jodi with an invite to go drinking in town. This gave Tess an opportunity to voice out her concern to Meg, but is disappointed to learn that the housekeeper is the least bit concerned with Claire marrying Peter.

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your father did what he thought was the right then he knew what he did wrong so please if you want to get along with your father you have to earn that trust despite everything you two have any problems the hurt the pain and the ugly i hope you will forgive him
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