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Girth – Pushing Daisies Episode Summary 1.5

Olive Snook horse race jockeySynopsis: It is Halloween, and Olive Snook is haunted by her past when a ghost rider tramples an old friend. She enlists the help of Emerson Cod to solve the murder knowing that she could be the next victim. Meanwhile, the Pie Maker confronts his own ghost, one that had caused him pain ever since he has a child.

Episode Summary: In his first year in boarding school, young Ned would stand in line in front of the postmistress’ office waiting for a letter from home, but not one came except for the postcard he received on the eve of Halloween; the one that said that his father has moved. Devastated young Ned runs away from school to find his father only to learn that he already has another family. The sight of him happily accompanying his two other sons, and his new wife to go trick or treating broke his heart. With a pitiful blanket over his head as his costume, he hoped that his father would somehow recognize him, give him a hug, and take him in, but all he got was a candy bar and a wish for a happy Halloween.  Continue reading...

The painful memory of that fateful Halloween stuck with Ned, and he had since then developed revulsion towards the occasion. Olive Snook makes this known to Chuck who unaware of this fact busies herself with decorating the Pie Hole. Charlotte Charles does have a reason to celebrate for she is one of the undead now walking among the living. Olive Snook knows of this secret though she is unaware of the whole truth about it. She delights at her knowing, and Charlotte’s awareness of her discernment. Chuck, on the other hand, is relieved at learning that Olive only thinks that she faked her death for what the other woman knows is far from the truth. Ignorance is bliss. Olive Snook rejoices at the thought of uncovering Chuck’s secret, and having the power over her because of it. What she doesn’t know is that her beloved Pie-Maker knows more than she does. In fact, he had a hand in all of it. However, her rejoicing is short-lived for a secret of her own catches up to her. Worry overcomes her upon hearing the news about the death of blacksmith Lucas Shoemaker who was trampled to death in Manchester Downs.

Meanwhile, Chuck who is still in disbelief at learning the Pie-Maker’s aversion to Halloween tries to uncover the reasoning behind it. Unfortunately, Ned is unwilling to disclose the painful memory that had caused it, and tries his best to change the subject. However, he chose the one subject that currently alarms Charlotte, and that is Olive Snook. The young woman could not help but wonder at what the other could be up to. The thought of Olive revealing to her aunts about her existence terrified her. Lucky for her, the young woman is preoccupied with the troubles of her past.

Olive Snook visits her safety deposit box that contained only two things – an enormous trophy and a sack of cash. With a stack of money, she hires Emerson Cod to investigate the supposed accidental death of the farrier Lucas Shoemaker. How she knew the man lies in her past. Olive Snook spent eight years of her life as a jockey, a profession she shared with Lucas whose body now lies on top of a cold steel bed in a morgue. With a poke of the Pie Maker’s finger, the blacksmith with the hoof of a horse stamped on his cheek rises back to life. His speech impaired, the three try to make sense of his story. Leave it to Chuck who spent three years of her life in full orthodontic headgear to discern the words of the dead. According to the farrier, John Joseph Jacobs was his murderer only the man has been dead for seven years. Therefore, it is his ghost who killed him, and he firmly believes that he or it will kill again.

Emerson Cod shares this bit of information to Olive Snook, and she did not take it very well. In fact, the young woman’s shock had caused her to pass out. Olive knew who John Joseph Jacobs is or rather was. The young man was the top jockey of his time whose life was cut short following the accident that happened years ago. The mishap took place in a competition called Jock-Off 2000 where top ranked jockeys competed against each other. John Joseph Jacobs would have once again proved himself to be the best horse racer in the world had not the girth that kept his saddle in place snapped. His misfortune became Olive Snook’s gain. However, the manner by which she had won the race disturbed her so much that she quit the profession, and moved on to another career. Little did she know that the one incident she tried to forget would come to haunt her seven years later. Olive Snook believes that whomever murdered Lucas Shoemaker is out for revenge haunting all those riders that competed in the Jock-Off 2000 including herself. The drunk in the bar where jockeys hang out backs up her supposition informing them that the lid on John Joseph Jacobs’ tomb had been cracked open. The drunk is Gordon McSmalls, one of the racers who finished the ill-fated competition. Olive Snook and Emerson Cod visit the tomb to confirm the drunkard’s tale, and learn it to be true. Moreover, they discover that someone who fed on crackers had recently visited it more so that the tomb does not contain the body of the dead rider, but rather a legless horse.

Meanwhile, the Pie Maker still haunted by memories of that fateful Halloween returns to his old house in Couer d’Couers, and relives the very same thing he did after discovering that his father had moved on to a new life complete with a new family. He lay on the floor where his bed used to stand; holding in his hand the honeycomb candy bar his father gave him. The sound of Lily’s voice yelling at the kids who threw eggs at her door interrupts his reminiscence. It was then he made a decision to pay a visit to the two women who lived across the street, because it seemed to him that they knew his father better than he did. He gathered what he needed from the two with Vivian’s remembrance of her neighbor’s good qualities however few, and Lily’s harsh criticism of the Pie Maker’s father all of which were true. He got much more than what he came for when he took a bite from the pie the two served him. Yes, Charlotte Charles had been sending pies to her aunts, but instead of feeling anger at the young woman for keeping a secret from him he found understanding. The pies had somehow helped alleviate the pain of losing their beloved niece, and also Chuck’s guilt of having left them.

With Ned away on personal matters, and Emerson Cod following a different lead, Chuck with only Digby to keep her company visits the scene of the crime to gather evidence. The stables looked creepy even to someone undead like her that the sight of Emerson Cod holding a rake made her shriek. The private investigator rushed to the stables upon learning what lay in the dead jockey’s tomb. He informs her of his discovery not to mention Olive’s assumption that Chuck had faked her death. With no other groundbreaking evidence, but a pack of crackers she found in the dirt just before Mr. Cod startled her, the two make their way to John Joseph Jacobs’ mother’s house where Olive Snook joins them. Having raced against her son, Olive is acquainted with Mrs. Jacobs who behind her sweet smile clearly disliked the young woman. Emerson Cod’s theory of the killer stealing the dead rider’s body to make it appear like a ghost committed the crime was invalidated when Mama Jacobs confesses that it was she who buried the horse following the wishes of his son to have a heroes burial for the equine that led him to numerous triumphs. Moreover, she had cremated the body of his son, and kept it inside the trophy displayed on the mantle of her fireplace. Although, their little visit explained the bones found in the tomb, it did little to shed light on the murder. Olive Snook remains adamant at her belief that the dead rider is back from the dead to take revenge on his competitors. To add, she now believes that Mama Jacobs knows of her son’s intentions.

Olive Snook was right on the money. Returning to the bar they find the rider turned barkeep Pinky McCoy trampled by a horse. While Chuck consoles Olive outside of the bar, the Pie Maker gets to the bottom of things. Pinky confirms that the ghost indeed brought about his demise, but also confesses to killing John Joseph Jacobs. It was he who snipped the young man’s girth that caused the fatal accident seven years ago. Moreover, Olive knows of his misdeed. The truth is, the young woman knew about the girth, but was unaware of the culprit who did it until now. The three other jockeys had forced her to keep the terrible secret rationalizing their decision as a means to protect their honor.

With the secret out in the open, it is clear that Olive’s life is in real danger. Chuck keeps watch over her as Ned and Emerson fetch the drunkard Gordon to offer their protection. Unfortunately, Olive decides to confront the ghost who has been haunting her. Seeing the golden horseshoe that belongs to the fallen rider, she follows the trail up the roof to find John Joseph Jacobs in the flesh. Keeping true to her job as Olive’s protector, Chuck throws a horsey mug at the man knocking him unconscious. So it appears that John Joseph Jacobs is alive, and two feet taller. He did not die from the accident, but he did lose his legs. However, thanks once again to his fallen horse, he need not live the rest of his life as an amputee for the faithful equine had donated its limbs to replace the ones he lost. He had since then lived in the basement of his overprotective mother who keeps him there for fear that his unusual yet successful transplant would scare people. Although the young man had grown, one can’t say that he had matured.

Vowing to help him convince his mother to let him out in the world, the two young women accompany John Joseph Jacobs back to his house. His confession of having hypoglycemia, and his need to munch on crackers to prevent his blood sugar from dropping alarmed Chuck who recalled the presence of crackers in all of the crime scenes. Moreover, Olive discovers that the ashes contained in the trophy that Mrs. Jacobs kept were that of the evidentiary saddle they burned. It was then when the ghost rider with its fire breathing horse barges in the house ready, and ever determined to trample Olive Snook, but not before revealing its identity. The ghost rider turned out to be Mama Jacobs who like her son is also hypoglycemic. She is out on revenge for those who ended his son’s successful career including those who kept the secret. Chuck and Olive run for their lives as the vengeful woman chases them with her horse.

Meanwhile, Ned and Emerson Cod rush to Mrs. Jacobs house upon learning from Gordon that Lucas Shoemaker before his death had spilled the beans to the woman who had lost her son. Hearing the neighing of the horse, they hurry to the woods. Ned arrives just in time to sweep Olive off her feet after the young woman in an attempt to spare Chuck of the old woman’s rage bravely confronts the furious murderer. Emerson Cod, on the other hand, knocks off the rider from her horse with a shovel. Overcome with glee at the Pie Maker’s courageous rescue, Olive Snook gives him a passionate kiss only to be interrupted by the call of Chuck who had twisted her ankle following their frantic escape. Olive watches as the young woman once again snatches Ned’s heart from her as the Pie Maker hastens to aid his injured girlfriend. With the murderer caught, and behind bars, all get on with their lives. Olive Snook hands the trophy and prize winnings to the rightful winner who is John Joseph Jacobs, while Ned gladly reveals to Chuck his knowledge of her sending pies to her aunts. He also accompanies her to Couer d’Couers to let the young woman disguised as a trick or treater come face-to-face with her aunts.

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