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Pigeon – Pushing Daisies Episode Summary 1.4

Olive Snook holding a pigeon watch a plane crashSynopsis: When a plane crashes into an apartment building, the Pie Maker, Chuck and Emerson Cod discovers that it was no accident. In fact, it was a result of a hijacking perpetrated by an escapjavascript:void(0)ed convict who remains at large. Meanwhile, Olive Snook sets in motion her plan of revealing the truth about the supposedly dead Charlotte Charles. That she is in reality alive and well.

Episode Summary: Following his mother’s death, young Ned was sent to the Longborough School for Boys in North Thrush. Though none of the boys in that school knows of his strange gift, it sure felt that they knew that he is different. While others enjoy their childhood in the company of their friends, Ned would always find himself alone with no one else to play with. Lucky for him, there is someone in Couer d’Couers who loves him dearly, and that is his dog Digby. The faithful dog sensed his master’s sorrow, and set forth to find him. In no time, the two are reunited. Young Ned could not believe his eyes at the sight of the Golden Retriever elatedly running towards him. Ned would have hugged Digby if not for the fatal consequence of doing so, the result of him bringing the dog back to life. The dog, smart as he is, has full knowledge of what would happen if his master in as much as graze his fur. So, the two made do with a stick what would have been a warm reunion. At that very moment, Digby vowed to himself to forever stay by his master’s side.  Continue reading...

The dog shared the same wish with the Pie-Maker who hoped that Chuck would always stay with him. Charlotte, though already too late, wished that she did not have to leave her aunts Lily and Vivian. She coped with her current situation by secretly baking them pies, which she spiked with homeopathic remedies to cure their social phobias. The Pie-Maker catches her making one though unaware more so did not care whom it was for. His lack of concern was only due to the surprise she had waiting for the young woman. It is a surprise that she could have easily guessed with the bee stings that covered his face. Up on the roof, he shows her the new home he made for her bees. It was a gift that merited an amorous embrace, but as with his dog the two could only dream as they could never again touch each other lest Chuck dies.

Olive Snook knew that the love of her life is in love with the supposedly dead girl Charlotte “Chuck” Charles. Believing that the young woman had faked her death, she ever feels strongly that she could snatch the Pie-Maker’s heart from her. How she came to know of Chuck’s secret lies in the pear and Gruyere pie, which is the very first one the young woman had made for her aunts Lily and Vivian, and the one Olive had personally delivered to the two. It certainly would not be the last. In fact, Ms. Snook plans on secretly delivering Charlotte’s most recent creation -- the tart apple filling pie with monastery Gouda crust.

It was a plan interrupted by a pigeon crashing into The Pie Hole’s window. Olive felt pity for the pigeon, and took the lifeless bird into her hands. The Pie-Maker tries his best not to come in contact with the bird for fear that Olive discovers his secret, but no thanks to a nudge from Emerson Cod, the bird accidentally touches Ned, and miraculously comes back to life. With the pigeon securely held in Olive’s hands, and Chuck’s plea to keep the bird alive, the Pie-Maker and Emerson Cod feared whose life would be traded for the bird. Luckily, there is a squirrel near by, and the Pie-Maker hoped against all hope that it is the rodent’s life that would be taken. A minute passed, and the squirrel is still alive. Ned would have panicked if a crow hadn’t fallen to its death. However, its death is quickly followed by a loud crash.

A crop-duster crashes into the nearby luxury apartment owned by Conrad Fitch. Emerson Cod sensing the sweet smell of money as the result of a fatal accident wastes no time to cash in. Chuck confirms his speculation that a monetary reward is within reach upon stating that a civil suit could indeed follow a plane crash. Her knowledge of the law came from her services as a volunteer stay-at-home juror. She would have filed a civil suit of her own as a result of her tripping on a piece of wood after letting the gurney that hauled the dead pilot pass if Conrad Fitch had not caught her. It is the first time, since Charlotte came back to his life that the Pie-Maker stands helpless, and incapable of saving her. Much more, he becomes powerless at the fact that the young woman has become smitten with her new rescuer. Much to Ned’s chagrin, Chuck decides to stay with Mr. Fitch instead of helping him with the investigation.

Bradan Caden was the agricultural aviator of the crop-duster that crashed into the luxury apartment. He is survived by his widow Rebecca Caden who would not get a cent from his life insurance policy given that his death was ruled a suicide. Sensing the dismay of the widow upon learning that the insurance agent had rejected her late husband’s life policy, Emerson Cod seizes the opportunity to profit from her misfortune. Unlucky for him he is not the only one as the medical examiner who had regularly allowed them to visit the dead decides to make money from them. Thanks to the Pie-Maker’s magic touch, he confirms that this investigation is not fruitless. The man did not take his own life. In fact, Mr. Caden was preparing to dust soybeans when a prisoner hijacks his plane. It is now up to him and Mr. Cod to find evidence to back this claim, and to catch the escaped convict who miraculously survived the crash.

Meanwhile, Olive Snook has an agenda of her own. She travels to Couer d’Couers to deliver the pie to Lily and Vivian, and to have the two bird lovers examine the injured pigeon. Her true motive, however, is to divulge Charlotte Charles’ secret. Though this is the truth, Ms. Snook also genuinely cared for the bird that turned out to be a courier pigeon that has yet to deliver a message. Whether the note bore vital information, no one yet knows. Olive Snook is more concerned on getting the two socially phobic aunts to visit The Pie Hole to uncover the truth about their niece. Unlucky for her the two were not receptive to her urging though it seems that the homeopathic pie Chuck had baked has slowly taken effect on Vivian. When Olive Snook set out to Couer d’Couers that day, she hoped to kill three birds with one stone – deliver the pie, heal the pigeon, and expose Charlotte as a faker of death. She did not count on the aunts’ phobias to delay her plan. Now, she has yet to find a very good reason for Lily and Vivian to visit The Pie Hole.

The Pie-Maker too was in a bit of a rut. Following his claim that Mr. Caden did not commit suicide, the widow Becky Caden had tasked him to catch the hijacker who killed her husband. The case is not the only one that’s bringing him unease. Ned could not help but wonder on what was unraveling between Chuck and Conrad Fitch. He, and Emerson Cod return to the scene of the crime. Learning the two had left the apartment, and finding that they had shared coffee did not put him at ease. Exposing a dead body inside the coffee table intensified his concern. Learning that the dead man is in fact Conrad Fitch, and that the one who claims himself so is truly the hijacker brought his trepidation to new heights.

To make matters worse, Chuck was still with the imposter, and the two were sharing more than pies. The hijacker reveals his fear of having to start over. Knowing exactly how it is to start anew, Chuck imparts some advice she learned from her own experience. Unlike the hijacker, she seized the opportunity of a new life leaving behind her everything about her that she disliked, and holding on to the ones she loved. It did not take too long for the man who calls himself Conrad Fitch to become enamored to the young woman in front of him. His feelings he quickly acted upon by putting his hand on top of hers. Chuck loved the feeling of a man’s hand holding hers, but she wished that it were Ned’s. She desired it so much to be his that she even asks the man to hold her hand as she imaged that it was the Pie-Maker who was holding hers. Ned happened to return to the Pie Hole at that very moment. His anxiety validated by the sight of the two holding hands. Fully aware of the identity of the man holding Chuck’s hand his face is filled with anger. Seeing Ned’s reaction, the hijacker knows that his cover is blown. He rushes to the backdoor with Emerson Cod on his tail. The Pie-Maker would have been onto him too if he did not feel the need to unveil to Chuck the imposter for who he really is. Despite a short delay, Ned manages to grab the man’s arm as he was fleeing the backdoor. He would have successfully detained him if the arm had not come off, and hit him on the head. With the hijacker gone, Ned discusses with Chuck the objectionable sight he had witnessed. To comfort the jealous Pie-Maker, the young woman explains that she was indeed imagining holding his hand as she held the imposter’s. Unfortunately, this confession did nothing to alleviate the young man’s anger.

Having failed to catch the escaped convict turned hijacker, Emerson Cod could only do nothing else but continue with the investigation. He learned that the hijacker’s real name is Lemuel Weigner who was an employee of the energy-based corporation called Ornin. The corporation was in the business of trading plastic, steel and insider information. Mr. Weigner was one of those who traded information. In fact, it was because of this that he lost his right arm. His arm getting caught in the shredder as he disposed of the information resulted in his imprisonment. In jail, he shared a cell with the infamous diamond thief Jackson Lucas who gave him the nickname Lefty Lem. Mr. Lucas’ final steal was never found for he carried his secret to his grave. Propitiously for Emerson Cod he has on his side a man who could talk to the dead.

At the prison graveyard, Emerson Cod could not stop to think of the good fortune that will very soon come his way. He expects to collect money from Mr. Caden’s widow for their services once they prove that the man did not commit suicide. More reward from the feds when they catch the escaped white-collar convict Lefty Lem not to mention the possibility of finding the diamonds that Jackson Lucas stole. It is anyway the buried treasure that led them shoveling a prisoner’s grave. Trading his secret for good karma in the afterlife, Mr. Lucas wastes no time to divulge the location of the buried treasure. According to him, they should find it at the bottom of the stairs of an old windmill on the VonRoenn farm. In addition, he makes it known that Lefty Lem also knew of the site given that he did owe him something.

As the three are busy looking for buried treasure, Olive Snook is hard at keeping her plan in motion. With the injured pigeon now known as Pidge living with the aunts, Olive has valid reason to come for a visit. This time they did more than examine the bird as they gave it a new wing – a bejeweled one to boot. She learns with her conversation with the two ladies that they find it hard to let go once they become attached. This gives her grounds to bring up Charlotte, and how the aunts’ sorrow fills the room with the reminder that the niece they so-loved is dead and gone. Though Olive Snook knows that the young woman is alive and well, she has yet to find a way to bring them together.

Following Jackson Lucas’ direction, the trail leads to the Papen County Historical Society Museum where another dead body is found. The lifeless body sitting on the curator’s chair is in reality alive just asleep. The woman proved very useful when she emerged from her slumber. According to her, the one-armed man had already come to ask about the retired VonRoenn windmill. It being a historical landmark is now sitting at the National Area of Retired Mills instead of a farm. Luckily, a map of its current location was given to them right before the narcoleptic woman fell back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Olive Snook is still in Couer d’Couers. Her heart still full of contempt for Charlotte seeing first-hand how her supposed death brought misery to the aunts, and for stealing the Pie-Maker from her disregarding of course the fact that the young man has not showed any interest in her. Ms. Snook’s visit has been nothing but productive. Sensing Vivian’s desire to read the message that was tied on to Pidge’s foot, she urges the woman to read it. However, Vivian knows better not to read other people’s messages. This she learned from experience after reading something of Lily’s. Though her sister attests to having forgiven her for her mistake, Vivian knew that she has not. Seeing the aunt vulnerable and despondent, Olive Snook plants a seed of encouragement. One that may at some point would grow and force her to leave the house that detains her. With their attention focused on somewhere else, the pigeon seizes the opportunity, and flies away leaving the message it was supposed to deliver behind. Ms. Snook hopelessly runs after the fleeing pigeon, and begs it to comeback to retrieve the message it had left behind. She turns to the women for help, but the aunts remain glued at the front door unable to take one step further. The bird lovers had become just like their pet birds, confined inside a house, unsure if they have in them the courage to flee.

As the aunts consider taking a leap, a beautiful woman waits for the man she loves to come. Elsita is the current resident of the VonRoenn windmill unaware of the sudden interest in her humble abode she unwittingly receives Lefty Lem who had come on the false pretense of photographing the windmill for the Papen County’s 87th Annual Mills of the Wind Papen County collector’s calendar. However, instead of a camera, he brought with him an axe.

In an unexpected turn, the aunts had come to a decision to help Olive Snook hand the message to the courier pigeon Pidge. The aunts in their old station wagon help the young woman follow the bird. Moreover, the homeopathic remedy seemed to have struck a chord on Vivian – her vocal chord that is. She and Olive Snook merrily sing at the backseat of the car as Lily regretfully drives with Digby on the passenger seat. Leave it to Lily’s sour mood to cut the joyful singing using the pigeon they were following as an excuse for the interruption. Aunt Lily is not the only one with an unpleasant mood. Emerson Cod sits at the backseat of the car resentfully hearing the Pie-Maker and Chuck quarrel over lovers issues brought about by Ned’s inability to catch her when she falls.

Their problems are jejune compared to Elsita’s, but the young woman shows not even a hint of concern as the one-armed man carrying an axe struggles to tie her down to a chair with his teeth. Clearly there’s nothing terrifying about a man who ties his captive neither with girly bows nor to one who would listen to a young woman’s yapping. All was going well for Lefty Lem until the pigeon with the bejeweled wing crashes into the window. With an effortless pull, Elsita frees herself from her flimsy bindings to let the bird that she quickly recognized as hers inside. However, Lefty Lem claims that the pigeon is his, and to prove it she looks for the note he had tied to its feet, but it’s not there. To add to the confusion, Olive Snook arrives to claim the bird, and to finally attach to it the message it was supposed to deliver unaware that the courier pigeon had already reached its destination. As Ms. Snook pulls out the rolled-up message, both Elsita and Lem reach for it after recognizing what it is. It is the tie that bound Elsita and Lem, one that had a lot of history.

Years before when Jackson Lucas was still on the run, he sought refuge in an abandoned windmill. It is at the base of the staircase where he buried the diamonds he stole to fund the art gallery in Mexico that he desired to own. Soon he learns that a beautiful woman named Elsa lives in the VanRoenn windmill. Her captivating beauty caused him his freedom for the time he should have taken to flee he spent on kissing her. In that very short meeting, the two found love, and they continued their affair with the help of a pigeon that flew back and forth to deliver their messages. Jackson Lucas grew old, and eventually died. He found in Lem a replacement. Yes, Lemuel Weigner wrote the messages to Elsa out of respect for his cellmate. Little did he know that he himself had fallen in love with the woman she is writing to, Elsa, only the woman had already died long before, and the one who took her place was her daughter Elsita. And so, the two who took on a task for a loved one ended up falling for each other. Thanks to the pigeon who brought them together.

The one-winged pigeon suffered a similar fate as his one-armed master when it flew out of the plane, and hit the propeller. The accident resulted to the plane crashing into a building. So, Lefty Lem though guilty of escaping a prison could not be held entirely at fault for the accident that left a man dead. Moreover, the man’s death, and his escape was not in vain for the treasure Jackson Lucas has buried truly exists. It now lies inside Elsita’s wooden leg, and yes, the young woman too is missing an appendage. The glittering diamonds stored inside it easily trumped the shock from the sight of a wooden leg. However, a knock on the door interrupts their amazement.

It was as if Olive Snook’s prayers have been answered. A grin creeps up her face at learning who stands behind the other side of the door – Charlotte Charles. With a quick swing of the door, she could finally expose Chuck as the faker of death, and the Pie-Maker would at last be hers. Unfortunately, Ms. Snook did not count on growing fondly of the aunts. Seeing them looking at her in alarmed anticipation, she somehow could not bring herself to cause them pain when they discover that the niece they so adored had deceived them. Olive sacrifices her happiness for theirs, and she squeezes out the door doing her best to conceal whoever stands outside. With a drop of a hint that only Charlotte would comprehend, the two young women understood. Chuck agrees to give her a few minutes as Olive ushers Lily and Vivian out the back door. The three with the dog Digby drive away from the windmill, but a glance on the rearview mirror gave Lily a sight she did not expect – Charlotte standing in front of the windmill. However, another look and she was gone. With her vision impaired, she could not guarantee that what she saw was real.

All of these were unbeknownst to the Pie-Maker and Emerson Cod who had grown impatient of the wait. Brandishing a gun he barges inside the windmill only to find Elsita sitting on Lefty Lem’s lap. With the escaped convict surrendering without a fight, Emerson Cod hands him over to the police, and contentedly counts the reward he reaped from catching a prisoner. It is history repeating itself with Elsita vowing to write to Lemuel as he is escorted to a police car. She suffers the same fate as her mother for falling in love with a criminal, but it sure will not stop her from loving him. Having witnessed how love could conquer obstacles, the Pie Maker is struck with inspiration. With the help of bee suits, the couple could not only hold hands, but also share a dance.

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