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Nature Under Constraint and Vexed – Orphan Black Episode Summary 2.1

Sarah Manning attacks Rachel Duncan
Orphan Black Episode 1 Season 2 Synopsis: Sarah Manning seeks the help of her friends to retrieve her abducted daughter, Kira.  She goes to great lengths to confront Rachel Duncan, who claimed responsibility for the abduction.  Meanwhile, Alison Hendrix takes steps to regain normalcy after signing the contract with the Dyad Institute.  Although Alison continues to provide help to Sarah in any way she can, she focuses her energy on the musical production where she is the star.

Nature Under Constraint and Vexed Episode Summary: A frenetic Sarah Manning calls her best friend, Felix Dawkins, to inform him of Kira and Mrs. S’ abduction.  Regrettably, her best friend and the other clones are currently unreachable.  She finds refuge in an empty diner and contemplates seeking the help of Paul Dierden, but learns that he too is unavailable.  However, Sarah receives a call from Paul immediately after leaving him a voicemail, but the person on the other line is Rachel Duncan.  Rachel extorts her surrender in exchange for Kira and Mrs. S.  She hangs up after Sarah refuses to accede to her demand.  Soon after, two men arrive at the diner and accost her to leave with them.  The sympathetic owner of the diner senses trouble and pulls out his shotgun in aide of Sarah.  She prepares to leave, but one of the men offers to take her to Kira.  This man, however, shoots the diner owner in the head causing the corpse to shoot the other thug accidentally.  Sarah manages to run away in the commotion.  She was fortunate enough to find a hollow wall at the squalid bathroom that she dug open allowing for her escape.Continue reading...

Sarah Manning arrives at a gay club and finds a heavily intoxicated Felix in the company of five men.  News of the abduction of Kira and Mrs. S somewhat brought him out of his intoxication.  Sarah describes the sight of Mrs. S’ house and of her purse and truck still being there leading to her conclusion of their abduction.  Fee offers the possibility of Helena taking them, but Sarah with much conviction informs him that it could not be the doing of the insane clone.  Sarah receives a call from Paul, which alarms Fee after learning that the burner phones of the clones have been disconnected except hers.  Sarah demands to speak to Mrs. S, but Paul’s guard dismisses that request.  She instead offers to meet with him alone.  She then disposes of the burner phone and steals a clubber’s phone.  Later, Felix arrives at the house of Alison Hendrix in the wee hours of the morning.  She is in disbelief at the news of Kira’s kidnapping especially after signing the contract that states a code of conduct between clones and the Dyad Institute.  Regrettably, Sarah did not sign the contract.  Felix, still suffering from intoxication, has come to ask Alison for a gun.  Alison is hesitant to help them as she tries to regain normalcy.  She informs Felix of staying sober and of having enlisted in a musical production.  Nonetheless, Alison agrees to help them procure an unregistered firearm with instructions for Sarah to meet her at the Glendale Community Theater in the afternoon.

Delphine Cormier takes blood samples from Cosima Niehaus and urges her to come to the Dyad event and speak to Dr. Aldous Leekie.  She argues that Cosima needs the Dyad to help assess her illness.  Cosima rejects her advice and expressly tells Delphine not to send her blood samples to Dyad.  Moreover, she is to keep their knowledge of the patent secret.  Cosima is going to do research on her own.  Delphine agrees to her wishes.  The following morning, Paul waits at the agreed meeting place after receiving a call with instructions from Sarah.  A skateboarder approaches him and hands him a phone after receiving payment.  Sarah calls Paul, who relays Rachel’s message of leaving on a private plane with Kira the following morning.  He also informs her that Rachel will be at a big event at the Dyad.  He warns her about Rachel’s handler, Daniel Rosen, who has been tasked to come after her.  True enough, Daniel and his thugs arrive at the park where Sarah is, and accost a skateboarder resembling Sarah.  She manages to escape without being seen allowing her to take a bus to safety.  Sarah borrows a boy’s cellphone and speaks to Cosima about attending the Dyad event.  She learns that Delphine has been persuading Cosima to attend it.  Meanwhile, Cosima asks her friend, Scott, to evaluate the profile of one of the subjects that exhibited symptoms of an illness.  Scott recognized the subject as the one with the strange synthetic sequence, the one whom Cosima asked him to purge its data.  Cosima offers to send a new blood sample to him.

Delphine arrives at the Dyad Institute; she is escorted immediately to Dr. Leekie’s office.  Dr. Leekie has become impatient of her and has suspicions of Delphine’s betrayal.  He demands her delivery of Cosima to the Dyad Institute that night and the clone’s agreement to work there full-time.  Delphine agrees to his wishes and shares that the clone, 324B21, has exhibited the respiratory symptoms of the other two demised clones.  Moreover, she hands Dr. Leekie a sample of Cosima’s blood despite her promise not to share it with Dyad.  Later, Rachel arrives at his office to inform him of her need for it that evening.  She is to discuss business with the Koreans.  She then tells Paul that they are to leave for Taiwan on Tuesday.  Rachel and Dr. Leekie discuss the abduction of Sarah’s family after Paul has left the room.  Dr. Leekie is against the abduction and the measures Rachel has taken to recover Sarah.

Alison meets Ramon at the parking lot of an Econo-Mart.  The young clerk offers her illegal drugs found at the trunk of his car, but soon learns that Alison has come to purchase a gun.  Alison with the newly purchased unregistered gun in her bag arrives at the Glendale Community Theater for rehearsals.  The director gathers his troupe and speaks of the heartbreak of losing Aynsley, but also speaks of moving on.  He announces of another troupe member playing the role of Laura, alarming Alison, who was to play the part.  Alison soon learns that she has been chosen to play the lead role, Sheila, taking over the part that Aynsley left vacant.  The cast take their places on the stage to rehearse the scene where they help Sheila clean up the mess from an unfortunate death.  The troupe sings and dances unaware that two police detectives are lurking outside surveying Alison.  Detective Art Bell and Detective Angela DeAngelis discuss the peculiarity of the normalcy of Alison Hendrix’ life compared to her two look-alikes and Sarah Manning, who was released from custody while on the verge of her confession.  They, however, find Sarah approaching the Glendale Community Theater and cuff her.  Alison, who has stepped out to hand Sarah the gun, witnesses the arrest without being seen.  Sarah entreats Det. Bell and speaks about having witnessed a murder at a diner, which the detective recognizes as the two bodies his colleagues were working on that morning.  Sarah informs them that the men behind the murder are the same men behind her release.  Det. Bell speaks to Det. DeAngelis and persuades her to verify Sarah’s story.  Sarah informs Art of the abduction of her daughter, while Det. DeAngelis is at the diner speaking with their colleagues.  Art offers to send an AMBER alert, but Sarah tells him that it will not make a difference for the people who took her daughter are powerful.  She begs Art to let her go, while Art urges her to tell him the truth about her situation.  Sarah refuses to involve him and warns him against Angie.  Det. DeAngelis returns after learning that the Feds have taken over the case.  She remains suspicious of Sarah’s story despite her colleagues’ statement of a possible eyewitness given the tea left on the table and the hole this person made that allowed her escape.  Art asks the reluctant Angie to remove the handcuffs on Sarah and argues that they have made an illegal arrest.

Sarah leaves the police detectives and returns to Fee’s apartment with plans to accede to Rachel’s request.  Cosima offers to attend the Dyad event and demand the release of Kira and Mrs. S, a plan both Felix and Sarah are certain will not work.  They soon hear a knock on the door from a delivery boy named Ramon.  Felix recognizes the name as Alison’s gun dealer and receives a bouquet of flowers from the young man.  The gun, Sarah, is so anxious to receive is hidden inside the bouquet of flowers.  Alison apologizes for not being able to deliver it in person due to her preoccupation with the musical production.  Although she agrees to Sarah taking her child back, Alison refuses to be part of any plan to take on the Dyad that she may claim plausible deniability.  She is unaware that Sarah has come up with a plan that will require her indirect involvement.

Sarah calls Paul hoping to speak to Rachel, but Daniel speaks in her behalf.  She agrees to meet Rachel face-to-face on a meeting place of her choosing.  Alison arrives at Sarah Stubbs at 9pm for her fitting just as she had mentioned it to the clones when men confront and struggle to kidnap her.  Alison puts up a fight, but fails.  She finds herself inside a black SUV where Daniel sits waiting for her.  Alison supposes that the men who attacked her are from the Dyad Institute and demands to speak to Dr. Leekie.  Daniel recognizes Sarah’s chicanery and immediately releases Alison.  Daniel’s absence at the Dyad Institute gives Sarah the opportunity to confront Rachel.  Sarah arrives at the event dressed as Cosima and makes her way to follow Paul, but Delphine sees her and mistakes her as Cosima.  She introduces her to Dr. Leekie, who is pleased to see her at the event.  Cosima makes it clear that she is not going to sign her contract, but makes demands to have her own lab after Dr. Leekie joked of giving her what she wants just to persuade her to sign.  A call asking Dr. Leekie to address the guests interrupts their awkward conversation.  A hug from Sarah posing as Cosima surprises Dr. Leekie unaware that the young woman has done so to pinch his access card.  Dr. Leekie leaves allowing Delphine to confront Cosima whom she identified as truly Sarah.  Delphine disapproves of her assumption of Cosima’s identity, but Sarah manages to persuade her to help her find Rachel.  Delphine has not met Rachel, but she figures that she is at Dr. Leekie’s office to discuss business with some serious investors.  Sarah succeeds in sneaking into Leekie’s wing using his swipe card just as he is on the podium giving a speech about the Dyad Institute and its role in the age of biotechnology.  Meanwhile, Rachel speaks to the Koreans about the success of the Dyad Institute in lobbying for the legal status of natural versus synthetic DNA that allows them to proceed with the next issue of patent claims.  The Koreans leave pleased with the news from Rachel.  Sarah arrives after seeing Rachel in Dr. Leekie’s office alone.  Rachel seems to be expecting her.  She relays having found Siobhan’s house overturned with her and Kira gone by the time her people arrived.  Rachel confesses to have lied to get Sarah at the Dyad Institute, but swears not having Kira and Siobhan.  Rachel is certain that Sarah will not shoot her, but her certainty falters when the volatile clone shoots an object behind her.  She vows not having Kira and speaks of other forces vying for their fate, and offers to retrieve Kira together.  Unfortunately, her offer only angered Sarah, who attacks her brutally leaving her unconscious on the floor.  Paul arrives to stop her, and he claims to have only learned the truth recently.  He verifies Rachel’s story of her claiming responsibility for the abduction in order to lure Sarah to the Dyad Institute.  Paul prepares to restrain Sarah when she hits him in the face surprising Paul for the man has agreed to let her go all along.

Detective Bell arrives at his apartment only to find Sarah in the hallway waiting for him.  She has come there for refuge.  Sarah finds that Art continues to investigate the case that started it all, the shooting of Maggie Chen, despite orders not to pursue it.  She informs him that the Dyad people are not the ones responsible for her daughter’s kidnapping, but is surprised to learn that Art already knew this.  Art learned from the Feds that the cowboy that was killed accidentally from the shotgun blast was a religious extremist linked to Maggie Chen.  These religious extremists are called Prolethean.  Sarah now understands that Helena’s people are behind her child’s abduction.  Mention of Helena piqued Art’s interest and he urges Sarah to tell him who she is despite the young woman’s advice against knowing the truth.  Meanwhile, a blood-soaked and seriously wounded Helena walks to a hospital.  The surviving cowboy at the diner stands at the hallway of the hospital and watches as a trauma team attends to Helena.  Meanwhile, a man brushes Kira’s hair and takes a picture of her.

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