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Episode 7 Season 4 – Downton Abbey Episode Summary 4.7

Lady Mary and Charles Blake covered in mud
Episode Summary: Lord Grantham goes to America after conceding to the demand of Lady Cora’s mother, Mrs. Levinson, to show support for his brother-in-law.  Lady Mary learns of the violation done to Anna and intervenes for Mr. Bates that he may not leave the side of his wife at her time of need.  Charles Blake sees another side of Lady Mary after a night of trudging through mud.

Downton Abbey Episode 7 Season 4 Recap: Harold Levinson is mired in the drilling leases scandal involving Senator Fall.  Mrs. Levinson demands Lord Grantham’s presence in the Senate committee hearing in America to show support for her son, Harold Levinson.  She believes that the presence of his brother-in-law, an English Earl, will make Harold respectable.  The request infuriates Lord Grantham, but he concedes nevertheless.Continue reading...

Mr. Bates, as the valet of his lordship, must travel to America with Lord Grantham.  He seeks the help of Mrs. Hughes in avoiding the trip for he could not leave Anna given the fairly recent incident that befell her.  Mrs. Hughes speaks to Lady Mary to make the request without divulging the reason behind it.  However, Lady Mary insists on knowing the facts.  Mrs. Hughes once again bears the burden of divulging Anna’s secret.  Hearing of the gross violation Anna endured Lady Mary wastes no time to persuade her father to take Mr. Barrow instead.  Lady Mary insists that the request is for good reason, but she swore to secrecy.  Mr. Barrow is delighted to take the place of Mr. Bates.  He, however, puts Miss Baxter on a mission to uncover the reason behind it.  He expects her to have an answer ready upon his return.  Mr. Molesley overhears Mr. Barrow’s demand and asks Miss Baxter about it, but the woman becomes guarded.  Anna feels that she robbed her husband of a chance to go to America, a trip for which everyone envies Mr. Barrow, everyone but Mrs. Patmore.  Anna expresses her gratitude towards Lady Mary for intervening for Mr. Bates.  She is aware that Mrs. Hughes had informed her of the violation done to her, but knows only that her attacker is a ruffian whose identity she does not know.  Lady Mary offers help to get justice for Anna, but Anna refuses to dwell on the incident.

Lady Edith has become morose.  She learned that Michael Gregson arrived in Munich, signed in his hotel, went out and never returned.  She asks her mother permission to go to London.  Unaware of the purpose of her trip, Lady Cora agrees believing that time in London might do her depressed daughter some good.  Lady Rose uses Lady Edith’s depression as an excuse to accompany her to London convincing Lady Cora to acquiesce to her request.  The truth is, Lady Rose, does not intend to spend time with glum Lady Edith.  She has come to London to spend time with Jack Ross, who is very much aware that their affair is only a fling from a rebellious young woman of status.  Lady Edith’s visit to London is of a far more serious matter.  She confides her unplanned pregnancy to Lady Rosamund and her plan to abort it.  Although having a child out of wedlock is an anathema to society especially to nobility, Lady Rosamund finds Lady Edith’s decision to undergo abortion awful.  Nonetheless, she provides her niece genuine support and offers to accompany her to the abortion clinic.  They arrive at a dubious looking clinic and Lady Edith begins to weigh her decision.  She confides her inability to bear the scandal if news of her pregnancy breaks.  She also realizes the burden of guilt she will have to live with the rest of her life.  Lady Edith foregoes the abortion.

Mrs. Crawley visits Lady Violet whom she heard has fallen ill and finds that her condition has worsened.  Mrs. Crawley fetches Dr. Clarkson and learns that Lady Violet has bronchitis.  Dr. Clarkson recommends hiring a nurse to look after Lady Violet for her bronchitis could progress to pneumonia without proper care.  Mrs. Crawley volunteers to become her nurse knowing very well that the cottage hospital is short of nurses.  She does so knowing that she will have to provide care for the whole duration.  A trained nurse, Mrs. Crawley takes on the task of keeping Lady Violet’s temperature down in order to prevent pneumonia.  Lady Cora and Lady Mary pay her a visit and are quite relieved that Mrs. Crawley had volunteered to take care of the old woman, discharging them of the responsibility.  With Mrs. Crawley attending to Lady Violet, Tom Branson is left without a companion to the Liberal MP’s talk at the Ripon Town Hall.  He and a woman at the talk becomes the center of attention after the speaker, John Ward, notices the woman calling Tom’s attention.  Tom had earlier asked if he could take the empty seat beside her only to learn that the woman had reserved it for a friend.  The talk had commenced and her friend is still nowhere in sight that she decides to offer him the seat.  It was good that Mrs. Crawley had stayed with Lady Violet for it allowed the old woman to recover from her illness.  Lady Violet could not wait for Mrs. Crawley to leave her be, but soon realizes her ingratitude after Dr. Clarkson tells her of Mrs. Crawley’s genuine concern and dedication.  The woman had nursed her to recovery for the last two days and nights, sacrificing her health that Lady Violet may weather the worst.  This knowledge persuaded Lady Violet to acquiesce Mrs. Crawley’s offer to accompany her that evening.

Mr. Carson receives a letter from Alfred Nugent updating him of his progress at the Ritz Escoffier.  Moreover, he asks the butler’s permission to visit Downton for he will be returning home to see his ill father.  Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes ask Mr. Carson to refuse Alfred’s visit, afraid of the quarrel over him between Ivy and Daisy.  Regrettably, Mr. Carson does not know of any other way to contact Alfred.  He takes it upon himself to fetch the former footman from the train station that he may divert him from Downton Abbey.  Taking Mrs. Hughes’ advice, Mr. Carson tells Alfred that several servants have contracted the flu, which is why he booked him a room at the pub instead.  It was the right decision for Daisy and Ivy are at it again after learning that Alfred will not be visiting.  Regrettably, Alfred decides to drop by Downton before he catches the train back to London.  He expresses his delight at hearing Ivy’s claim of missing him.

Lady Mary and Mr. Blake continue their disagreement.  Mr. Blake expresses his aversion to the estate owners who are unwilling to change their lifestyle despite the obvious ruin of their estates.  With everyone away including Evelyn, who has agreed to have dinner with his parents’ friends, Lady Mary and Lady Cora are left to spend dinner with Mr. Blake.  Later, Lady Mary and Mr. Blake visit the Tamworth pigs that had just arrived earlier that day.  She explains the new venture into pig farming with the hope to expand if it succeeds.  Mr. Blake notices a pig that is nearly dead due to dehydration after the pigs had upturned the trough leaving them without water.  With help too far away and too little time to save the pigs, Mr. Blake and Lady Mary take it upon themselves to bring the pigs water.  They manage to save the pigs after hours of lugging pails of water through mud in their dinner clothing.  Mr. Blake sees the other side of Lady Mary, one covered in mud and serving him scrambled eggs she cooked by herself.  News of their adventure reaches the others, and Evelyn intimates of Lady Mary obtaining another suitor.  This does not delight her, who had confessed before of not being ready to become happy again.  To add to her dilemma, Lord Gillingham is coming to stay at Downton.  He brings with him his valet, Mr. Green.  The change in Anna and Mrs. Hughes’ countenance at his arrival made the identity of Anna’s attacker very clear to Mr. Bates.  Mrs. Hughes confronts Mr. Green to make him aware of her knowledge of the crime he committed against Anna.  Mr. Green is unperturbed by her confrontation and insists that Anna is also to blame.  Moreover, the knowledge of Mr. Bates’ unawareness of his identity gives him pleasure much to Mrs. Hughes’ dismay.  Mr. Green initiates the conversation about the last night of the house party contrary to Mrs. Hughes’ demand not to draw attention.  He goads Mr. Bates with hints that reveal him as Anna’s attacker.  The reaction from the Bates did not go amiss with Miss Baxter.

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