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Power Play – White Collar Episode Summary 2.15

Mozzie uncovers Gerhard Wagner's identity
Synopsis: New York reached record high temperatures causing blackouts around the city.  Elizabeth soon learns that her client has been causing the blackouts as part of his energy collusion to defraud the city millions of dollars in energy costs.  Through a series of events, Agent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey end up having reversed roles in order to catch the white collar criminal.  Meanwhile, Sara Ellis returns from Argentina with news about Vincent Adler’s obsession with a German soldier named Gerhard Wagner.

Episode Summaries: Elizabeth Burke learns that her client, Andrew Stanzler, an energy trader, may be involved in the blackouts that claimed three lives and cost the city millions of dollars.  Elizabeth learned this through Stanzler’s assistant, Brooke Argyle, who conducted an investigation after overhearing Stanzler speak about withholding supply during peak hours that he may sell energy to the city at triple the rate.  Peter Burke agrees to look into the serious allegations from Brooke.Continue reading...

Neal Caffrey arrives at the museum to speak with Brooke, but Agent Burke is running late.  Brooke learns that Stanzler’s meeting in Connecticut was canceled, and that the man is already on his way to the museum.  The terrified assistant has changed her mind about speaking with the FBI.  Seeing that the woman would no longer cooperate, Neal assumes the identity of Agent Burke and manages to get Brooke’s assistance.  Peter is furious at what Neal had done, but Elizabeth convinced him that it was the right thing to do at that time.  Informing Brooke of their lie would only make the woman distrust the FBI.  Agent Burke briefs the entire department of the role reversal that is critical in getting Brooke’s collaboration.  Elizabeth arrives with Brooke at the FBI headquarters and meets with Agent Burke and Neal.  They learn that Stanzler’s company is a broker of energy for New York that could buy enough energy and artificially create a shortage.  Brooke also has vital information that she only shares with the supposed Agent Burke.  She believes that Stanzler is in contact with a burglar named Bill Roscoe.  Agent Burke decides to continue with the role reversal, and has Neal convince Brooke to get Stanzler to hire a burglar named Neal Caffrey with Peter posing as Neal.

Sara Ellis returns from Argentina with news about the smuggled crates they uncovered a few months ago.  She was able to trace the crates to an estate in Argentina, and was able to confirm that Vincent Adler had fled there after his fraudulent scheme was uncovered.  Sara learned from one of the workers in Adler’s estate that the man was obsessed with finding a German soldier named Gerhard Wagner.  After some digging, Agent Diana Barrigan uncovered that the Department of Defense classified his information when he emigrated to the U.S. after World War II.  Agent Burke manages to declassify Gerhard Wagner’s file, and discovers that the man worked as a radio operator in the U-boat Headquarters.  Wagner sought asylum in the U.S. with claims of having top-secret information he is willing to share with the U.S.  The man was sent to a detention center in Ellis Island where he escaped a few weeks later.  Agent Burke theorizes that the man must have managed to get himself naturalized at Ellis Island, and plans to find the man’s assumed identity.  Peter, Mozzie, Sara, and Neal leave Neal’s apartment shortly after their discussion.  Sara and Neal, however, notice that a man is following them, and confirms this when a car rushes to fetch the man after sensing that the two has discerned his presence.

Agent Burke posing as Neal meets with Stanzler and offers him his services with a claim of robbing the museum of Stanzler’s private collection in less than twenty minutes.  Agent Burke gets the job, and receives instructions to steal a flash drive from another trader named Francis Luntz.  He speculates that Stanzler and Luntz are working together to create temporary shortages.  Luntz, however, distrusts Stanzler so much so that he secretly videotaped one of their meetings.  Stanzler learned of this, and now wants Neal to steal it for him.  Agent Burke reaches out to Neal to train him on his task.  Neal enlists Mozzie as Agent Burke’s mentor.  Moreover, June provides assistance lending them her late husband’s training jacket to help Agent Burke learn the scratch on a dip.  Mozzie starts with instructions for Agent Burke to drop a bug into Stanzler’s jacket to ensure that the FBI has ears on him.  This, however, means that Agent Burke must also retrieve it to ensure that the man will not become aware of its presence.  Agent Burke struggles to retrieve the bug from the training jacket rigged with bells.  Mozzie shows him that it can be done, and June advises that Agent Burke must use his fingers like tweezers so that the thumb will never touch the mark.  After hours of training, Peter has learned all Mozzie had to teach him, and is now prepared to take on the task Stanzler had assigned him.

Neal meets with Sara at the archives in the hope of uncovering Wagner’s new identity after his escape from Ellis Island in 1946.  The woman on the phone, however, informed Sara that getting permission to access the files they need might take four weeks.  Neal, however, using a fake FBI badge manages to get the woman to allow them access to the files.  Much to their surprise, the files fill an entire room of the archives.  The two scour through documents in search of a photograph of a man that bears the likeness of Wagner.  Neal wonders why Sara has gone out of her way to help with the case, and learns that the woman had an older sister who ran away and never heard from again.  Sara knows exactly how it feels not to have closure, and she believes that helping Neal track down Adler would give him that.

Peter posing as Neal meets with Stanzler.  The crook is unaware that Peter had slipped a bug in his jacket.  Neal, Agent Clinton Jones, and Agent Diana Barrigan anxiously listen to Stanzler’s instructions for Peter to go to the master bedroom and find anything in reference to Project Edison.  Stanzler’s meeting with Luntz in his house will only last twenty minutes, and so Peter must complete the task within that timeframe.  Stanzler enters Luntz’s gated mansion and signals Peter who is hiding in the trunk of his Bentley that they have arrived.  Peter informs his team that he has successfully entered the mansion through the basement door.  He makes his way up the master bedroom without being noticed, and finds in one of the drawers a Centurion safe key.  Neal recognizes the brand as an in-wall safe.  Peter finds the safe behind a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Luntz, and inside it he finds the flash drive.  He makes copies of its contents, one for Stanzler and another for the FBI.  Meanwhile, Agent Barrigan has been listening in Stanzler’s conversation with Luntz.  She informs the team that the discussion has just gotten interesting.  Stanzler and Luntz are speaking of getting Chip Wheelock, an executive at East Coast Hydroelectric, on board with the energy collusion.  Luntz is apprehensive about getting another person involved in the fraud, but Stanzler talks him into meeting with Wheelock in the party Stanzler is holding on Saturday.  With this new development, Peter instructs his team to hold off apprehending Stanzler and Luntz that they may arrest Wheelock too.  Peter returns to the trunk of the Bentley without being noticed and hands Stanzler the flash drive soon after.  Stanzler is impressed with his job that he offers Peter another job with twice the pay.  He is to be at the Geller Museum on Saturday at five in the afternoon.

Agent Burke and his team return to the FBI headquarters and watch the video of Stanzler recruiting him in his scheme.  The FBI believes that Luntz went on to participate with the collusion, and now has information that Stanzler is trying to involve Wheelock, a senior manager at East Coast Hydroelectric, with the fraud.  Wheelock will be the man flipping the switch, giving them more control over the blackouts.  The FBI with the help of Brooke manages to attach a video camera in Stanzler’s suit for the party on Saturday; they will be able to get a video feed of Stanzler.

Stanzler introduces Peter posing as Neal to Elizabeth and Neal who is posing as Peter, which made for awkward introductions.  However, soon after Luntz arrived with his wife, Stanzler leads Peter into the Stanzler Gallery where Luntz is.  Stanzler instructs Peter to keep an eye on Luntz.  Peter approaches Luntz and the man informs him that he no longer wants to be part of the energy fraud.  Moreover, Peter learns that Luntz thought that he is Wheelock.  Peter now knows that Stanzler had planned to double cross Luntz and finds that the man had locked them both inside the room.  Luntz’s only advantage against Stanzler is the video he had of their meeting that Stanzler now has in his possession.  Peter informs his team of being locked inside the Stanzler Gallery, and learns from them that another blackout is about to roll.  With the security cameras compromised during the blackout, Stanzler plans on killing both Luntz and Peter.  True enough a blackout ensues, the video feed from Stanzler’s suit shows that he is out of the atrium, but his exact location is unknown.  Neal uses his fake FBI badge to get access to restricted areas, but Stanzler is already inside the gallery where Peter and Luntz are.  Stanzler begins shooting at them, but Peter manages to dodge the bullets.  Neal arrives just in time preventing Stanzler from shooting Peter.  Stanzler turns on him, but the generator kicks in allowing Peter to disarm Stanzler.

Neal returns to the archives and finds Sara in one of the halls.  Soon, another blackout ensues.  The allure of the blackout and being in close quarters released the sexual tension the two have been ignoring.  Sara and Neal begin to make love in the hall.  Mozzie uncovers Wagner’s new identity and goes in search of Sara only to find her and Neal in a compromising position, but the gravity of what he has discovered outweighs the awkward encounter that he goes on to present to them what he had found.  Based on the records Mozzie found, Gerhard Wagner has changed his name to Michael Hunter.  However, the man already passed away.  He is survived by one family member, his granddaughter, Alex Hunter.  Alex speaks with someone on her cell phone unaware that she is being followed.

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