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The Good Soldier - Homeland Episode Summary 1.6

Sergeant Nicholas Brody takes a polygraph test
Synopsis: Carrie Mathison presents the idea of having a mole in the agency, and gets approval to conduct polygraphs tests on everyone that met with Afsal Hamid at the safe house.  Saul Berenson learns that Raquim Faisel was living with a Caucasian woman at the house he bought near the airport, and they soon learn her identity as Aileen Morgan, a daughter of a wealthy oilman once stationed in Saudi Arabia.

Episode Summary: The unfortunate news of Afsal Hamid’s suicide reaches CIA Deputy Director David Estes’ superior leading to an inquest on the terrorist’s death.  The agency faces questions on how Hamid obtained a razor blade fragment.  Much to David’s chagrin, Agent Carrie Mathison presents her theory that someone from the agency could have handed the weapon to the terrorist.  This puts doubt on Estes’ belief that the terrorist managed to hide the razor blade in the heel of his shoes.  Moreover, she suggests that everyone who met with Hamid to take a polygraph test.  In a surprising turn, given the events of the previous night, Saul Berenson supports her suggestion, and puts forth the idea that there might be a mole in their team.  Carrie uses this to introduce her belief that the mole could have been the same person who tipped off Raquim Faisel.  Both David and his superior are in disbelief to hear that there is a connection between Hamid and Faisel, and David is once again left embarrassed at his lack of knowledge of this.Continue reading...

Jessica Brody is busy preparing for the memorial for Corporal Tom Walker, and the reception that they are hosting at their house.  Her anxiety stems not from the errands, but from the idea of meeting with the widow whom she had criticized for having remarried.  Sergeant Nicholas Brody is anxious as well for he is to provide the eulogy at the service.  Brody, who had been stirring at his public speeches on events that celebrated him as an American hero suddenly, finds himself unable to produce a eulogy for the fallen marine.  Brody stands before Tom’s family and friends to say a few words about one of his closest friends.  Scenes of him beating Tom to death flows back in his memory.  Brody is unable to say much, and in an awkward yet rousing move, he calls on members of his platoon of which Tom was part of, but did not survive.  Carrie is also in attendance, but her sole purpose of taking part in the memorial service is to inform Brody that he is to take a polygraph test at Langley.  However, because Brody and Jessica are hosting the reception at their house, Brody reschedules the polygraph for the next day.

Tom’s family and friends attend the reception at the Brodys.  Jessica takes the opportunity to apologize to Helen Walker for reproaching the widow for having remarried.  Helen, however, has forgiven her knowing that the woman was only holding on to the idea that their husbands are still alive.  Tom’s friends and fellow marines toast to him.  Staff Sergeant Calhoun and Private First Class Fernandez ask Brody about the events that led to their capture.  Private First Class Wakefield, an embittered war veteran severely injured in action, is doubtful of Brody’s statement and is critical of his new status as American war hero.  Wakefield is suspicious of Brody’s turn as the poster boy of the military, recruiting more young citizens to join the army, for he knows that Brody only desired to return home in one piece and could not care less about the war in Afghanistan.  Moreover, Wakefield asks why Brody survived and Walker did not.  Brody answers him that his survival was pure luck.  Wakefield then turns on Captain Faber, and brings up Mike’s affair with Jessica.  Mike attacks Wakefield before he could blurt out the words, but Brody need not hear it for he knew all along and finally does what he had long wanted to do.  Brody beats Mike, and drives away.

Saul arrives at the Faisel house, and speaks with one of the neighbors and learns that Raquim Faisel has a wife.  In fact, Raquim is currently on the run with Aileen Morgan who turns out to be the person who has terrorist connections.  Saul has received a description of the woman Raquim was with, and relays his findings to David who is surprised to hear that the woman is a Caucasian.  He and his team pursue Faisel, and find the couple heading towards Ohio.  Moreover, they were able to obtain a photo of the couple from the traffic cameras.  Saul is particularly curious about the identity of the Caucasian woman posing as Faisel’s wife.

Aileen and Raquim arrive at the safe house, but Aileen immediately becomes suspicious at the sight of tire tracks on the empty driveway.  The couple survey the house, and Aileen notices a string tied to the front door, the same door Raquim is about to pull open.  Aileen prevents Raquim from opening the door, and the couple drive away from the house.  The idea of having come close to death rattles Raquim, and Aileen tries to comfort his boyfriend who learns only now that his girlfriend was trained to handle bombs.  Raquim suggests that they surrender to the authorities, believing that they have not yet broken any law, but Aileen is disinclined.  The agency identifies the Caucasian woman as Aileen Margaret Morgan, a young woman once arrested for protesting outside a G8 meeting in Edinburgh.  They now have to figure out how the young woman ended up with a terrorist.  They learn that Morgan comes from a well-off family whose father worked in Saudi Arabia for five years.  Carrie believes that Aileen’s father uprooted his family, and lived in the Middle East.  She supposes that Aileen crossed paths with Raquim before the man left for the States to study.  The team learns that Aileen attended Princeton, but decided to join the Peace Corps soon after college.  She had spent a lot of time in the Middle East, and was in Saudi Arabia around the same time Raquim was there to visit his grandmother.  Carrie believes that Raquim and Aileen were childhood friends.  Her working theory is that Aileen fell in love with her childhood friend who grew up to become a terrorist.  Saul questions why the troubling events have not rattled the young woman.  Carrie supposes that they have gotten it backwards.  It could be that Aileen is the terrorist.

Carrie volunteers to be the first one to take the polygraph, certain that she will pass the test, and that it will finally reveal Brody for what he really is.  However, Carrie was not prepared to answer one of the questions thrown at her.  She was caught lying when asked about her taking illegal drugs while employed at the Central Intelligence Agency.  A miffed David waits outside for his turn, and although annoyed is willing to participate.  Saul, keen on tracking down Faisel and Morgan, is hesitant about taking the polygraph, but agrees to take it upon Carrie’s urging.  Clearly, there are many things in Saul’s mind with his team close to catching Raquim, and him on the verge of losing his wife.  In fact, earlier that day, Saul had asked David to assign him as the New Delhi Station Chief so he can be with his wife who has been considering taking a job with the Red Cross in India.  Saul is so restless at having to take the polygraph that it registers erratic vital signs at a mere question of his name.  Upon the instruction of the examiner, Saul manages to relax, but the polygraph finds him lying at the question of him passing the razor blade to Afsal Hamid.  The examiner again asks Saul to relax, but Saul could not relax stating that there is an emergency he has to attend to that is far more important than his taking the polygraph.  Saul informs the examiner that he will have to retake the polygraph the following day, and walks out of the room.

Carrie receives a frenzied call from Brody who informs her that he could not take the polygraph test tomorrow.  She decides to meet with him, and finds him in a bar nursing his sore hand, the result of beating his friend.  Carrie joins him as he drowns his sorrows and pain with shots of straight bourbon.  The two leave the bar and make their way to their cars inebriated.  Carrie decides to divulge the purpose of the polygraph test.  She relays to Brody that someone had slipped Hamid a razor blade in the safe house, and the Agency is trying to identify who did it.  Brody says nothing, and he and Carrie have sexual intercourse in the back of his car instead.  Meanwhile, Raquim and Aileen stay at a motel.  Raquim is still upset with his girlfriend after learning her secret, and he pleads with her to agree to his idea of turning themselves to the authorities.  Aileen refuses to do so, and states that she would rather die.  Raquim is resigned to the fact that they are going to face death if they continue to run.  As if his words had sunk in, Aileen goes to the bathroom to have a moment alone, and to think.  Seconds later, a vehicle pulls up, and bombards their motel room with bullets killing Raquim instantly.  Aileen manages to escape through the bathroom window.

Saul arrives home, and delightfully informs his wife of having asked for a job at the New Delhi station.  He gives Mira his blessing on taking the job in India, because he can now go with her. Saul was not prepared for his wife’s reaction.  Mira tells him that she does not want him to go with her.  It is her desire to go to India alone indefinitely.  Saul learns that his wife only used the new job in India as an excuse to leave him for she did not expect that he would leave his current position to be with her.  Mira has grown tired of their marriage.  She finds that they are merely friends living in the same house.  Saul returns to the office, and retakes the polygraph test.  Carrie watches his examination, and learns that Saul’s marriage is over.  Moreover, Saul passes the polygraph with excellence.  Brody arrives, and takes the test.  He, however, was not caught lying after being asked if he was the one who passed the razor blade to Afsal Hamid.  Carrie is in disbelief.  She instructs the examiner to ask Brody if he was ever been unfaithful to his wife knowing that the two of them copulated just the previous night.  Brody denies having been guilty of infidelity, and looks directly at the camera as if taunting her.  The polygraph was unable to detect his lie.  Saul and Carrie both witness Brody passing the polygraph test.  However, Saul becomes curious of Carrie asking about Brody’s fidelity.  Carrie says nothing, and leaves.  Brody has been waiting for her at the parking lot. He instructs her to get inside his car, and he drives away with Carrie.

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