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Clean Skin - Homeland Episode Summary 1.3

Brodys Interview with Lawrence O'Donnell Homeland Clean Skin
Synopsis: The agency receives the data from Prince Farid bin Abbud’s cellphone that Lynne Reed obtained for them.  However, the data did not have any information about a money transfer.  Meanwhile, the Brodys prepare for the interview with Lawrence O’Donnell where they are to appear like the perfect American family everyone sees them to be.

Episode Summary: Lynne Reed takes the opportunity to download Prince Farid bin Abbud’s cellphone data into the plug-in device Carrie Mathison provided her, while he was in the other room speaking with Latif bin Walid.  Although Lynne finishes downloading the data right before the prince returns to the bedroom, the prince finding her out of the bed seems to have made him suspicious.  He, however, says nothing of it, and instead gives her a necklace studded with diamonds.Continue reading...

Nicholas Brody, having accepted his role of playing an American war hero, has allowed an interview with one of the TV networks.  Virgil and Max watch in horror as the network crew move around furniture where they had secretly implanted bugs as part of their surveillance.  Fortunately, Brody is very particular about having the furniture in his house rearranged.  Jessica has kept everything the same believing that Brody would cling to the only thing that is familiar to him.  After years of absence, everything has changed except their house.  As expected, Dana is against partaking in the interview.  She is very much aware that her family is far from the public’s perception.  In fact, even her friends share the same opinion of their family as the public, and their advice to her is to tell the truth.  Dana purposely arrives home late to avoid the prep for the upcoming interview.  Jessica is set on reprimanding her daughter, but Brody lets Dana off the hook.  Seeing that Jessica is not pleased, Brody offers to reproach their daughter, which provides relief to his wife until she discovers that he has done the opposite.

Carrie arrives late at the briefing where C.I.A. Deputy Director David Estes apprises his staff of the proof Carrie’s asset unearthed that provides some evidence on the rumors that Prince Farid has been funding Abu Nazir’s cause.  Lynne, a member of the prince’s retinue, managed to record a meeting between Prince Farid and Abu Nazir.  Lynne receives disdain from the agents who questions her credibility solely due to her line of work, but Carrie reproaches them for the woman has yet again provided vital information to the C.I.A. after she successfully downloaded the prince’s cell phone data onto the iX chip.  Carrie takes over the briefing to share their speculation as to the purpose of Prince Farid’s visit to Washington D.C. that curiously occurred soon after his meeting with Abu Nazir in Cyprus.  It is her belief that the prince has come to the United States to move funds to one of Abu Nazir’s people in the U.S.  Their task is to flag the transfer that they may follow the money to the terrorist’s operative.  Saul Berenson is not convinced of Carrie’s speculation, citing that the prince comes to the U.S. every year around this time to top off his harem.  Carrie sees Saul’s lack of support towards her theory as part of his anger towards her after she had lied to him.  Carrie worries that Saul still has not forgiven her for what she did, and learns this to be true.  The trust the two of them built around each other has been broken when Carrie secretly installed surveillance in Brody’s house to illegally spy on him, an act Saul ordered her not to pursue.  Moreover, Carrie keeping this from him showed her distrust of him.

Carrie arrives at the health club where Lynne has gone for a swim in order to retrieve the iX chip that contains Prince Farid’s cellphone data.  She explains to her asset that they hope to find some information on a transfer of money.  Lynne having been with Prince Farid for over a year is in disbelief that the prince would be involved in a terrorist attack.  She finds the prince to be a carefree man acting much like a spoiled brat, which is uncharacteristic of a terrorist.

Lawrence O’Donnell interviews Sergeant Brody to get an idea of the ordeal he went through starts his questioning with the night of his rescue.  Sergeant Brody recalls hearing a massive firefight, and being unaware of who had barged inside his bunker.  He had no idea that the firefight would lead to his rescue.  As Lawrence O’Donnell, asks him about the torture he sustained, Brody recalls vividly the memory of the horrifying nightmare he lived through as a prisoner of war.  He also recalls Abu Nazir as the one person who showed him kindness.  When asked what it was they wanted from him, Brody conveys that the terrorists wanted him to lose faith in his country, the marines, and his wife.  The terrorists wanted Brody to believe that he was left for dead, and the only way he was able to resist such thoughts is by believing that those whom they say have turned their back on him has not lost their faith.

Jessica finds that her daughter is deliberately going against her.  She believes that her behavior stems out of the major changes in her life following the unexpected return of her father.  Jessica soon shockingly learns that her daughter’s insolence towards her comes from her knowledge of her intimate relationship with Brody’s best friend, Mike Faber.  Jessica denies the affair, but fails miserably leaving her to admit to it.  She fumbles even more when she struggles to justify her actions.  After eight years of being a faithful wife in spite of everyone’s presumption as to Brody’s fate, Jessica has accepted that her husband has died in the war.  Unlucky for her, he is alive all along, and has finally returned home to his wife whom he believes to have remained faithful to him.  Dana loathes the fact that everybody knows of the affair except for her father.

With Carrie and her crew spying on them, they learn about it as well as Jessica relays to Mike the awkward conversation she had with her daughter.  Jessica tries to be intimate with her husband once again, but the man has changed.  Brody refuses her touches, and instead stares at her naked body as he satisfies himself.  Jessica is left to sit, and watch her husband satiate his sexual urges without any help from her.  These bits of information, however, are not what Carrie was hoping to find.  She is growing impatient especially since Prince Farid’s cellphone data did not provide any leads.  Lynne, once again, pushes through with a frightened call to Carrie soon after Latif bin Walid informs her of Prince Farid’s desire for her to entertain the business acquaintance the prince is meeting the next day.  Lynne finds this request strange for the harem has never been allowed to speak with any other man except the prince.  She finds assurance from Carrie’s word that there are people watching her who will come to her rescue when things go awry.  The truth is there is no one except for Carrie and Virgil who are miles away from where she is.  Carrie and Virgil race to the club, but are a few minutes too late as the supposed driver who was to transport Lynne shoots her point-blank.  The assassin steals her expensive necklace, and leaves her for dead.  Carrie and Virgil arrive to find the lifeless body of Lynne at the alley of the club.  Unable to risk blowing their cover, Carrie and Virgil are left with no other choice; they leave Lynne in the alley for someone else to find her.

Brody drives off with Dana to speak to her of her attitude towards her mother.  He brings her to a fence where couples have put padlocks to symbolize their love and loyalty for each other.  Brody finds one he and Jessica placed there many years ago.  He explains that many things have changed since he went way, and many people have moved on with their lives.  It is a constant struggle for him for he has held on to the past in order to survive his ordeal, but is now finding it difficult to keep pace with his new life.  He tells her daughter that Jessica is struggling as well with all the changes from the consequence of his return.  Brody asks Dana that they should improve their attitude towards Jessica, and that the both of them should give her a bit more support.  The two return to the house where the TV network crew has set up their equipment for the interview.  Jessica afraid that her daughter has informed her father of her affair receives them with apprehension.  She is relieved to find that Brody’s manner towards her even improved.  The interview with the Brodys commences, and Lawrence O’Donnell asks about the homecoming.  Much to everyone’s surprise, after a few seconds of silence, Dana breaks the ice with a statement that it has been great for everyone in the family to have her father back.

David somberly imparts the report on Lynne’s murder including the theft of the expensive necklace she was wearing.  As far as the police are concerned, her death is a result of a robbery; to the C.I.A., it is the Saudis uncovering her as an asset for the agency.  Carrie and a few of the other agents watch the police interrogation of Prince Farid who breaks down in tears as he speaks of Lynne.  Moreover, the prince angrily demands that the police catch her killer.  Carrie requests to be allowed to interview the prince, but he had already left for the Gulf.  She, instead, is left to face the bereft family of the victim unable to impart to them the duty their child has done for the country, because their mission must be kept a secret.  She comes to Saul in order to vent her frustration, and guilt for having lied to Lynne about having protection on her, one she failed to obtain.  Saul imparts to Carrie the sad truth that is her asset’s cover was blown, which led to her demise.  To make matters worse, they did not find any leads to a money transfer from the prince’s cellphone data that Lynne procured for them.  Carrie, however, is still curious as to Prince Farid’s manner during the police interview for the man had showed genuine concern and grief for the murder of his mistress.  Carrie pegged the prince as Abu Nazir’s contact based solely on the video recording Lynne sent her, but Saul points out that the video showed nothing except for an exchange of pleasantries.  This and the prince’s grief makes Carrie wonder if Abu Nazir’s contact is not the prince, but rather someone in his entourage.  Saul points out that it must be someone without the resources the prince enjoys, and believes the theft of the jewelry is the key for jewelry is the easiest way to move wealth.  True enough, in another part of town, Latif bin Walid watches as a buyer inspects the necklace.  He haggles as to the purchase price, and they agree to pricing it at four hundred thousand dollars.  The money from the necklace is used to purchase a house by the airport for a young interracial couple, a Caucasian wife and a Muslim husband.

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