Monday, November 1, 2010

Laura Prepon to play Nikki Heat on Castle

01/03/11 Update: I just watched the Nikki Heat episode of Castle, and I am now a fan of Laura Prepon. She did a terrific job playing the quirky actress Natalie Rhodes. I cannot wait to see more of her. By the way, the earlier reports of Castle and Beckett flying to Los Angeles has not materialized. I'm not sure if they completely scratched the idea or if it is in an episode that is yet to air. At any case, I hope they bring back Laura Prepon on the show.

11/01/10: I heard that Laura Prepon is going to play Natalie Gray Rhodes the actress picked for the role of Nikki Heat in the film adaptation of Heat Wave. She will be appearing on an episode of Castle set to air early next year. From what I’ve read, Castle and Beckett are to fly to Los Angeles where Kate Beckett is to finally meet the actress playing her. After which, Natalie Gray Rhodes will fly to New York, and shadow both Beckett and Castle as they try to solve the murder of a millionaire matchmaker. This means Beckett will now have two people shadowing her. Now, that can be problematic. The question now is who will play Jameson Rook?

Actually, I’m also interested to know your thoughts about the choice? Do you think Laura Prepon would make a good Nikki Heat? It seems like Kate Beckett is hotter than the actress who is to play her. This is rarely the case. I have yet to think of a movie whose real life counterpart is more good-looking than the actor. Maybe I watch too many Lifetime movies. Although, I do remember that Gary Shandling played the Hollywood version of Fox Mulder in the X-Files episode The Lazarus Bowl, but that was more like a joke. Anyway, I still have high hopes on Laura Prepon. I know Nathan Fillion thinks that there will be some flirting between Richard Castle and Natalie Gray Rhodes. That is something to look forward to, and how Beckett will react to all of these could also be fun. I’m glad that the writers always give us more reasons to watch Castle.

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