Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mondo Disappointment on Project Runway

Honestly, a few minutes ago the title of this post was a Mondo win on Project Runway. Imagine my shock when Gretchen was announced the winner. Well, it wasn’t much of a shock following the debate from the four judges that preceded the announcement. Obviously, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors’ opinions have much more weight than Heidi’s and a guest judge. Still congratulations are in order for Gretchen Jones for winning Project Runway.

As for Mondo, you will always be a winner to me. I would have given you a big kiss if only you didn’t have HIV. But seriously, who would have thought that the aloof, strange-looking guy who appeared to be depressed on the first episode of Season 8 would blossom into an adorable, quirky, and extremely talented designer? Mondo you’ve come a long way, and you have inspired me to wear bold prints. That is a leap for someone who tends to wear neutral-colored clothes. I prefer to wear clothes that blend in with NYC buildings. So many times, people smoking outside bars have leaned on me, because I just blend in with the concrete. I kid. But truly, I would wear those crazy pants you put on the runway to the office. I have yet to mismatch prints. My rehabilitation to wear bold clothing is a twelve-step process, but at least I have taken the first step.

Here's a recap of Mondo Guerra's designs on Project Runway.

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Anonymous said...

As usual Project Runway has left me with the feeling...why did I watch the whole season anyway? I knew from the first episode Nina and Michael favored Gretchen and had a feeling she was going to win..I think someone she knows knew them. You can buy her type of clothing from any Kmart, Mandees,T.J.Maxx. Heidi was right...Mondo's clothes are fun and different and can be incorporated into a women's closet. Gretchen is like another "Jay" (season one winner)who we don't see anything hes designed since winning. Heidi needs to get Nina and Micheal off her show..because they are making people not want to watch it. Bring on some different judges for the next season shows.