Thursday, October 28, 2010

Castle and Beckett Holding Hands

What do you make out of Beckett touching Castle’s knee, and Castle holding Beckett’s hand in the episode 3XK? The first thing that came to my mind (and actually it has been stuck in my mind since Monday) is the Patti Austin song “Say You Love Me”. It goes like this…

Don’t you know that I want to be more than just your friend?
Holding hands is fine, but I’ve got better things on my mind
You know it could happen if you’d only see me in a different light
Maybe when we finally get together, you will see that I was right.

Say you love me

Well actually, Castle said “I love you” to Beckett in the episode Anatomy of the Murder. I know. I know. He was just reading a suspect’s love letter to her girlfriend, but it did make for an awkward moment that made both of them conscious. The Castle and Beckett holding hands scene was fodder to fans like myself.  Although, I do sometimes wonder how long they can keep dancing around the fire. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind if they don’t get together until the very last season of the show, which I hope won’t be anytime soon. We can infer from the 11 million viewers who watched 3XK, and its 2.9 rating for adults aged 18 to 49 that Castle is doing something right despite the prolonged anticipation of Castle and Beckett getting together. I didn’t think the day would come when Castle will drive CSI: Miami out of its Monday at 10pm time slot, but it did. Okay, that’s a lot of hubris. From what I’ve read, the move was to open up the slot for Hawaii Five-0, which Castle beat last Monday. Hooray!

I digress. Back to the point of how long can Castle sustain the anticipation. I probably am not imaginative enough to think of ways for the show to become interesting once Castle and Beckett are officially committed to each other. Let’s give this a thought for a minute. If they become a couple then the flirting would surely stop. Also, there will be very little cause for jealousy, and if one cheats on another then it becomes a serious matter that will take the fun out of the show. I guess the best way to distract fans is a well-grounded case, sensible storyline, and sizzling moments between Castle and Beckett that would keep viewers coming back for more. As far as I am concerned, they are on track so far.

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