Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Stana Katic pregnant?

According to the Entertainment Weekly columnist Michael Ausiello, Stana Katic is not pregnant.

While watching last night’s episode of Castle, He’s Dead, She’s Dead, I noticed a bump on her otherwise incredibly flat belly. Her sporting loose-fitting outfits, and shots that seem to hide her belly were enough for me to become intrigued. So, I searched, and found that other fans have also noticed the bump. In fact, they have been talking about it since the season premiere. If not for the one comment from a fan on Facebook, I would have been convinced that the actress who plays Detective Kate Beckett on Castle is indeed preggers. The fan argues that the episode would have been shot back in July, and Stana attended the Creative Arts’ Emmy Awards in August with no trace of the bump. See Exhibit A and Exhibit B. So, I guess the beautiful actress who as one fan commented is glowing must have been just bloated on those shots. No need to be embarrassed it happens to the best of us, which reminds me that it is time to hit the gym, and do abs exercises lest my officemates think I’m pregnant. Those mushroom and Swiss Angus burgers I have been sniffing like a construction worker is starting to show.

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4 Pennies for your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree with your evidentiary photos. Like the 2010 premiere party she also attended - all shots (including your exhibit a and b) show her obscuring her middle with her purse; albeit a small clutch. Still not convinced there's no bun growing in her oven.

comprehensive episode guides said...

Thanks for your post anonymous. You know, seeing her purse partially blocking her belly did leave me in doubt too. I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait until next year.

Whether she is pregnant or just gained a sliver of weight, I have to say she looks even more beautiful this season.

Sofie the Sexy Cinephile said...

4 years later. Had to look it up. Poor costuming/framing or were they trying for rumor???

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Thank you for your comment Sofie the Sexy Cinephile. I am afraid Stana Katic was merely a victim of poor costuming/framing.