Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ken Cosgrove - Character Profile

Who is Ken Cosgrove? What do we know about this Mad Men character played by Aaron Staton? I know so much of his character has developed over the course of three seasons so pardon me as I slowly build his character profile. I had just started watching season 1 of Mad Men again.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  • Kenneth Cosgrove appeared on the very first episode of Mad Men.
  • He is a young, successful, and cocky ad executive who wastes no time to hit on Peggy Olson.


  • Got his short story Tapping A Maple On A Cold Vermont Morning published in The Atlantic Monthly
  • The magazine included a small note about the author’s background, and it reads “A graduate of Columbia University Kenneth Cosgrove has lived in the New York area for most of his life. Working for the advertising firm of Sterling Cooper puts Mr. Cosgrove in a unique position to observe and study the trends that shape America today. This is his fist story to appear in The Atlantic.”
  • Ken Cosgrove unbeknownst to his co-workers until then is a writer who has done two novels. One about a roughneck on an oil rig who has to move to Manhattan because his wife’s mother is sick, and the other is about a widow who got stuck with a family farm where no one would help her except this boy.
  • According to Pete Campbell, Ken Cosgrove is actually from Burlington, Vermont whose father is a salesman.

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