Monday, August 10, 2009

Cathy Grosam Survived A Japanese Game Show

Hai…Majide! Call me shallow, but I truly find this show entertaining. For those of you who haven’t a clue about this reality show, I suggest you watch the I Survived A Japanese Game Show season premiere. Sadly, the season finale already aired last Wednesday (August 5). The good news is the contestant I was rooting for won! This almost never happens. I tend to jinx the ones I like. Thank goodness Cathy’s winning streak proved to be unbreakable. It would be hard to top what she had done in this season. Yes, she won the $250,000, but apart from that she won every reward.

It all started when the Green Tigers had to pick one member to crossover to the losing team – The Red Robots. Cathy, the oldest contestant on the show, is a 36 year-old soccer mom. Her team thought her to be the weakest player, and decided that she move to the other team. What do you know? She proved them dead wrong! Cathy seemed to have mastered the art of playing silly Japanese games. Note to self, add Japanese game show puzzle maker to list of dream jobs.

Cathy’s luck rubbed on to The Red Robots until the time came when there were more Red Robots than Green Tigers, and so another player must move to another team. During that time, tension was brewing among The Red Robots as two of its members have become annoyingly intimate. Cathy appeared more relieved to have rejoined her old team. Guess what happened to the losing Green Tigers when Cathy returned? Yes, you guessed it. They started winning again. Unbelievable! I want whatever luck potion she drunk. Nah! Give the woman credit. She played every game exceptionally well! She is the master noodle swordsman who can block every ping-pong ball from entering the well, and the best big foot carrot soccer player I’ve ever seen. Hahaha! Congratulations Cathy Grosam! You truly are the deserving winner.

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