Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chef Forgione Is The Next Iron Chef

Chef Marc Forgione wins The Next Iron Chef after beating Chef Marco Canora in the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast. Both served similar dishes, but one bordered on saltiness while the other on sweetness. It was a very close fight according to the judges where Forgione emerged as the winner. Which reminds me, did they display the scores? I somehow missed it if they did. I really thought and dreaded that Chef Canora is going to win what with Chef Forgione not serving a turkey dish for Thanksgiving. This actually is a relief given that I’m serving Cornish hens this Thanksgiving. I never liked turkey. It is too bland for my liking. I digress. I’m pretty sure Chef Canora cooks exceptional dishes, which I vow to try very soon at his restaurant Hearth. The thing that made him off-putting is his constant whining, and rather scheming personality, which I did not expect to see from an accomplished chef. Marc Forgione, on the other hand, is a class act. He may look like a brute fashioning a Mohawk that reminded me of Puck from Glee, but the man is rather soft-spoken. One can tell that this man has breeding.

At any case, it was an enjoyable finale. The only thing I would do without is the so-called Chairman, the supposed nephew of Chairman Kaga who adds nothing but annoyance to the show. At least Vanna White had to do some walking, and pushing of buttons, but Mark Dacascos just says “Chef”. It is such a waste of airtime. He doesn’t even take a bite from a yellow bell pepper, but bites into an apple instead. What a shame! Not that Takeshi Kaga does much, but at least he sometimes provides a bit of comic relief. Do we really need the Chairman to say “Chef” every time a dish is presented? Maybe a life-size cardboard picture of Mark Dacascos would suffice.

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