Sunday, December 27, 2009

Castle Returns on Jan 11, 2010

Castle fans! It’s not yet over until the fat lady sings. True, the fate of the TV show Castle remains in a bubble. It would probably stay there until the Upfront in May. But let’s not dwell on dreary news, and look at what they have in store for us in the New Year. It looks like there are four episodes left before Season 2 ends, and the first that will be aired in 2010 is the episode “A Rose for Everafter”. This is slated to air on January 11, 2010. From what I’ve gathered the case will involve Rick Castle’s ex-girlfriend Kyra Blaine played by Alyssa Milano. There should be a lot of tension, and jealousy between Detective Kate Beckett and Richard Castle in this episode. Yay! They are starting the year just right! Looking forward to this new episode. Hope the ratings picks up as well.

Castle airs Mondays on ABC 10pm ET 9pm CT Missed an episode? Watch Castle online.

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