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Wings - TV Show Transcripts

Wings - The Complete First and Second SeasonsWings episode transcripts for Season 1 and Season 2. Wings is a hit sitcom from the '90s that starred Tim Daly as Joe Hackett, Steven Weber as Brian Hackett, Crystal Bernard as Helen Chapel, Rebecca Schull as Fay Cochran, David Schramm as Roy Biggins, and Thomas Hayden Church as Lowell Mather. In later seasons, Tony Shaloub joins the cast as cab driver Antonio Scarpacci, and also Amy Yasbeck as Helen's sister Casey. Amy, by the way, was the wife of the late John Ritter who starred in Three's Company.

Wings Transcripts

Season 1

1.1 Legacy
1.2 Around the World in Eighty Years
1.3 Return to Nantucket Part 1
1.4 Return to Nantucket Part 2
1.5 There Was Once A Girl From Nantucket
1.6 All For One And Two For Helen

Season 2

2.1 The Puppetmaster
2.2 The Story of Joe
2.3 A Little Nightmare Music
2.4 Sports and Leisure
2.5 A Stand Up Kind of Guy
2.6 It's Not the Thought, It's the Gift
2.7 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Policewoman Scorned
2.8 High Anxiety
2.9 Friends or Lovers?
2.10 There's Always Room for Cello
2.11 A Terminal Christmas
2.12 Airport 90
2.13 Love is Like Pulling Teeth
2.14 The Tennis Bum
2.15 My Brother's Back - And There's Going to be Trouble
2.16 Plane Nine from Nantucket
2.17 Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
2.18 Love Means Never Having to Say Geronimo
2.19 All in the Family
2.20 Mother Wore Stripes
2.21 Murder, She Roast
2.22 Duet for Cello and Plane

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Anonymous said...

thank you

comprehensive episode guides said...

To all Wings fans,

Do any of you remember what episode these lines came from?

"Do I look like a "Ma'am" to you?"

"We are going to walk over there, and if you know what's good for you, you'll be looking at our butts the whole time"

Helen and Fay were on the scene talking to a delivery guy who had called Helen "ma'am".

Thanks in advance!

Bobbi said...


Is't there an episode where Brian busts his ass and has to use a cushion?

comprehensive episode guides said...

Hi Bobbi,

I need to brush up on Wings for I don't recall that episode.

Are there any Wings fans out there who knows the answer to Bobbi's question? Please feel free to post it here.


Unknown said...

Actually the episode is from Season 5, Episode 88 called Hey Nineteen. This scene happens right after Courtney ( the young girl Joe is dating ) are seen rollerblading out on the tarmac... and Helen and Alex are chatting about how women change as they grow older. Then the delivery boy comes in and refers to Helen as Ma'am. That is when Helen and Alex tell him to watch them walk away. It is one of my favorite episodes!

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^Fantastic comment, Sharon Smith! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You're truly a Wings fan. =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those transcripts.

I like Cheers and Frasier very much, so I bought the complete set of WINGS DVDs. The problem is that they are only available in the USA and they have no subtitles. I never understand what Lowell says (I'm not a native speaker). Does anybody know if there are transcripts for the later seasons anywhere in the web?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^You're welcome. If you have specific episodes in mind, let me know.


carey said...

freaking awesome. i check the transcripts out as i watch eps on the 'net...

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Sweet! Thanks for the comment, Carey. It was fun transcribing Wings. Maybe it is time to do some more.


Bill P said...

can someone help me find the episodes where a crazy lady from high school had a crush on Joe, and started stalking him? Particularly an episode where the woman was trying to re-create prom night from about 20 years earlier. I remember Joe had a line something like, "You need a prozac about the size of a racquetball."

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

Hi Bill P,

I believe the title of the episode you described is "2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten". The character Sandy Cooper made two more appearances on Wings namely "She's Baaack" and "One Flew Over the Cooper's Nest".

Hope you find all three of them!


Anonymous said...

Looking for the episode where Lowell is listening to Faye . She says take 2 lb. of shrimp, shelled and deveined.
Lowell says," Sheldon Devane? Who is that? I thought I knew everybody on the island!"
Does anyone know what episode that is?

Comprehensive Episode Guides said...

^I know what episode that is! It the The Puppetmaster, one of my favorite episodes.